Romulo Barral’s Knee Injury at the 2010 BJJ Mundials

Romulo Barral jiu-jitsu knee injury
Moments before Barral had to signal his injury to the referee. All photos courtesy cohost Dan.

It was shaping up to be another excellent year for Gracie Barra’s Romulo Barral. Barral was the gold medalist of the medium heavyweight black belt division and silver medalist in the absolute division in 2009, and he was on track to repeat in 2010. Going in to the final day of the 2010 Brazilian Jiu-jitsu World Championship, Romulo was set to face Tarsis Humphreys in a rematch of last year’s final at the medium heavyweight division, and had another rematch in the finals of the absolute division later that day lined up against fellow Gracie Barra athlete, the indestructable Roger Gracie. But it was not meant to be.

Romulo Barral jiu-jitsu knee injury
Romulo Barral is attended to by paramedics at the 2010 BJJ World Championship in Long Beach.

During Barral’s match against Humphreys, he sustained a knee injury that ended the match. Humphreys, who has been incorporating more leg attacks since 2008, torqued Barral’s knee in an unusual leg lock just under the six and a half minute mark in a scoreless match. Barral was done for the day.

The FightWorks Podcast caught up with Romulo Barral yesterday to learn how his knee is doing. Barral visited a doctor last week who referred him for an MRI. The MRI results have come back and reveal that Barral has an MCL that is mostly torn, and a partially torn ACL. He is now wearing a “big brace”, and has been told to return in 30 days for another MRI to determine how well his body recovers on its own, or whether surgery will be required.

At this point “it’s 50-50” said Barral, who was not referring to the 50-50 guard but the chances he will indeed need surgery. Barral is hoping to know sooner rather than later so he can begin recovery and get in gear for the 2011 Pan-Ams and Mundials.

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