2011 BJJ Pan Jiu-Jitsu Schedule of Events

Rodrigo Cavaca
Current ultra heavyweight world champion Rodrigo Cavaca (left) advises Check Mat teammate Nivaldo Lima at the 2009 BJJ Pan Jiu-Jitsu Tournament.

It’s here! The Pan Jiu-Jitsu Tournament has always been known as the little brother event to the annual World Championship, aka the Mundials. It goes without saying that much of the planet’s top sport jiu-jitsu talent shakes off the dust and cobwebs that gathered over the winter months and heads to SoCal to kick some butt. Not only is it a treat for you and me, the everyman/everywoman of BJJ because we get to see our stars prepare for the Worlds, but new talent seems to debut at the Pans as well. I assure you that faces you do not recognize will impress you this weekend. You will write down a name or two and begin looking for YouTube footage of these folks to learn more.

You get it. This weekend is a big deal.

You can find the official schedule of events from the IBJJF right here. That’s where you will find the division-by-division listing of who fights when.

The most important things you should probably remember are:

  • Budo Videos will be broadcasting a live stream of the action online all weekend at budovideos.com/online. On Saturday, they’ll be broadcasting everything free. I believe the only thing you have to do to watch is to register on their site. On Sunday the finals will be broadcast too, which will cost just $10. Please support them! While I am definitely biased because I am usually part of their broadcast crew, I think Budo does a good job every time. Tell your friends about the live stream!
  • If you’ve been with us here at The FightWorks Podcast for a while now, you know we like to take advantage of these events to sit down and meet in person over coffee! It’s actually one of the coolest part about these big events. Georgette has already set up a coffee / BJJ rendezvous not far from the Bren Events Center, so if you are in Irvine this weekend and want to hang out before things begin on Sunday, head over to the Irvine Hilton from 7 to 8am!

I’m excited!

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