BJJ Poll: Do You Wear Headgear When You Train BJJ?

This week’s poll comes to us from one of the Mighty 600,000 that left a voicemail for us on our toll-free line, 877-247-4662. He said:

Hi Caleb, my name’s Mike. I was just curious to see if you could run a poll on the percentage of jiu-jitsu players that wear head gear and if affects the way they roll with or without it. Thanks!

Good question! We know cauliflower ear can be a big concern for BJJ people. Let us know how you feel about headgear and how it affects you when you roll on the mat!

4 Replies to “BJJ Poll: Do You Wear Headgear When You Train BJJ?”

  1. There should perhaps be a “sometimes” option… I usually don’t wear it, but put it on if my ears start feeling funky.

  2. I agree that there should be a “sometimes” option. For a while after my first cauliflower started blooming, I wore headgear religiously. Now, I do it when we’re doing wrestling-intensive training or lots of guard passing, or when my ears start hurting again.

  3. I used to wear it during training and in competitions but people kept pulling on it and pulling it off. So, I stopped wearing it and noticed my ears didn’t seem to get abraded as much as they did when I first started bjj.

  4. Ditto on the “sometimes.” Started to protect a fat ear but when it went down, I discovered the little caps that girl wrestlers use to protect their hair. Wow, what a difference that made in how much hair was being torn out! So I wear my little “Amelia Earhardt” cap and endure “space monkey” jokes when it’s cooler weather– though in summer I say screw the hair loss, it’s too durn hot.

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