BJJ Poll: How Much Energy Do You Devote to Fixing What’s Broken in Your BJJ Game?

This poll assumes that your Brazilian jiu-jitsu game is not perfect in the first place. And I think many black belts in BJJ would agree that they could be better at certain sweeps, attacks, defenses, takedowns, etc. Even folks in the BJJ World Championships need improvement in certain areas. (If they were all perfect then determining the gold medal winner would be pretty complicated!)

So let us know in the poll above how good you are about working to improve your jiu-jitsu weak points. Feel free to leave a comment on the post as well!

2 thoughts on “BJJ Poll: How Much Energy Do You Devote to Fixing What’s Broken in Your BJJ Game?”

  1. I ticked ‘Not as much as I should…’ which I think is pretty accurate for me. But what about the 3rd option – NEVER!

    These are the guys who come to BJJ later in life, are a bit heavier maybe, and just like to sit on top. When sparring in class they never pull guard or half guard and only go on their backs when the drill absolutely demands it. These guys really get to me!

  2. when I started I always pulled guard, or let a guy pass to work on my game off my back. Now I’m working hard on my guard passing, and then it will be something else. If I’m not learning something, its not fun!

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