#236 Luis “Limao” Heredia and BJJ in Maui

luis heredia
Luis “Limao” Heredia

When we think of Brazilian jiu-jitsu hotspots around the globe, we obviously start with Rio de Janeiro, and then at some point we’d discuss Southern California due to the volume of folks who train jiu-jitsu there. Of all the places BJJ is practiced however, the state of Hawaii has an unusual attraction to the martial art. The preternatural abilities of Hawaiians like BJ Penn and Baret Yoshida are examples of the talent that arises when that enthusiasm is applied.

Today on the show we visit with Luis “Limao” Heredia, owner of Maui Jiu-Jitsu. Limao is a fifth-degree black belt in jiu-jitsu under Rickson Gracie, and has been offering jiu-jitsu on Maui, an island of approximately 150,000 citizens, for approximately a decade. While the size of the island means that not many things take very long to get to, Limao’s school is in one of the more remote parts of the island. This hasn’t prevented him from building a popular academy where very tough talent is produced, like world champion Penny Thomas.

For more on BJJ in Hawaii, here’s a video of Andre Derizans of the Relson Gracie Academy in Oahu explaining the Hawaiian love affair with Brazilian jiu-jitsu. And don’t forget the book The Caulilfower Chronicles, by Marshal Carper, the mainlander who left everything behind to train jiu-jitsu at BJ Penn’s academy.

Finally, if you’re in San Diego on March 28th, keep an eye out because Limao will be offering a seminar!

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Hawaii BJJ
The inside of Limao’s academy in Hawaii.

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