BJJ and MMA Seminar Review: Kenny Florian

Kenny Florian BJJ Seminar
Kenny Florian offers a BJJ and MMA seminar in Lima, Peru. All photos courtesy Dev Kostal.

Top UFC lightweight Kenny Florian came down to Lima, Peru on Saturday, 18 September, and gave a 4 1/2 hour seminar that was about half BJJ and half MMA.

It was only about $40 per person to go, which is a great, affordable price for here. I was totally impressed with his generosity and overall composure. He even had t-shirts made up, which is not something you normally see at a seminar. Very cool.

The Sniper blog has a great review (in Spanish).

About 50 people ended up showing up, which I liked, because it gave all of us plenty of space, and plenty of time with Kenny personally. He did a great job of getting around to work with each pair of guys.

In the gi, he focused on butterfly guard, and a bunch of transitions from there for sweeps, and a couple finishes. He used butterfly to move into a straight footlock-ish setup that really creates some huge opportunities.

For the MMA part, he kind of touched on one or two techniques from each area of the game – Muay Thai, BJJ, wrestling.

Kenny Florian BJJ Seminar

Admittedly, I am not an MMA guy – I do BJJ so I don’t have to get hit. But I am fascinated by the application of BJJ in MMA, so the best part of the seminar for me personally was how he explained the difference between sport BJJ and BJJ for MMA. Consider yourself in someone’s guard. You want to keep your weight back and your head below theirs. If you get too high, you’re setting yourself up to be swept. In MMA, you want pressure forward, and you want your head at the same level, or possibly ABOVE your opponent’s head. Because that puts your shoulders on an even plane with their head, and that’s the best spot for your punches to be effective. It was a really interesting perspective for me, mainly because I have NO desire to do MMA ever.

At the end, he explained about his experience in getting into MMA, how grateful he is for the opportunities that both BJJ and MMA have given him, and giving back to the community. He brought down a bunch of gis and some protein powder and some other donated products, and donated them to the Lima BJJ community at large – a fantastic, generous thing to do. He said he’s going to try to come down once a year, which is awesome.

Overall, this was a pretty relaxed seminar, but it brought together a bunch of people from all over Lima for a superbly generous seminar from a true champion.

Dev Kostal is a traveling blue belt who currently trains under Leandro Torres in Lima, Peru. His blog, Fueled By Fear, can be found at

Kenny Florian BJJ Seminar

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