World Professional Jiu-Jitsu San Diego Trials: Photos and Details from Sunday

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Selected Finals Results

In order of increasing weight classes:

  • Gui Mendes (Atos Jiu-Jitsu) defeats Baret Yoshida by a gi choke he set up from north-south.
    Gui Mendes from Atos begins passing Baret Yoshida's guard.
    Mendes (white gi) working to open Yoshida’s guard.
  • Eduardo Ramos (Atos Jiu-Jitsu) defeats Bruno Frazatto (CheckMat) on points.
    BJJ match
    Frazatto (top) fell victim to Ramos’ point scoring and lost the chance to head to Abu Dhabi.
  • Gilbert “Durinho” Burns (Atos Jiu-Jitsu) defeats Jonatas Novaes “Tagarela”.
    Gilbert Burns in a BJJ match
    Burns (on top) did not have an easy go of it against Tagarela, who is known for being a master of taking the back.
  • Rodrigo Caporal (Atos Jiu-Jitsu) defeats Rodrigo Freitas (Gracie Barra).
    BJJ match
    Atos’ Caporal (left) was on the offensive against Freitas for most of the match.
  • Claudio Calasans (Atos Jiu-Jitsu) defeats Lucas Leite.
    BJJ match
    The heavy jiu-jitsu from Calasans (on top) was enough to stymie Leite’s tricks from underneath.
  • Andre Galvao (Atos Jiu-Jitsu) defeats Clark Gracie by referee decision after a 0-0 tie with no advantages.
    BJJ match between Atos' Andre Galvao and BJJ Revolution's Clark Gracie
    Gracie was pressuring from the bottom but in the end the win went to Galvao.
  • Vitor Toledo defeats Marcel Louzado
  • Marco Machado defeats Mateus Castaldino.
  • Marchus “Buchecha” Almeida defeats Fabiano “Pega Leve” Scherner by points. Buchecha had taken Scherner’s back and was near a collar choke as time expired.
    Marcus Buchecha BJJ match
    Buchecha was able to manipulate Scherner (blue gi) despite what must have been a 50 pound weight difference.
  • Antonio Braga Neto defeated Joao Assis by gi choke after taking Assis’ back.
    Braga Neto going for the choke
    Joao Assis (underneath) started off the match in open guard but Braga Neto pressured, passed, took Assis’ back, and secured the collar choke.
  • Antonio Braga Neto defeated Andre Galvao by points 8-0 after taking Galvao’s back, and then getting the mount to win the absolute division.
    Antonion Braga Neto mounted on Andre Galvao
    Braga Neto (on top) puts Galvao in a place you rarely see him.
  • Penny Thomas defeated her opponent by two advantage points.
    Penny Thomas BJJ match
    Penny Thomas in the white gi working for the mount.

3 Replies to “World Professional Jiu-Jitsu San Diego Trials: Photos and Details from Sunday”

  1. Portlands own Fabiano Scherner ended up taking 1st adult heavyweight backbelt no gi, 1st absolute (open weight) adult blackbelt no gi, and 3rd adult heavyweight blackbelt gi. Not bad for a guy 38 years old!

    Also competing from Portland were Hilliary VanOrnum who took gold in womens adult heavyweight blue belt and bronze in the womens absolute blue belt, and Tom Palmer who took silver in seniors blue belt division.

  2. Nice Photos! Braga Neto was going for that choke right when the fight ended, can’t wait to see these guys on the Pan Ams.

    @Tom we have some of the fights at BJJFights

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