BJJ Poll: Which of These Best Describes Your BJJ School’s Training Schedule?

This Brazilian jiu-jitsu poll came to us courtesy of one of the listeners to our BJJ radio show Aaron! Aaron contacted us and said:

Like most of the Mighty 600K I’m addicted to BJJ and try to get to as many classes as possible. However, family commitments (wife and two young kids) and night BJJ classes often create a logistical nightmare for me. Thankfully, I still manage to get to a few classes a week, but classes before work or even at lunch would allow me to get in much more training. I was wondering how common this is with other clubs…

He went on to suggest we explore what most jiu-jitsu school’s schedules look like using the above options. Thank you for the poll idea Aaron!

4 Replies to “BJJ Poll: Which of These Best Describes Your BJJ School’s Training Schedule?”

  1. My school only does four days per weeks and morning classes also vary what day they are so this was a tough question based on that factor

  2. We have gi classes on mon. and wed. 7:00 to 8:30 and no gi on tue., fri., and sat. at various times in the evening. This really helps to get in and train several times a week even with a family, work, and weekly engagements. I love what you guys are doing with fightworks; I try to follow regularly. I train under bruce hoyer at next edge academy in sioux falls.

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