BJJ Poll: Why Do You Listen to the FightWorks Podcast?

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This time around we’re not using the traditional set up that we do every week for our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Poll. In fact, it may be a little unfair to call this a BJJ poll when it’s really more about our humble BJJ internet radio show, The FightWorks Podcast.

We would like to know why you like The FightWorks Podcast. Very simply, what is it that we do that makes you happy, enlightens, or entertains? Is there a problem, need, or want that we satisfy? Do we solve a problem you had?

Please answer by commenting on this post. Be honest in your responses! This is really important information to us.

Thank you, Mighty 600,000! – Caleb

I will not be very connected online for the next couple weeks, so if you leave a comment and it doesn’t appear immediately, don’t worry! I will post it the moment I am back online!”

38 Replies to “BJJ Poll: Why Do You Listen to the FightWorks Podcast?”

  1. Because I believe it is as close as you can get to the heart of the BJJ world. For someone like myself who lives in country not always associated with the for-front of BJJ (Australia), something like the Fightworks Podcast is kind of invaluable in staying in touch with everything BJJ. The topics are current and concise; the access to interviews is absolutely 2nd to none; and the show itself is a great and consistent format. I’m probably still a new fan compared to other listeners, I have been been listening since episode 144, but for me BJJ Radio has become more of a prized ritual than anything, and I’m proud to consider myself one of ‘The Family’. Cheers guys.

  2. To feel connected. Let me back track. I began listening to your show about when you began in late 2005. At the time, I had like you just started training Jiu Jitsu. Sadly, for work I had to travel and move a great deal. So much I’ve spent the last five years out of commutable range from any sort of school. So for me training was time spent in garage type gyms with whoever I could find to share my new passion. During these five years, I listened to the podcast almost religiously. There were a few periods where regular access to Internet was also not feasible, but for the most part I’ve been with the show or I should say the show has been with me through and through. Your show makes me feel connected to a community of people, kinda like, a family.

    From it I’m take many things, from basic knowledge of techniques to the differing viewpoints on the deeper issues facing jiu jitsu as an art. One thing I find this show excels at is shedding light on the philosophy of the art. Philosophy is not something I have found is regularly taught in class curriculum. Listening to the great names talk about their philosophies, the philosophies of jiu jitsu, is beyond priceless. As far as content I have not found this any other medium devoted to the art (books, dvds, websites) that provided (for me at least) philosophical insight from so many greats in the art. I could be wrong about this as my experience in school environments is severely limited but I doubt it.

    By the way, I’m back living in the US (for now) and I’m attending class pretty regularly at the school I began with 5 years ago. I’m still a white belt even though mentally I don’t feel like one. I’m just thankful and happy to be training again under an instructor.

  3. Quite simply, it’s good to hear people talk about the same things you have an interest in. My wife patiently listens to me excitedly talk about what happens in BJJ class for a few minutes after I get home. But she is being nice even though I can see her eyes glazing over. I once told a colleague I was thinking about participating in a grappling tournament and he shot me a look like I said I was thinking about robbing a bank.

    When listening to you (Caleb), Dan and your guests speak you give BJJ and submission grappling the respect it deserves. I appreciate that.


  4. Really enjoy the podcast, please keep it up!

    Only feedback I have to is to please consider conducting the poll results portion towards the END of the podcast. Would personally prefer having the featured interviews a bit earlier in the podcasts and then listen in on the poll results after. I find myself begging inside my own mind to hurry up with the poll results so we can get on with the featured content already – and this isn’t a spite to the polls, which are actually quite interesting and enjoyable – it’s just that you guys have such great interviews w/ great people all the time.

  5. because i like how you view jiu jitsu caleb. you get to meet and talk to people that i never will.

    i also enjoy the times i’ve been able to participate in the podcast. so i do feel like part of a family!

  6. Becuase I just can’t get enough of the way you pronounce the word “Alliance”. 🙂

    Just kidding you guys bring fantastic interviews and let us hear from our BJJ heros. Good stuff. Please keep it up!

  7. There’s nothing like The Fightworks Podcast on the air – not even close. I like the interviews most of all – though the polls are fun and interesting also.

    The community that is growing is also a big plus. That mundial review that J-Sho provided this season was incredible. I’m glad it appeared here at The Fightworks Podcast. I’d love to see more review and previews of the big events.

  8. I enjoy the fightworks podcast for a few different reasons. The main reason I listen to the show is to hear the interviews with all of the BJJ legends as well as up and coming superstars in all belt levels. I also really enjoy the information that comes out of the polls and the suprising answers by fellow listeners. Finally I think that the show is great, but one thing that could possibly improve it would be more interviews with femaile and senior/master competitors and practicioners not just in the U.S.A. but also in places where BJJ is growing such as Australia, Ireland, and Holland to name a few. Thanks for keeping my BJJ obession fed and most of all keep training, cya guys!

  9. Its motivational for me. When I feel like Im fighting an uphill battle to learn jiu jitsu, hearing a long time black belt say “keep training” seems to help. When I am getting worn out after 4 or 5 days of training for a tournament on top of being a family man and holding down a full time job, its good to be reminded just how much work it takes to be a champion.
    Its also great to know whats going on out in the BJJ world.
    And the extra bonus…Caleb and Dan seem like pretty cool down to earth guys with the same Everyday Joe perspective on BJJ that I have.

  10. It keeps me in touch with the BJJ community around the world! I love the interviews, the tips, the topics, the polls, and the occasional conversations with Caleb and Dan. I love that it let me think of nothing but BJJ. The podcasts keep me occupied when I run. It puts me in a meditative state. I get lost in the podcast at times. It’s also uplifting and motivating as well. When I’m feeling down about my game or I need something to get me off my @$$, I listen to the podcast and I’m ready to go! I even got my wife into listening to the podcast. She loves it especially when it’s on women’s BJJ or a female practitioner is being interviewed and giving their insights and tips. I could keep going on and on forever about the podcast and how much a part of my BJJ training this podcast is. The only phrase that sum’s it up… The hand’s down best and only home to the mighty 600,000! I love the fight works podcast!

  11. i love the fight works podcast it allows me to get a glimpse into the minds of other BJJ players minds since i live in a state oklahoma where there are only a few ( 3 ) black belts and one of them is kinda snoty i love to hear about what other top level bjj men and ladies think

  12. The Fightworks podcast really opens up the larger world of grappling to people like me, who live in a small city, off the beaten Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu track. There isn’t much grappling going on here in Grand Rapids, Michigan. There are no big tournaments, very few seminars, and only a few places to train. We’re sincere and we’re dedicated, but we’re just not on the grappling main stream. It’s easy for grapplers here, especially new ones, to fall into a very insular mind set. Grappling is global, but it’s easy to forget when you only see the same few faces on the mat each day.

    When I first started listening to the Fightworks podcast, three years ago now (2007), it struck me what a big difference it makes to think of yourself as being part of a world wide phenomenon. To this day, the podcast helps keep my motivation up, my mind open, and my perspective wide. I highly recommend it.

    -Charles “Cthulhu” Smith

  13. I love this show! It’s one of the main reasons I finally convinced myself to go to my first BJJ practice and I’m thankful to you for that.

    I imagine that the time commitment to maintain a consistently high quality weekly show has forced you guys to push other personal commitments to the back burner. I also wouldn’t be surprised if you’re also getting tired and have published this poll as a way to hopefully help remind yourselves that the effort you put in is worth it and is appreciated by the BJJ community. Or, maybe I’m reading too much into it…

    In any case, for all the reasons already mentioned in other posts above, I hope you continue to produce this great contribution to the growth of the sport and art that we all love.

    Please keep up the great work!

    Best regards,

  14. No matter where I am, Deployed overseas, at home, or just out of town, I can hear the philosophies and experiences of the most noteble jiu-jitsu practitioners. This helps in my study and practice of jiu-jitsu.

  15. I listened to an episode the other week with Ryan Hall and you guys talked about getting through the lulls in training. You said that some were longer than others. There are times that work, family, and life gets in the way of training BJJ. During these times that I can’t train, your podcast sustains me until I can get back on the mat. It also gives me the drive and hunger to get back. Your podcast is the sweet smell of fillet mignon outside the best steakhouse you’ve ever eaten at, that leaves you begging to go inside.

    Thank you for all you guys do!

  16. Ultimately it’s because we all love bjj and anything that has to do with it. I have started listening to every show from the beginning. I always enjoy listening to your black belt corner. Keep up the good work. One idea that might be cool to listen to is a technique section where you get a question from a practitioner with a dilema, and then you’re guys oppinion on how to handle that situation. Keep up the good work. There really is 600,000 of us.

  17. What I like about The Fightworks Podcast
    1. Keeps me up-to-date with big names in our sport, current events, etc.
    2. Focuses strictly on BJJ and does not deviate heavily into MMA or other related sports.
    3. The interviews are well-done and thought-provoking. I always feel like I take something away that I can learn from.
    4. Helps me to hone my game through tips and resources
    5. Keeps me connected when I can’t train…fuels the fire
    6. The opening theme to your show is to BJJ what “Eye Of The Tiger” is to Rocky.

  18. Number of reasons.

    First, the interviews with BJJ veterans, as I love learning more about the history of BJJ. I always get excited when I hear you’ve got somebody with decades of experience coming on, especially if they speak good English. 😉

    Second, the manner in which it connects me to the rest of the BJJ community, especially as such a big chunk of that community is over in the US. I’d miss out on a lot of BJJ news if I didn’t listen to the podcast: I might well have missed that live feed of the no gi worlds last year, for instance, or things like the BJJ research, new websites, the stuff on BJJ popping up in schools etc.

    Finally, its audio, so its great for when I can’t read something (e.g., I’m waiting for a bus and need to keep an eye out to stop it, or I’m doing shopping/cleaning etc). Good and long too, so it will cover doing the shopping, the bus ride home and probably cleaning out the bathroom all in one go. ;p

  19. The podcast is a great resource. Especially because it gives listeners a chance to hear the thoughts of some of the sports top teachers and competitors.

    Additionally, it is clear that putting together this podcast is a labor of love, and that always comes through in the final product.

    Keep up all the great work, thanks for all you do.

  20. There are so many reasons why I listen to Fightworks – the great interviews, BJJ news, the poll results, and more…but the main thing I enjoy about Fightworks is listening to BJJ practitioners talk about their philosophies on the art.

    For example, episode #191’s interview with Rener Gracie was one of the best dialogues on BJJ I’ve ever heard. Rener did a great job explaining what BJJ means to him, and it really made me rethink the way I train.

  21. I love listening to the podcast because it gives me so much info and insight about bjj. History, facts, arguments, perspectives, philosophies, stats, events, and much more. All this helps me think about bjj quite differently than I did before. I love the interviews, there are so many people out there who are so passionate about what they’re doing, whether they’ve been doing it for 2 years or 20+ years.

    It feeds the addiction on Sunday, when the gym is closed. Even though the body has to take a break from bjj, the mind can still get its fill!

  22. I think the fight works podcast is hands down the best pure BJJ podcast on the net. I’ve been listening since episode 161 and it always keeps me entertained. But then again anything remotely to do with jits keeps me entertained.
    But seriously i love it, keep them coming.

    Yours in Jiu-Jitsu

  23. I listen to the podcast as a tool to learn and immerses myself in the sport when i cannot train. In addition to that i’ve trained Jiu-jitsu in the Bay area since 2004 and am still a (Super) White belt… There are many reasons why this is the case but the dominant issues are dedication and injuries. I’ve returned to training two months ago after being away for two years and am looking to finally move forward. And your podcast keeps me focused on moving forward and continuing to grow in a sport that I love.


    Brian Henry

  24. Hello, I like your site, no love your site because the same reason you and Dan do, because I fell in love with this little art called Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I am addicted to everything and anything that is related to BJJ.

  25. Just another idea, what about a follow up after black belt corner. Have a white belt corner, where you speak with a white belt and get his thoughts on training, what problems he’s running into, just in general where he is at in his journey, and then maybe take the time to answer some of the questions he would have. This would give all of you veterans a moment to reminisce, and give a lot of us other students (white belts like me) a little more information.

  26. This is the easiest question I have ever had to answer. Here it is straight and simple, BEST BAR NONE, Source for BJJ on the internet. Nothing can compare.
    Belt: White
    Time Training 1.5 yrs
    Fan since early 2008

    Thanks and keep up the great work

    Topic for future shows – Canadian BJJ fighters and up and coming talent

  27. I listen to the fightworks podcast because it keeps me in the loop of all BJJ topics, people and events from the past, present and future. I enjoy some podcasts more then others, all in all I always come away from listening to a podcast with something new I learned or something I re affirm. Caleb and Dan and the rest of the fightworks podcast do a great job giving the BJJ student, enthusiast a place to relate and engage in. The fightworks podcast is the number one source of BJJ internet radio.

  28. I listen for many reasons,
    it keeps me connected to bjj when I cant train, the quality and variety of the shows truly is impressive. After so many episodes over a long stretch of time, each show is fresh, new and different!

  29. I have listened religiously since the podcast started because there is no other outlet where BJJ is discussed exclusively. You guys always line up the best guests and I always find out the latest news when I listen. The Lloyd Irvin interview was excellent because I feel he is the most interesting person in BJJ today. I have to say though, I would appreciate if your line of questioning would veer into more controversial areas. The Carlos Gracie Jr. interview, for example, could have been a lot more interesting had you asked him more questions about the IBJJF some of the policies that they have recently adopted. But I understand that this is a labor of love for the 2 of of you and probably don’t want to insult your guests.

    I’ll save the rest of my criticism for the poll where you ask what can be improved. =)
    You guys do an amazing job . I’ve been practicing BJJ for 5 years and have a lot of suggestions for future shows if you are interested.

  30. Each podcast is archiving BJJ history for generations to come. I can imagine my grandkids digging out old interviews and being inspired by the words of your interviewees.

  31. I love the fightworks podcast because it keeps Jiu-Jitsu in perspective by paying homage to the historical figures and development of the sport. It also shows that these famous people are all just humans like us, and that they all have their own unique path that they have followed. I have been doing Jiu-Jitsu for almost 15 years, and while I’m not yet a black belt, I probably will be soon. It’s great for me to hear from these advanced practitioners because it keeps me motivated to reach that level when I don’t always have the internal motivation.

  32. The fightworks podcast keeps me informed of all things. It lets me know what’s going on in the world of jiu jitsu outside of mine. It’s also like another class. When I’m not physically around jiu jitsu, I feel like I’m going into withdrawals, metaphorically. But the fightworks is like my “fix” of jiu jitsu. I want to know what’s new in the world of jiu jitsu, what and how the pros are doing. What new studies have been discovered. And how jiu jitsu is affecting the world like it should be. And most important, it makes me want to get back on the mat again, even after just getting off the mat.

  33. We listen FWPC to keep up with the rest of the world. Being in a small remote island is a problem as itself when it comes to Jiu-Jitsu. Your podcast is basically the only thing that cheers us up. Even when you do interview with a Brazilian person and he speaks “Brasilian English” it’s like pure Jiu-Jitsu pouring from our ears to our hearts. Of course it’s better to be informed and know the latest news. But there should be a reason for us to download and listen the podcasts from two years past.
    Thank you guys for your effort.

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