#126 Weight Loss in BJJ (Rebroadcast)

lose weight jiu-jitsu

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is so good at melting fat off people that I don’t know why there isn’t waiting lists to train. Honestly if you personally have not experienced weight loss from training BJJ, I’ll bet that you know someone who has. And unlike well, every other workout I can think of, jiu-jitsu is fun and addictive.

This week on the show we’ll hear from four guys who have lost significant amounts of weight because of training BJJ. I think you will be shocked at the weight some have lost. And they will all tell you that they have been having such a good time training BJJ that losing the weight becomes an afterthought. Seriously, why isn’t BJJ introduced to every child when they begin formal education?

And for those who are wondering, this artfully done photo you see above was taken on location at the Fightworks Podcast photo studio next to the sink and in front of the stove. Get it? The measuring tape instead of a BJJ belt?!?! Our editorial team has outdone itself this time. Kudos, gang. 😉

Below are pictures of our featured guest on the show this week before training jiu-jitsu and what he looks like now. Danny the Butcher from Long Island trains with Matt Serra and Nick Serra and is now in the best shape of his life because of BJJ.

danny bjj butcher

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