BJJ Poll: Do You Cross Train in Another Physical Activity (Cardio, Strength) to Improve Your BJJ?

This one comes to us direct from Cohost Dan. Let us know your thoughts on the comment section for this page. Dan’s “very curious” about the results on this. I am not sure why this has him so spun up, but it is kind of interesting, so let us know what you think!

7 thoughts on “BJJ Poll: Do You Cross Train in Another Physical Activity (Cardio, Strength) to Improve Your BJJ?”

  1. I train judo (because throwing people is awesome) and I lift using Rippetoe’s Starting Strength (so that I can avoid being weak for my size).

  2. I cross train for stamina and flexibility on the mat, and to keep old injuries in check so I can train progressively. But I have always cross trained so it’s really a continuation of a lifestyle to which I added BJJ.

  3. I added Judo to my regimen to improve myself as an overall grappler, but I also cross train with kettlebells.

  4. I do a lot of Yoga as well as BJJ. While the yoga isn’t solely for the purposes of cross-training for BJJ it does provide several benefits (flexibility, strength). Don’t believe anyone that says that yoga can’t be strength building, just try some of the more difficult arm and leg balances.

  5. I do judo and I’m in a MMA club where we do strikes and grappling different nights with different teaches. I’ve got a Concept 2 rowing machine at home where I work on my cardio. I do weights as well. Eveything is good to improve BJJ: Cardio, striking, stretching, weights and kettle bells or even Bugarian Bags. Even youtube!

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