BJJ Poll: Do Apprehension or Nerves (“Butterflies”) Affect Your Daily Jiu-jitsu Training?

This idea for a poll was emailed to us by Jake, one of the Mighty 600,000. It’s an excellent poll idea because it furthers our understanding of how people experience Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Please let us know if you are affected by nerves, anxiety, or “butterflies in your stomach” when you train BJJ by voting in the poll and feel free to share your story in the comments below the poll!

7 Replies to “BJJ Poll: Do Apprehension or Nerves (“Butterflies”) Affect Your Daily Jiu-jitsu Training?”

  1. I used to get butteflies during the lineup for sparring…wishing my coach would pair me up with someone ‘easy’ but now im happy to spae with anyone and i no longer get nerves.

  2. I don’t get them as much since competing at the Pan this year. For the longest time I would get nerves every time I went to class and it drove me crazy.

  3. Only when we spare from standing, in front of the class, in one or two pairs, and I’m up against someone I feel I should beat, then I get “Butterflies”.

  4. I never get nervous at BJJ. I find it mentally and physically draining but, as a Taekwondo black belt, I find it very safe when training so never feel nervous. I know people in Taekwondo get kicked unconscious, broken noses, jaws, arms so whenever sparring against someone about to compete or from a different club, there’s always a concern.

    Maybe it’s a side effect of the club I train at (Tokon Academy under David Webb) but it feels like a very safe, friendly environment – so haven’t felt the need to feel nervous yet.

    Slightly different was the feeling of anticipation on my first session as I didn’t know what to expect, but not nervous.

  5. I still get nervous here and there but Im more anxious nervous now compared to a hestiation nervousness
    If that makes any sense

  6. I use to get the butterflies when I have started but now it’s okay , it sometimes a mixed of excitement and nervousness , but sometimes it is hard to differentiate… since I am thinking of working on my Jits instead of tapping a particular guy , and being okay about the fact of being tapped … the training has become more constructive ….

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