BJJ Poll: How Does Your Family Respond When You Try to Explain BJJ?

Here in the United States, it’s a holiday weekend and many of us are spending time with our families. When it comes time to answer questions about what you’ve been up to since the last time you saw Great Aunt Ethel, Cousin Chuck or Uncle Rich, how does it go when you tell them about Brazilian jiu-jitsu?

Let us know by voting in the poll above and be sure to share your experiences in the comment section!

12 Replies to “BJJ Poll: How Does Your Family Respond When You Try to Explain BJJ?”

  1. Everybody always seems to want to tell me about Royce Gracie like I never heard of the guy …to them he’s the one who started jiu-jitsu. At least they’re trying.

  2. Most of my family knows what I do now so I don’t have to explain much, except why I am still a Blue belt after 6 years of regular practice. They don’t understand about no-gi, the switch to gi and why academies don’t promote you based on how good you are but how long you have been training with them, competition experience or based on politics of the ‘club,’ etc.

    Now, my mother-in-law absolutely refuses to acknowledge or waste the time required to learn that BJJ is it’s own separate martial art. She still asks how my “Karate” classes are going.


  3. Yeah- I get the ‘karate chop’ response too, but people have the same puzzled look when they try to wrap their brains around the no kicking/no striking concept. It helps to have wrestlers in the family, tho. If I detect genuine interest, I send them a link.

  4. They think that I practice something like boxing or karate and soon or later I will be with my nose broken.

  5. My parent’s absolutely hate that i train BJJ. They refused to let me train the first summer i came home from college. (My academy was only 25 min away.) They even gave it a nice little nickname “karate shit.” It was a lost cause trying to explain to them it was not karate. Thankfully, it has finally turned into a don’t ask don’t tell policy.

  6. O yeah my family is like o bjj so how is that going to generate income bla bla o so u just pay money to roll around on a mat bla bla well family I love it atleast I’m not a dope dealer like the rest of my family so shut up before I collar choke the crap out of you . That’s what I have to say

  7. OMG! If my father-in-law comes at me with the karate chop hands one more time…I swear I’m not going to be responsible for what happens next

  8. my dad did tkd for like 5 years. so when i had about a year of bjj we decided to spar. i took him down and threw on a straight ankle lock that made him howl.

    we never did that again. now he is proud of me and jj.

    my bro in law wrestled all through high school. i proposed a no-gi submission only roll with him. he stood up in my guard and slammed me. i got a concussion and an MRI. learned my lesson there!

    so yeah, i dont have to explain anything to my family. though not a single one has ever been to any of my tournaments….

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