Coffee with the Family, 2011 BJJ World Championship Edition!

Hey! Are you going to attend the 2011 IBJJF World Championship in Long Beach? If you will be there, make sure you get up early and stop by the Long Beach Marriott that morning to grab some coffee with us!

When: 06/05/2011 7am-8am

Where: Breakfast Lounge inside Long Beach Marriott 4700 Airport Plaza Drive Long Beach, California 90815

Why: Talk about results so far from the BJJ Mundials, make a prediction or two about the Absolute divisions to follow later that day, hang out with extended members of the BJJ family

This is something we’ve been doing for a few years now. I believe our first time was at the 2008 BJJ Pan Am Championships!

In fact we even got an email last week asking if we were going to get together:

I was wondering if you are planning to have a breakfast this year before the Worlds on Sunday the 5th. I will be attending the event and I’m a long time listener of the show. If its possible I would love to come shake your hand and talk about Jiu Jitsu with you and some other listeners. I’m getting really excited to see the Worlds although I’m a bit bummed that Xande is not competing and Roger may not make it either. Talk to you guys soon, and I’ll be looking for some info on the breakfast on the next show.


I know this time around it’s a little early. Normally we would not gather at 7am, but because I have to be “on deck” for the broadcast with at nine, 7am is the best way to go without rushing things.

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  1. I wish I was there to talk jiu jitsu with you guys. Sometimes it’s lonely here on the east coast in terms of IBJJF events. We have NY Open and No Gi Pan Ams. We’ll have to do a No Gi Pan Ams breakfast! 😉

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