BJJ Poll: Have You Ever Been Choked Unconscious While Training BJJ?

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Back in 2007 I asked folks to email me if they had ever been choked out while training Brazilian jiu-jitsu. And in 2008 we had an audio interview with The FightWorks Podcast’s chief medical correspondent Doc to examine how being choked out affects the brains of people who train jiu-jitsu. But we’ve never once had a poll about it!

So let us know in the poll here if you have ever been choked out. I am also curious when this happened to you; were you a white belt when you got choked out? Or did it happen later as an advanced jiu-jitsu practitioner? Let us know by adding a comment here and if you’ve been choked out multiple times in your jiu-jitsu career, mention that too!

12 Replies to “BJJ Poll: Have You Ever Been Choked Unconscious While Training BJJ?”

  1. Great poll!! Interested to see the results, as long as people ‘keep it real’ and don’t try to act tough! Haha!

  2. I got choked out once when passing the guard. My opponent was baiting me into the choke by allowing me to pass his guard with a baseball choke grip from the closed guard. I didn’t feel in danger until it was too late and woke up to realize my mistake. This happened at the blue belt level, I remember my last though was “he can’t finish me from this position”.

  3. Last time was when i was a guys guard whose very strong and cross collar choked me out even though i had pretty decent posture and thought i was defending well.. I started seeing spots and remember tapping but as i tapped i went out and woke up thinking i was in my bed from when i was a child.. I realised i was at the gym when i figured out i was on my knees still, just glad i didnt say something like mommy or i dont wanna go to school..

  4. I remember mine like it was yesterday. I was a white belt. I was on side control top and this bodybuilder guy kept trying to choke me from the bottom. the first time he did it, I armbarred him and explained his mistake. He thanked me and we carried on rolling. Soon, I was back in Side control top and he was choking me again. I still remember telling myself “what a douche! why is he doing this when I had just expla….zzzzzzzzzzzz”


    It goes to show, if you don’t react correctly, even an incorrect technique can catch you!

  5. I got choked not long after getting my blue belt by one of m8s( a white belt) by standing guiletine, and at the time thinking this aint going on ill just work my way out of ..zzzzz and woke up to find him my teacher and a few others stood over me and just thiking no im never gunna live this down and the grin on his face lol and to this day im still not aloud to forget about it! we live and learn 🙂

  6. I was closed to beeing chocked out and seeing some stars several times but never acctually got unconciouse – i guess it will only be a matter of time…

  7. I’ve had my vision tunnel and realized it was coming if I didn’t tap. I’ve seen others that it came so quick they didn’t even get the tunnel vision first.

  8. i’ve also gotten the tunnel vision and grayed out, but always tapped before losing consciousness.

    i have choked a few people unconscious. either i didnt feel their tap, or the choke came on faster than they/i realized.

    short answer, no.

  9. Choked a guy out last night. I felt terrible, but it happened really quickly.

    I’ve been studying the Marcelo Garcia Guillitine. I’ve caught a lot of guys with it and they all tell me that it’s a very tight guillitine.

    I caught a guy, he put all his strength into moving my leg and getting to side control. I simply followed him over and turned him onto his side. By the time his shoulder hit the ground he was out.

    I didn’t know what to do so I just grabbed my instructor. He wasn’t out long. People stopped to look and asked what happened. When I said that it was the guillitine a guy said, “Well, you put that mother on tight.”. The teacher just shrugged and said, “When it’s tight it’s tight. He’ll tap next time.”.

    Still feel bad.

  10. Never during training, once in a competition.

    It was a clock choke that I fought for as long as I could then I had to tap. I thought I was okay. Then I came to, sat up, realized what happened and swore out loud.

    Also in that same competition I re-injured my knee. Ah, the memories.

  11. Got choked unconcious for a couple of seconds today at training today, it was a armin north/south choke in no gi my last thought was he can’t finish me it’s more neck crank than choke, then I woke up seconds later realising that he can finish it, only 17 so I’m not the strongest guy in the world

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