BJJ Poll: Does Your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy Have Any Rules About Whom You Can Ask to Train With You?

What is your experience like at your BJJ academy? Do you have to ask permission to train with higher belts? What’s that like? Vote and let us know in the comments section below too!

Another excellent poll suggestion from Ross in Northern California! Thank you Ross!

13 Replies to “BJJ Poll: Does Your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy Have Any Rules About Whom You Can Ask to Train With You?”

  1. During class we are assigned grapples. We all line up and our instructor decides who grapples whom… and he regularly puts black and white together, as well as blue/blue brown/brown ect.. Though after class we are free ask anyone for a grapple.

    Personally, I try not to bug the Brown and Black belts for a grapple unless I have something very specific I want help with, or I have a competition coming up, and I want them to help me figure out where I need to focus my efforts. And they have always been very open to helping me, and I have never once felt that I wasn’t allowed to approach the higher ranking team members.

  2. At our gym we pair by size, someone similar to weight and height regardless of belt. The when we have open mat we can grapple or roll with whoever we want.

  3. It’s definitely a rule at our academy. It’s probably the only etiquette rule our instructor insists we follow. Everything else, like saying osu,or bowing, is optional – which means nobody does it.

  4. At our school, anyone can ask anyone else to train. In fact, our instructor encourages the lower belts to ask higher belts to train, in order to take advantage of the opportunity to train with a higher belt.

  5. I couldn’t really respond to this poll because none of the options really apply to me. 99% of the time, we get paired up by the instructor.

  6. we are mostly paired up by our instructor for the first round after that it is whoever you want roll with. but my instructor will get after the whites and blues if he does not see them rolling or trying to roll with an upper belt.

  7. We do get paired up plenty with higher belts for good training. While it is not an official rule that you cannot ask to rain with a higher belt it is understood you should wait for them to invite you over or the instructor to pair you up with them.
    When guys do ask to train with the higher belts they usually get their buts handed to them. One black belt explained to me one time that its like calling somebody out as a challenge. So rather than going with a good training pace where both people get to learn, the black belt or higher belt in that given situation should switch to straight ass kicking mode and teach the other guy a lesson about this behavior…safely of course.

  8. We get paired up by instructors during an actual class most of the time. Sometimes they’ll ask the higher ranks who they want to train with. It’s not really a good idea to call out someone with a higher rank than you. During an open mat we are allowed to pick our own partners most of the time. It’s not a hard and fast rule that you can’t ask a higher rank to role during an open mat, but if it was someone I didn’t know real well I’d think twice about it.

  9. Like many others have said our instructors pair us up for techniques and rolling. However, I have had several instances where a white belt that I did not care to roll with kept calling me out. I am usually very nice while rolling with smaller white belts, feeding them submissions and not using all of my weight, but after several days of being called out by this same person I started making his experience not as much fun. It only took about 5 min of this to make this person learn not to call out higher belts ever again.

  10. While we are “allowed” to roll with whomever I do tend to let others do the choosing. As I tend to be one of the “larger” guys I’ll usually wait and see if there is another big guy looking to roll (or someone who specifically wants to roll with me.) So regardless of belt it just sort of figures itself out. I DO handle each case differently though. If I roll against a higher belt (brown/black) I usually TRY to work “my game.” Just because I know that not only will they be able to handle it but they’ll have an answer for it and also make ME work to defend them. A lot of times that I roll with a lower belt I try my best to help them while working on something specific myself. I’ll even go so far as putting myself back into a certain position a couple of times and saying something like, “don’t do that or I’ll probably take your back next time.”
    “Oh? What should I be doing?”
    “Well, I’m trying to pass so you might want to think about pushing my knee.”
    “So here?”
    “Yeah, yeah, that’s better but now you have to be careful of this.”
    Etc., etc.

    (PS I’m looking forward to crushing Caleb when he comes back…before he gets back into form that is. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

  11. i think there should not be any rules like this at the academy, but I believe you should always keep mixing in the group and try to train with as many different partners as possible.

  12. While not a BJJ black belt I have BB in 3 different arts. I think it is ridiculous that you cannot ask a brown or black belt to roll with you. You will learn more from them than a lower belt and I never had a problem working with lower belts. REALLY!

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