#240 San Fran Jiu-Jitsu Practitioner Pedro Arrigoni Rescues Assaulted Police Officer

pedro arrigoni BJJ instructor
Pedro Arrigoni. Photo courtesy cohost Arrigoni.

Pedro Arrigoni had just finished teaching a jiu-jitsu class at Antonio Braga Neto’s AB MMA in San Francisco when he heard a commotion outside. As relayed by the San Francisco Examiner, Arrigoni encountered a police officer being assaulted. The police officer was mounted and being punched repeatedly in the face by his assailant, who turned violent when the police tried to confirm whether he had paid his metro fare.

Arrigoni jumped in without hesitation, and quickly took the attacker’s back, put the hooks in, and began applying a rear naked choke. His opponent struggled but Arrigoni advised him that if he did not relax, he was “going to take a nap”. The attacker realized he had no choice but to give up, and the police officer cuffed him right there.

We will hear directly from Arrigoni in today’s show, who doesn’t claim to be a hero but just a person helping another person. A video of the incident is available here.

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