BJJ Poll: As a Jiu-Jitsu Practitioner, Do You Also Eat Any Special Diet?

In this month’s episode of Gracie Magazine, there’s an article about Helio Gracie’s distaste for red meat. This prompted Chris, a member of the Mighty 600,000, to contact us here at the to The FightWorks Podcast headquarters:

I just recently read the latest Graciemag, and they had an article in there about whether or not it’s good for your jiu-jitsu to eat red meat. Everyone knows Jake Shields is a vegetarian, and he’s an awesome grappler. I was just wondering how many people out there who do jiu-jitsu are vegetarians or vegans. Perhaps this would be a good poll question?

So what about you? Let us know about your eating habits as a BJJ person in the poll above, and definitely leave a comment here if you have any feelings on how diet affects your jiu-jitsu!

7 Replies to “BJJ Poll: As a Jiu-Jitsu Practitioner, Do You Also Eat Any Special Diet?”

  1. Red meat negatively affecting anything concerning BJJ or physical activity in general is BS and I will debate each and every argument stating as much.

    Right now I’m using CKD because I’m cutting. Otherwise I’ll preferably be in a mix of Zone and Paleo with some smart cycling here and there tailored for my own needs.

  2. I follow the warrior diet. *Apart from your evening meal, you can eat fresh fruit and vegetables (and some yogurt) thru-out the day. It suits both my metabolism and my lifestyle. I feel very healthy and in-touch with what I eat because the focus is on keeping everything fresh and light.

  3. my major change in my diet was cutting off sugar,3 years ago … i was very addicted to it . and getting rid of it change my life … if i need sweet i eat fruits . thanks to my wife I eat healthy . I do drink exclusively soy milk , drink also green tea , alcaline water, coconut water and combotcha ( proboitic kind of tea) … for the joint in general
    cod fish leaver oil and glucosamine condroitine msm…I don’t drink alcohol , I have nothing against it but I don’t tolerate it since I cut sugar …and don’t feel that great if I have to train the day after . but meat wise I have no restriction …I don’t neglect a good steak after training … and thanks to Bjj my weight always has been constant.

  4. I favor a Meat, Leaves and Berries approach. You can complicate it or refine it if you feel the need, but it’s hard to go wrong by eating lots of veggies/leafy greens and meat with a reasonable amounts of fruit and the occasional potato or three. It *DOES* cost a lot more to eat this way than most reasonably clean diets, regardless of what all of the nutbags selling “paleo” or “primal” or “caveman” programs will tell you, though. Meat costs a lot more than brown rice, at least where I come from.

  5. When Burger King discontinued the Angry Whopper, I had to switch to the Hardee’s Jalepeno Thick Burger. This paid huge dividends in my game.

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