2010 BJJ World Championship Live Blog

10:09 Good morning Family! We are now live at the 2010 BJJ World Championships!

10:10 At 10:30 AM (in about 20 minutes), the black belt absolute division begins!

10:11 A couple administrative items before things get crazy here

1. I will publish some comments that you guys out there submit, but my priority is getting out new details to you about the action, so don’t be mad if I don’t publish your comment.

10:11 Comment From Sean: War Xande in the absolute!

10:11 Comment From Shahab: Thanks Caleb! Can’t wait for your commentary — much appreciated.

10:12 2. Please don’t send the same comment more than once, especially ones like, “Did my instructor compete yet I gotta know please! Hey did my teacher compete yet?” Thank you!

10:13 One update from you that happened a few moments ago: in brown belt action, Ari Farias (Atos) defeats Michel Langhi (Alliance) opponent. Michel is the younger brother of Alliance phenom Michael Langhi.

10:14 Also, our focus here in the live blogging will be on the black belts. When I can I’ll bring some other news but don’t expect too much other stuff.

10:15 Speaking of brown belts, Farias is now up against an unknown Gracie Barra opponent. Farias already has taken his back.

10:16 Farias gets the choke and his hand is now raised as the victor. If this is any indicator, Atos is off to a good start.

10:18 Zak Maxwell is up on mat 7 against an unknown opponent. He almost lands a triangle very early, but his opponent appears to have freed himself, and is now working on passing. Maxwell scrambles, trying to avoid getting sidemounted.

10:21 Alliance’s women stars Gabi Garcia and Luanna Alzuguir, also known as Pinky and the Brain respectively, are warming up behind the bullpen.

10:22 Zak Maxwell goes from deep half guard, gets deep underneath and stands up with his opponents leg over his shoulder and picks him up!

10:22 A big takedown! Gracie Humaita’s fans warmly applaud his technique!

10:24 But they’re now disappointed as Maxwell loses a tied match on advantages.

10:24 Comment From Sean: Zak is the man… Will we see double gold again like the pan ams for him?

10:24 I will have to find out his name for you guys, sorry I don’t know it right now.

10:25 It was tied 2-2 and his opponent had five advantages to Zak’s one.

10:25 For the UK’ers out there, Oli Geddes is now in action on mat 8.

10:27 Comment From Dan: From budo: Zak fought Makoto

10:27 Roberto Satoshi of Bull Terrier defeated Zak Maxwell.

10:29 There’s a big ring coordinator meeting in front of me right now! Maybe ten folks in blue vests going over details of how to run the event. I can’t see a thing! 🙂

10:30 Geddes is on bottom in north south.

10:31 Heads up: if a black belt registers for black belt open division and doesn’t show up for their match, they are automatically disqualified from competition in their weight class. If you have black belt friends who are competing, make sure they know!

10:33 Comment From Sawosz: I think Zak maxwell lost to de Souza from Bonsai Jiu jitsu

10:33 Yes his name is Roberto Satoshi de Zouza, thanks!

10:34 Oli Geddes loses 3-0 to his opponent.

10:39 All mats are quiet right now. This is the calm before the storm! The bullpen is *packed* with the world’s best brown and black belts, all the big names you know, in one mass of talent, jogging in place, some listening to their ipods, in deep concentration.

10:41 Hillary Williams is on deck on mat one for her match against Devi Ahuja.

10:42 Nyjah Easton is in action against Carla Franco.

10:42 Comment From dokomoy: Caleb – do you know if they run the brown belt finals right when they finish the rest of a particular bracket? Or do they separately like they do with the black belts?

10:43 Sorry dokomoy I don’t.

10:43 Carla Franco defeats Nyjah Easton.

10:44 Hillary Williams, coached by Rodrigo Cavaca of CheckMat, is now on top after sweeping her opponent.

10:46 Valerie “Valhalla” is up against Tammy Griego and is on top in 1/2 guard. Ary Farias is now up against Leonardo Fernandes (BTT).

10:50 Cavaca is now headed to the mat against Naoya Uematsu for their match in the absolute division. Bruno Bastos defeats Jeff Meszaros in the absolute.

10:52 Comment From LVN: have you heard anything on justin rader yet? thanks

10:53 I think Rader was eliminated in his first match today.

10:53 Comment From J Sho: Hey Caleb, Did my instructor compete yet I gotta know please! !?!?!? Just kidding dude

10:54 Tarsis Humphreys is sinking a choke against Oka Kouchiro. He sinks it and wins. Rodrigo Cavaca defeats Uematsu. Hillary Williams wins her first match as well.

10:55 Luanna Alzuguir is working a triangle against Devi Ahuja early on.

10:55 Beatriz Mesquita wins her first match.

10:56 Murilo Santana wins his first match. Ari Farias wins his weight division.

10:58 If you see some pretty well known team leaders wearing green vests, it’s because those are the official coaching vests that are debuting this year for coaches only.

10:59 Rafael Lovato Jr. is now up against Michael Wilson (Peter de Been).

11:00 Luanna Alzuguir is up 2-0 over Devi Ahuja.

11:01 Comment From J Sho: wilson is a monster, 6’6”, maybe 250lbs

11:04 Luanna Alzugiur wins her first match.

11:05 Comment From Ross FinlaysonRoss Finlayson: When mentioning a match for the first time, it’d be great if you could note the mat number too (for those of us watching from the stands)

11:05 Hey Ross I will try.

11:06 Sophia McDermott wins on mat 10.

11:08 Gabi Garcia is up on mat 10 against an unknown brown belt opponent.

11:08 Gabi Garcia wins in short order.

11:09 Also, Rafael Lovato Jr won his match earlier against Wilson.

11:10 Roger Gracie just took the mats on mat 2 and is very quickly going from side mount to….

11:11 mount.

11:12 Roger’s opponent gives his back to avoid Roger’s choke from the mount, and lasts just a few moments longer. The match ends with Roger winning choke from the mount at about 2m30s.

11:12 Sorry Roger wins with choke after taking the back.

11:13 Bernardo Faria is up 11-0 over his opponent.

11:13 Comment From J Sho: Faria just beat rivas by kneebar

11:14 Bruno Bastos is up against Tarsis Humphreys in the absolute!

11:14 Comment From J Sho: man why do they let some of these foreign guys compete in the open, they are cannon fodder

11:14 Antonion Braga Neto gets his first victory with a choke from the back.

11:15 Beatriz Mesquita has her opponent’s back on mat 10.

11:15 Comment From jared: that was Karen Miller (brown belt) VS. Gabi in that open weight match on mat 10

11:16 Comment From J Sho: Great job as always caleb, a great change from the old days when we had to rely on text messages!

11:16 My pleasure J-Sho. Bastos and Humphreys are still circling on the feet.

11:17 Penny Thomas will fight Luanna Alzuguir shortly.

11:17 Comment From abdullah: is pe de pano in the open

11:17 According to GracieMag, Pen de Pano is not in the open.

11:18 Comment From J Sho: i think xande r may not get through to the final this year, cecconi, braga neto, souza, barral and faria all on his side

11:19 Xande Ribeiro just walked behind me on his way to his first match. His brother Saulo Ribeiro is donning the green coaches vest and proceeds behind him.

11:19 Sayaka Shioda appears to have won against Bruna Riebeiro (Atos) by kneebar (?), but the medics are still attending to her on mat 1.

11:21 Comment From John Owning: are you gonna commetate on budovideos online stream again?

11:22 Comment From Randy: Loving the updates. Just logged on.

11:28 Mesquita is no top in side control. Cavaca defeats Lovato Jr., apparently by foot lock. Tarsis Humphreys is given the win over Bruno Bastos in a tied match by referee’s decision.

Roger Gracie is on top in 1/2 guard with an unknown opponent on mat 2.

11:31 Australian Sophia McDermott is defending the mount from her opponent on mat 10.

11:31 Roger Gracie wins at 4m50s against an unknown opponent.

11:31 Alliance’s Bernardo Faria is up on mat 9, coached by Fabio “The General” Gurgel.

11:32 Roger Gracie’s latest opponent was Diego Hertzog (Gracie Florianopolis).

11:33 Bernardo Faria is up 2-0 against Alexandre Ceconi (Gracie Elite).

11:33 Kyra Gracie will be up against Sayaka Shioda on mat 1 soon.

11:34 Comment From J Sho: vs cecconi, these guys will be in the pesado division later, cecconi won the brasilieros and world no gi, faria won the pan ams

11:35 Gabriel Vella, now on Team Gracie Elite, is on mat 3 against an unknown opponent.

11:35 Antonio Braga Neto is pacing back and forth on mat 7, getting ready to begin his next match.

11:38 Bernardo Faria is climbing the back of Cecconi, who is standing. Faria is winning 6-0.

11:38 Roger Gracie vs Tarsis Humphreys is up on mat 2 shortly!

11:38 Comment From J Sho: faria has the back, cecconi stands up

11:39 Comment From abdullah: did xande win his 1st match?

11:39 Kyra and Shioda are now up on mat 1!

11:39 Xande Ribeiro will be up against the tough Nivaldo Oliveira on mat 8 if I’m not mistaken.

11:40 Sophia McDermott is now eliminated by an unknown opponent.

11:40 Yes Xande won his first match.

11:40 Antonio Braga Neto won his match pretty quickly.

11:40 Carolina de Lazzer is the one who beat Sophia McDermott.

11:41 Bernardo Faria continues with a 6-0 lead over Alexandre Cecconi.

11:41 Sayaka Shioda is inside Kyra Gracie’s guard.

11:42 Bernardo Faria’s hand is raised after time runs out in his match against Alexandre Cecconi.

11:42 Alexandre Ribeiro is now up against Nivaldo Oliveira on mat 8.

11:43 Gabriel Vella continues his trademark relentless pressure from on top against his oppenent.

11:43 Kyra Gracie is now mounted on top of Sayaka Shioda on mat 1.

11:44 Romulo Barral (Gracie Barra) and Murilo Santana are now standing and locked up on mat 9.

11:44 Comment From J Sho: pesado is really deep in talent this year, pesadissimo too, makes a nice change

11:44 Comment From dokomoy: Cecconi v Faria is a rematch from the brasilieross right?

11:44 Mmm, not sure, Dokomoy.

11:45 Roger Gracie wins again with little fanfare!

11:46 Comment From J Sho: rematch of the semi i think at th ebrasilieros, cecconi beat nogueira from alliance in the final

11:47 Romulo Barral is playing closed guard against Murilo Santana, now going for the sweep.

11:47 Kyra Gracie is still mounted on Sayaka Shioda on mat 1.

11:47 Comment From J Sho: how did he beat tarsis?

11:48 Sorry, good catch J-Sho. Roger did not fight Tarsis. I got that wrong. He must’ve been called too early and was departing the mat because of that.

11:48 Xande Ribeiro is up 4-2 over Nivaldo Oliveira.

11:49 Comment From J Sho: dude budo videos feed really needs you, the guy doesnt really know any bjj

11:49 Comment From Zafh: I didn’t see it but I am going with choke from mount> 😉

11:49 Kyra has now committed to an armbar from mount on Shioda, who appears to have escaped that danger. Shioda’s now just in Kyra’s closed guard.

11:50 Kyra Gracie beats Sayaka Shioda on points.

11:51 Penny Thomas and Luanna Alzuguir are now starting on mat 1. This is a big deal!

11:51 Comment From irish: this great. thanks guys

11:51 Wow! Oliveira almost takes Xande’s back from standing but Xande slides him off over the top of his back and is now on top in half guard!

11:52 Luanna Alzuguir is on top trying to pass Penny Thomas’ tricky guard on mat 1.

11:53 Romulo Barral continues working guard against Murilo Santana. Santana has received one penalty point, presumably for stalling. It’s tied 0-0 and Barral has one advantage.

11:53 Comment From dokomoy: Are you sure it’s Penny Thomas vs Luanna? IBJJF brackets say Luanna is fighting at lightweight while Penny is at middle heavy?

11:53 Quite sure! I think there was a modification to the brackets.

11:54 Romulo Barral defeats Murilo Santana by one advantage.

12:52 I am back!!! Thanks to the IBJJF for allowing me on their network!

12:52 Luanna Alzuguir now pulls guard on Penny Thomas. Her Alliance teammates are shouting, “Acredita Luanna! Acredita!” “Believe! Believe!”

Tarsis and Roger are now up on mat 2.

Alzuguir is now beating Thomas 2-0.

Gabi Garcia is now up against Andrea de Lazzer on mat 10.

Thomas gets the sweep! It’s tied 2-2! But Alzuguir gets the choke and Penny is forced to tap!

Roger Gracie very quickly find himself on Tarsis Humpherys’ back, but turns it onto the mount. Tarsis is fighting very hard to get him out of the most dangerous place to be in all of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Roger Gracie chokes Tarsis Humphreys
Roger Gracie chokes Tarsis Humphreys at the 2010 BJJ World Championship.

At 4m38s, Tarsis Humphreys taps to Roger Gracie.

On mat 1, Michelle Nicolini (Check Mat) earns a quick tap at 2m06s after getting a triangle.

Hillary Williams appears to be up against Hillary Williams on mat 1. Hillary has been on a tear for the last couple of years. This will be a big deal if Williams can upset Kyra.

Uh oh! Xande Ribeiro is now up against Antonio Braga Neto on mat 8! Both of these guys are absolute monsters. (Pun intended!)

Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu just swept Gabriel Vella! That is a *very* rare event!

Gabi Garcia beats Andrea de Lazzer.

Xande Ribeiro is now defending the pass from Antonio Braga Neto. The score is 0-0 across the board.

Romulo Barral is defending Bernardo Faria’s takedown!

Romulo Barral eliminates Bernardo Faria at the 3 minute mark by cross collar choke! Gracie Barra celebrates!! Faria wipes away tears of defeat as Draculino congratulates his student.

Kyra Gracie is now almost mounted on Hillary Williams, who began by attacking a lot from the guard. Kyra sinks the choke. A disappointed Hillary is consoled by Rodrigo Cavaca.

Xande eliminates Antonio Braga Neto by a score of 2-0 as time elapses.

Luanna Alzuguir (Alliance) and Michelle Nicolini (Check Mat) are on mat 1. Alzuguir has been up most of the match by two points.

Rodrigo Cavaca defeats Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu in under ten seconds with a toehold! That is probably a record!

Luanna Alzuguir is up 6-2 over Michelle Nicolini. Nine minutes have passed and Alzuguir is playing guard.

Xande Ribeiro and ROmulo Barral are now up on mat 9.

Beatriz Mesquita mosut now defend against the formidable Gabi Garcia! Bia gets taken down and pulls guard into a 2-0 deficit.

Gabi Garcia defeats Beatriz Mesquita at 2m18s, by americana. The score was 6-0.

After 2m17s, the score is still 0-0 across the board between Xande and Romulo.

12:53 Cavaca and Roger Gracie are in action on mat 2! Cavaca is defending the pass, knowing that all whose guard is passed will be choked when they face Roger Gracie.

12:54 After 8m21s, Romulo and Xande are still tied 0-0 but Romulo is up 4-2 on advantages.

12:55 Roger Gracie has taken Rodrigo Cavaca’s back!

12:55 Roger Gracie defeats Rodrigo Cavaca by armbar at 4m00s!

12:56 At the exact same moment, Romulo Barral *narrowly* edges out Xande Ribeiro by one advantage! It looks like Romulo and Roger are in the finals together. Will they compete against each other? In the past they have, despite being from the same team.

12:58 Rhalan Gracie steps on mat one against an unknown Gracie Barra opponent.

1:01 Rhalan Gracie’s captured side mount against his opponent on mat 1.

1:02 Rhalan Gracie secures a choke at 3m07s and proceeds to the next round.

1:05 Luanna Alzuguir goes up against Kyra Gracie right now on mat 1!

1:06 Comment From charles: has Kayron gone yet?

1:06 Comment From Robert: Will Kron be competing?

1:06 Neither Kron nor Kayron Gracie have competed yet.

1:08 Comment From andy: when do the black belt weight classes start

1:08 Black belt weight classes for men starts at 2:30pm.

1:10 The score is 0-0 between Alzuguir and Kyra. Alzuguir is playing guard at the 1m43s mark.

1:10 Comment From Robert: Thanks for this stream. I can watch one mat then look at my phone to c who’s on the others.

1:11 Kyra is furiously tring to pass Luanna’s guard but is unsuccessful so far. They’re now forehead to forehead in the center of the mat. Luanna is seated and Kyra’s still looking to pass.

1:13 Luanna Alzuguir is up by one advantage after 4m24s. The scorekeeper for the match is none other than The Red Menace Georgette!

1:14 At 4m55s Luanna lands a sweep! The two are being restarted in the center.

1:17 Luanna Alzuguir just landed side mount on Kyra Gracie! She’s up 5-0.

1:18 Kyra regains 1/2 guard from the bottom at 8m25s against Alzuguir.

1:19 If nothing changes fast for Kyra, we’re going to see Luanna advance. One minute left.

1:21 Luanna Alzuguir eliminates Kyra Gracie! She runs from the mat to embrace Fabio Gurgel and teammate Gabi Garcia!

1:21 Comment From argentina: how many fights did roger win to get to the final???

1:21 J-Sho? How many!

1:23 Comment From rtjj: I think it was 4

1:24 So Luanna Alzuguir and Gabi Garcia close out the women’s absolute.

1:24 Comment From argentina: Did he submit in all?

1:24 Comment From J sho: 4 I think

1:27 Unknown brown belt from Rodrigo Medeiros gets put to sleep on Mat 1. He is not too sure what happened.

1:27 Comment From irish: ROGER got 3 chokes from the back and 1 armbar from the back I bthink

1:27 Comment From J sho: This is romulo and rogers 3rd final in 4 years. Xande looked a but below his best in the semi and vs braga neto. The 4th time in 6 years he has been taken out in the semis (by jacare, braulio, romulo and romulo

1:28 Comment From J sho: Yes submitted all

1:29 Wooow. We have a rematch from last year between Rhalan Gracie and Ian McPherson!

1:29 Last year McPherson defeated Rhalan.


Just a reminder:

I will publish some comments that you guys out there submit, but my priority is getting out new details to you about the action, so don’t be mad if I don’t publish your comment.

Please don’t send the same comment more than once, especially ones like, “Did my instructor compete yet I gotta know please! Hey did my teacher compete yet?” Thank you!

1:32 Rhalan Gracie is up 2-0 over Ian McPherson. Rhalan’s maintaining a heavy side control on Ian. Now Ian is playing open guard in front of Rhalan.

1:32 Ian McPherson is going for an omoplata on Rhalan!

1:32 Comment From argentina: where can i watch the fights live??

1:32 http://www.budovideos.com/online

1:33 Rhalan is working hard to fight off Ian’s guillotine attempt!

1:34 Ian gets a sweep and is now on top. The score is tied 2-2, and Ian McPherson is up by one advantage.

1:34 This match is just as razor close as it was last time they faced each other.

1:36 Now Ian McPherson almost has Rhalan Gracie’s back. They fight their way free and start standing. Now Ian goes for the takedown and on the way down Rhalan pulls guard.

1:37 The score is 4-2 in the closing moments as Rhalan tries to work an armbar / triangle combo but Ian fends it off. Ian McPherson eliminates Rhalan Gracie.

1:38 Relson Gracie comes to the sidelines and congratulates Ian McPherson with a hug.

1:38 Relson now turns to his son and offers some words of comfort.

1:42 Looks like we’re going to have a little downtime Family. At this point the black belts do not compete again until 2:30pm (about 50 minutes from now). Expect posting to be a little sporadic.

1:47 Comment From rickyG: did calasans fight in the absolute?

1:47 RickyG, No he did not.

1:54 Comment From waiwai: live commentary on budovideos said roger and romulo fightin in final for 2nd time – might want to let them know the facts jsho!

1:56 Ian McPherson (Alliance) will soon face Erik Anderson (Aloisio Silva JJ).

1:57 Ian McPherson was the 2009 champion at the brown belt medium heavy weight class, so he’s looking to repeat this year.

1:59 Ian McPherson has pulled guard, and Erik Anderson begins working the pass. But McPherson goes into deep half and gets the sweep. He’s now up 2-0.

2:00 They’re restarted in the center. Erik Anderson rushes in like a bull but Ian McPherson fends him off. We’re 90 seconds into the match.

2:01 Ian McPherson goes for a straight foot lock belly down, Erik Anderson returns the favor…

2:01 Comment From J sho: 2007, 2009, 2010

2:03 Erik Anderson goes for a toehold, Iann McPherson rolls sideways over himself a couple of times and extricates himself. They’re restarted in the center.

2:04 At this point McPherson remains up 4-0 after 4m38s. Anderson goes for an arm in guillotine on McPherson but McPherson finds his way out pretty quickly.

2:04 Erik Anderson is now down 6-0 but he’s now taken Ian McPherson’s back!

2:05 Wow! At 5m59s Erik Anderson taps Ian McPherson with a bow and arrow choke, eliminating last year’s champion at medium heavy!

2:13 Comment From J Sho: i think a couple of guys here were/are in line for their second brown gold – zak maxwell, ian, ary farias – makes you wonder how many times you need to win it to get a black belt!

2:28 Comment From waiwai: surely you’re winning all these trivia questions jsho

2:28 Comment From CpBJJ: Do they have current results posted anywhere?

2:29 These are about as up to date as it gets, CpBJJ.

2:29 Comment From dokomoy: results through yeasterday http://www.ibjjf.org/results/2010mundial.htm

2:30 Things are still a little slow but things will pick up to a very high speed in short order, everyone.

2:31 They’re calling the big names, reminding them that they need to be ready soon.

2:35 Emily Kwok is heading to the mat with Carol de Lazzer.

2:38 Erik Anderson is now fighting from a deficit again. He’s down 6-0 after 7m21s. But he was down before when he beat McPherson.

2:39 Erik Anderson ascent is cut short by an unknown Gracie Barra opponent as time expires with Anderson behind on points.

2:39 Comment From GracieBarraSud: the guy in blue gi is William lima , european absolute champion brown belt

2:42 de Lazzer and Kwok are tied 0-0 after one minute.

2:42 Comment From GracieBarraSud: William is from Gracie Barra PE, student of Ze radiola. he was purple belt last winter and won the Absolute purple belt of Sul american championship

2:43 Kwok has transferred from Team Renzo Gracie to training at Marcelo Garcia‘s academy, so she is now representing Alliance.

2:45 Gabi Garcia is now up against Tammy Griego on mat 7.

2:47 Rafael Freitas (GB) is going to start against Alliance’s Fabio Passos on mat 2.

2:47 Kwok is mounted by de Lazzer, and Kwok is now down 9-2.

2:48 Kwok is now down 12-2 in the last 30 seconds of her match against de Lazzer.

2:49 Gabi Garcia is up 3-0 over Tammy Griego. Garcia is looking for her dominant americana from side mount.

2:51 Comment From Guest: Are the mendez brothers competing

2:51 Yes, Guilherme Mendes is in pluma weight division and Rafael Mendes is in pena.

2:52 Caroline de Lazzer defeats Emily Kwok 14-2 when time expires.

2:53 Tammy Griego is still withstanding Gabi Garcia’s pressure from side mount. The score is still 3-0, but now Garcia appears to be looking to get full mount.

2:55 Hillary Williams is now fighting on mat 9 against Devi Ahuja.

2:56 Gabi Garcia defeats Tammy Griego 3-0. Not many folks can survive that long against Garcia!

2:57 Val Worthington will face Penny Thomas on mat 1 here in a few moments.

3:00 Hillary “with the artillery” Williams is up 4-0 over Devi Ahuja after 7m30s on mat 9.

3:01 Rafael de Freitas (GB) defeats Fabio Passos (Alliance) in the male galo division.

3:02 Penny Thomas and Val Worthington are starting on mat 1.

3:03 Hillary Williams defeats Devi Ahuja 4-0.

3:03 Penny’s working open guard against Val at the 1 minute mark.

3:05 Luka Dias now faces Alliance’s Katie Weilbacher on mat 7.

3:06 Penny is on top in Val’s half guard, lowering her weight and working to pass.

3:08 Luka Dias is up 2-0 over Katie Weilbacher after 3m35s.

3:09 Penny Thomas and Val Worthington are still tied 0-0 but Penny has one more advantage after 6m45s.

3:09 Comment From Ross FinlaysonRoss Finlayson: Was I hallucenating, or did Cobrinha just lose 0-2 on mat 2? Or maybe it was another Alliance bb who looks a lot like him?

3:09 Ross, I don’t think Cobrinha’s gone yet.

3:10 Penny is now going for the choke against Val! She’s taken Val’s back and is winning 4-0!

3:11 Comment From Ross FinlaysonRoss Finlayson: It must have been another Alliance bb then. My bad

3:11 Penny Thomas is now up 8-0 over Val Worthington after 8m50s.

3:11 Katie Weilbacher has now tied Luka Dias 2-2 on mat 7.

3:12 Penny Thomas secures the choke at 9m12s against Val Worthington.

3:13 Comment From andy: any men’s results??

3:13 Not many black belt men in action right now, andy.

3:14 Katie Weilbacher is up 4-2 over Luka Dias.

3:15 Comment From Jadon OrtleppJadon Ortlepp: Thiis feed trumps the budovideos chatroom by far!

3:15 Comment From argentina: do you think romulo barral will give the gold to roger gracie? just so he can be the first to be 3 time absolute??

3:16 Comment From Jadon OrtleppJadon Ortlepp: He wont have to “give” it. He wont have much choice I would think.

3:16 Comment From dokomoy: I don’t think theres any chance that Barral bows out. I’ve been to his gym a couple times and heard him talk to his students about it. He wants teh absolute BAD

3:17 Fernanda Mazzelli wins her first match. And Katie Weilbacher defeats Luka Dias.

3:17 Comment From MontrealBJJ: Are either Kron or Ryron in the competition? or have I not seen them yet?

3:17 No Kron and Kayron have not competed yet!

3:18 Comment From Guest: Has Cory Robison competed yet?

3:21 Whoa there was a ref’s decision on mat 8 between Alliance and Check Mat brown belts. *Big* crowd reaction from both sides when Alliance’s guy was declared the winner.

3:22 Comment From Jadon Ortlepp: Any details on the controversy?

3:22 No, I don’t know exactly but someone’s always going to be upset when their guy loses such a close decision.

3:23 Comment From homoplata: anyone know the final score between Xande and Neto?

3:23 Comment From Jon Plyler: Caleb, do you know, are all IBJJF refs black belts?

3:23 I believe so Jon, at least in this event. I will try and find out for you.

3:26 Mario Reis is getting ready to compete, warming up behind me in the bullpen.

3:26 Comment From Ross Finlayson: Xande beat Neto 2-0 (sweep)

3:29 Comment From andy: i think comprido and megaton have been in every worlds

3:31 Luanna Alzuguir just eliminated Beatriz Mesquita on mat 6. I think the score is 2-0 but the monitor is very far from me, so I could be wrong there.

3:32 Fernanda Mazzelli and Michelle Nicolini will be in action after a mens match on mat 1. Sorry I don’t know which men will be on mat 1.

3:33 Wait, figured it out. Theodoro Canal (GF Team) will now face Noah Booth (Big Brothers) on mat 1.

3:35 Comment From andy: noah booth has gained a lot of weight

3:35 Kyra Gracie appears to be going against Angelica Oliveira (Humaita) on mat 6.

3:36 Theodoro Canal is up 3-0 over Noah Booth.

3:37 Canal is now up 5-0 over Booth.

3:39 JT Torres‘ name was just called, for those who were asking earlier. He has not fought yet.

3:40 Teodoro Canal is now up 15-0 over Noah Booth after 6 minutes! He’s in full mount.

3:44 Comment From ericcam777: Great coverage Caleb!!

3:45 Fernanda Mazzelli is now up against Michelle Nicolini. Mazzelli pulls guard.

3:46 Nicolini is now attempting to slap on a toe hold, and get the tap in 52 seconds.

3:47 Comment From Jon Plyler: Do you know what time the live stream will start tomorrow?

3:47 Jon I believe the live webcast begins at 10am tomorrow.

3:48 Penny Thomas is now up against Luiza Monteiro (Check Mat) on mat 1.

3:49 Comment From Meerkatsu: How who’s the guy with the mohawk – won by armbar.

3:49 Not sure, Meerkatsu, sorry.

3:49 Comment From Mgk1789: Caleb, will you do the livecast commentary tomorrow?

3:50 Yes, I’ll be doing the live commentary tomorrow on Budo Videos with Shawn Williams! Looking forward to it very much. Will need to get my beauty sleep tonight.

3:50 Comment From irish: will this blog be here tomorrow?

3:51 No, the best way to follow things tomorrow will just be the live stream. There will be far less action going on at one time so it will be pretty straightforward to cover.

3:52 Penny Thomas and Luiza Monteiro are tied at 0-0 still after 3m40s. Penny’s in Luiza’s closed guard.

3:52 Comment From Mgk1789: Awesome. Love the technical commentary from you and Shawn Williams.

3:54 Ok now it’s 2-2 between Penny and Luiza and we’re 6m13s in.

3:55 Penny appears to have made it past! Yes, she now is up 5-2, and now gets the mount and is up 9-2 after 7m22s!

3:56 Wow. Now at 7m26s Penny gets the choke and eliminates Check Mat’s Luiza Monteiro.

3:56 Comment From blair: love the coverage Caleb-studying for the bar exam has never been so nice. thank you.

3:57 Comment From Meerkatsu: Go Penny!!!!

3:57 I just told Penny you were cheering for her, Meerkatsu.

3:57 The finals in that division will now be Penny Thomas and Michelle Nicolini.

3:58 Mario Reis gets the tap with a bow and arrow choke at 3m52s.

4:00 Comment From BOBO: Where can I hear commentary? Thanks

4:00 You can watch video right now at budovideos.com/online. Not sure what the audio is over there.

4:02 Ryan Hall is now up on mat 3 against Tommy Malmberg from Alliance Atlanta.

4:02 Comment From andy: audio is good, commentary is mediocre

4:03 Ryan Hall appears to quickly have control of his match with Tommy Malmberg. They’re now restarted in the center.

4:03 Comment From John Acosta: Ryan Hall is up now? Is there a Triangle on the way?!?!? lol

4:04 JT Torres is now up against Paulo Guillobel. Nice mix of a new name and a veteran!

4:04 Comment From Northern Cal: Has Caio Terra fought yet?

4:04 I have not seen Caio on the mats yet today.

4:05 John Acosta, you called it. Ryan Hall gets the triangle tap on Tommy Malmberg.

4:05 Comment From Meerkatsu: Awesome from Ryan, superb triangle masterclass

4:07 It looks like JT Torres is up 5-0 over Paulo Guillobel. It’s a very far monitor, so I could be off there.

4:07 Comment From ericcam777: Torres is on the live feed right now

4:13 JT Torres defeated Paulo Guillobel by gi choke from the back.

4:14 Rafael Mendes is in action on mat 3.

4:17 Rafael Mendes won his match. Mario Reis is now up on mat 2.

4:17 Ryan Hall now is up against Tanji Akichika on mat 3.

4:18 Ryan Hall gets the tap in no time at all.

4:20 Megaton is eliminated by Samir Chantre. Sorry, I didn’t see what happened.

4:21 Bruno Frazatto is in his first match of the day on mat 1.

4:24 Bruno Frazatto won his first match.

4:26 Seth Rosenberg was defeated. Sorry, I didn’t get the opponent.

4:26 Cobrinha is now up on mat 1!

4:27 Cobrinha gets a quick takedown and is up 2-0.

4:29 Cobrinha is up 10-0 after 3 minutes.

4:30 …and gets the tap a moment later!

4:30 So Flavio Meier is eliminated by Cobrinha.

4:31 Comment From Josh: I can’t believe im missing this – the live stream is totally DOWN!

4:32 Comment From dokomoy: @josh – im watching the stream right now. try reloading maybe?

4:34 Comment From argentina: guilherme mendes just got robbed!!!

4:34 Comment From gusto: i agree with the mendes loss

4:35 Gui Mendes was jjust eliminated by ref decision after a 0-0 ties with 3 advantages each.

4:37 Comment From Mgk1789: mendes didn’t do anything other than try to get a cheap advantage for the leg locks.

4:37 Comment From ericcam777: A robbery?? Really?? Sounds like a jilted fan to me. What do you think about the Mendes loss Caleb?? Honestly??

4:37 I didn’t really see the match, sorry gang.

4:39 Teodoro Canal (GF Team) is now going to battle against Eduardo Ramos (Atos).

4:39 Comment From andy: Caleb is always neutral.

4:39 Comment From Mgk1789: typical safe answer caleb … haha

4:39 There’s a giant flat screen in front of me and that mat 🙂 Wish I could have seen it!

4:40 Comment From J Sho: that triangle was tight on mendes. maybe the weight cut affected his game, didnt look as good as last year

4:41 Comment From dokomoy: looked like a good decision to me. If nothing else the Triangle looked to be the closest sub of the match

4:41 Canal and Ramos are tied 0-0 after 2m12s.

4:42 Comment From Meerkatsu: Quite a bizarre match with the Japanese fighter in blue go showing now.

4:43 Rickson Gracie and Xande Ribeiro conferring to my right just outside the barrier.

4:44 Samuel Braga’s Asian opponent is disqualified.

4:46 Augusto Mendes (“Tanquinho”) is now entering mat 8. He competes for Soul Fighters, and is facing Romulo Melo (Humaita).

4:47 I believe Celso Vinicius (Gracie Elite) just beat Tiago Rocha (Alliance Atlanta).

4:47 Still 0-0 between Canal and Ramos on mat 1.

4:48 Comment From ericcam777: Why was Braga’s opponent DQ’d?? Reaping the knee maybe?

4:49 Tanquinho is up 5-0 over Melo.

4:51 Teodoro Canal (GF) eliminats Eduardo Ramos (Atos) after a tie score and being up by 2 advantages.

4:51 Comment From Rick Sparks: I think Braga’s Opponent was DQed for intentionally going out of bounds during a submission (knee bar)

4:51 JT Torres wins again on mat 6. Don’t know who he fought.

4:52 Cobrinha is now playing guard against Sasa Yukinori on mat 1. 70 seconds have passed and it’s tied 0-0.

4:54 Tanquinho defeats Melo by armbar.

4:54 Cobrinha is up 5-0 over Yukinori on mat 1.

4:55 Cobrinha’s got Yukinori’s back and will probably get the choke momentarily.

4:57 Wow Yukinori just fought out of a nasty gi choke from Cobrinha!

4:58 Lloyd Irvin’s purple belt Tracy just won her match.

5:01 Cobrinha still hasn’t finished Yukinori, but he’s winning 18-0 as time runs out.

5:03 Joe Scarola is up on mat 1.

5:05 Joao Assis wins his first match.

5:06 Gilbert “Durinho” Burns won his two matches today, the second against a Gracie Barra opponent.

5:10 Scarola is tied 4-4 against his opponent on mat 1.

5:14 Bill “The Grill” Cooper is headed to the mats with his opponent Jorge Britto (Humaita).

5:15 Alec Balding defeated Ronis Gracie in purple belt action.

5:17 Jorge Britto takes Bill Cooper out of bounds. They’re restarted in the center.

5:17 Comment From Meerkatsu: Who is the PA announcer, he should do movie trailers LOL!

5:18 That’s Tony Torres.

5:18 Bill Cooper is trying to pass Jorge Britto’s closed guard from standing.

5:18 Comment From Gile from Serbia: I love when says DQQQQQQQQ

5:19 Comment From J Sho: if DQ the movie ever comes out, he’ll be in with a shot

5:19 Cooper and Britto are still tied 0-0 after 3m32s.

5:21 Michael Langhi won his last match, continuing on as expected.

5:22 Cooper finally gets the takedown and is up 2-0 over Britto.

5:23 Comment From J Sho: lol @ cooper pulling britto back into the middle of the mat himself

5:24 Britto threatened Cooper for a moment with an armbar but Cooper was out of danger quickly.

5:25 Britto and Cooper are now tied 2-2. Less than 2 minutes left in their match.

5:27 Kayron Gracie will be in action in one moment against Frost Murphy on mat 2.

5:27 Comment From silve

: should be 4-0 coop

5:28 Yes, the scoreboard is corrected and it’s now 4-0 for Cooper, thanks silve


5:30 Clark Gracie’s been playing guard against Leonardo Ferreira non stop. It’s 7m13s into the match and it’s still tied. Cooper wins hiw match against Britto 6-0.

5:30 Kayron and Frost step onto mat 2.

5:32 Bernardo Faria is up on mat 10 against Thiago Domingues from De La Riva.

5:33 Clark Gracie wins at 9m56s. Kayron Gracie wins at 1m56s in his match. Bernardo Faria eliminats Thiago Domingues.

5:35 Murilo Santana wins by choke at 1m02s on mat 1.

5:36 Marcelo Garcia is now up right in front of me here on mat 1! His opponent is Bruno Alves (GB).

5:37 Comment From csimamora: What a back take by Kayron. And great crucifix by Clark.

5:37 Sergio Moraes beat his opponent already. That was way less than one minute into the match.

5:38 Sergio Moraes won by armbar.

5:39 Rafael Lovato Jr continues playing open guard against Tony Eduardo.

5:40 Lovato finally gets the sweep and comes up on top for 2 points.

5:40 At 4m32s Marcelo Garcia defeats Bruno Alves.

5:41 Comment From ericcam777: Wow!! Marcello looks like he never took a break from competition

5:42 Abmar Barbosa is now up against John Carlquist on mat 1.

5:43 Eduardo Telles is disqualified. He didn’t show up when his name was called.

5:44 Abmar Barbosa gets the tap at 1m27s.

5:45 Abmar tapped Carlquist with a wristlock.

5:46 Rafael Lovato Jr defeats Tony Eduardo and advances.

5:47 Alan Nascimento (“Finfou”) wins when time expires in his match.

5:48 Comment From J Sho: nic gregoriades vs dan simmler, nic is one of roger gracie;s black belts

5:49 Well, it looks like there was a misunderstanding. Eduardo Telles is now heading to the mats.

5:50 Jaqueline Oliveira is now up against Tracy Goodell for the gold medal in the womens’ purple absolute! That’s mat 2.

5:51 Mike Fowler is competing just two mats down from hers.

5:51 …aaaand Fowler’s hand is raised and he wins his match.

5:52 Comment From Andy R: Caleb, are quarters for the feather black tomorrow?

5:52 Quarters, semis, and finals for men are all tomorrow.

5:53 Clark Gracie is disqualified for reaping the knee at 2m33s. He’s contesting the call with the ref.

5:54 Tracy Goodell has a triangle on her opponent in the purple belt absolute final match but Jacqueline has escaped.

5:54 Comment From dokomoy: Has anyone ever actually gotten a dq call overturned?

5:54 Not that I know of, dokomoy.

5:55 Abmar Barbosa’s taking on Murilo Santana on mat 1 now.

5:56 Tracy Goodell wins by armbar against Alliance’s Jacqueline at the 5m54s mark! She’s the purple belt absolute champion.

6:00 Nic Gregoriades is eliminated on mat 9.

6:01 Comment From Carl: Has Kron hit the mat yet? I see abmar is on his 2nd match already

6:01 Kron’s getting ready on mat 3 right now.

6:02 Guto Campos (Atos) wins his match and is heading to the bullpen for a rest.

6:03 Abmar Barbosa is threatening an armbar on Murilo Santana. He’s advised by Robert Drysdale to go for the sweep…

6:03 …and lands it momentarily but Santana is now on top in side mount and is up 3-0! What a reversal!

6:04 And now at 8m37s Murilo Santana sinks a deep collar choke using the end of his lapel on Abmar Barbosa! Barbosa taps!

6:05 On mat 3, Kron Gracie is up against Rafael Lang.

6:06 And now Marcelo Garcia’s on mat 1! Is this awesome or what?!??!

6:08 Marcelo Garcia’s up against Francisco Mendes from Check Mat.

6:08 Comment From csimamora: Ahhh! What to watch??!!

6:09 Kron Gracie is fighting to escape Rafael Lang’s closed guard. They’re in the center of the mats.

6:10 Thiago Alves is also working to escape his Alliance opponents flexible guard but the match appears to have ended, and now Thiago’s hand is raised.

6:10 And Kron Gracie chokes his opponent Rafael Lang on mat three and gets the tap!!

6:10 Comment From ericcam777: I envy you Caleb!!! You have the greatest job in the world this weekend!!!

6:11 Sergio Moraes is up against an unknown opponent on mat 3 now, and Romulo Barral has just started a match against an Alliance competitor in a black gi.

6:12 Bill Cooper is getting ready to fight on mat 2 against Finfou (Alan Nascimento of Check Mat).

6:13 Bill Cooper was aggressively shooting for takedowns on Finfou but Finfou sprawled successively out of bounds.

6:14 Comment From J Sho: roger gracie’s tapping arm has the greatest job this weekend, it won;t have to do anything once again..

6:14 Comment From dokomoy: That’s actually Jared nathanson from checkmat(the logo you see is his school Acadamey of BJJ) which looks similar to the alliance logo

6:15 Comment From J Sho: finfou ragdolling cooper by the looks of it

6:15 Thanks dokomoy, yes, Romulo was giving the business end of a collar choke from knee in belly to Jared Nathanson.

6:16 Finfou is now up 2-0 on Bill Cooper for the takedown.

6:16 Romulo defeated Jared with that choke.

6:17 Comment From waiwai: what happened there, did jared actually choke? looked like there was some dispute

6:17 I believe he did tap.

6:19 Finfou and Cooper are having a very aggressive match. This is much like their last encounter (last year? the year before?).

6:21 Sergio Moraes is winning 16-2 in his match.

6:21 Comment From dokomoy: Cooper and Finfou fought in 08

6:21 Thanks dokomoy! Cooper is down 4-2 to Finfou.

6:22 If I sound exhausted tomorrow on the podcast, you guys know why!

6:23 Cooper continues down 4-2 to Finfou with less than 3 minutes remaining.

6:23 Comment From silve

: I think it was a verbal from the Romulo match…like maybe he yelped and they stopped it

6:23 Comment From J Sho: cooper won then lost to moraes in the final iirc in 2008

6:25 Sergio Moraes is declared the winner in his match.

6:25 Comment From silve

: cooper ties on a stall call?

6:25 It is now tied 4-4 between Cooper and Finfou. I can’t imagine how many calories those two are expending out there!

6:26 Romulo Barral is in action on mat 10.

6:27 Bill Cooper defeats Finfou right as time runs out! Wow what a battle!

6:27 Comment From J Sho: finfou needs to work on his gameplan

6:28 Kron Gracie is up against a Gracie Barra opponent on mat 3, and just got thrown over his opponent’s shoulder. He’s down 2-0.

6:29 Wow! His opponent tries to throw him again but this time Kron sinks the hooks! He’s just earned 4 points!

6:29 WOW! Kron gets the tap!

6:30 Comment From J Sho: the guy kron is fighting is listed as delson raimundo but it is delson heleno aka pe de chumbo

6:31 Kron runs up the stais and gives his sister and her baby a big kiss on the cheek each.

6:31 *stairs

6:31 Comment From dokomoy: yikes thats a big win for kron

6:32 Mike Fowler is fending off an omoplata on mat 3, and is standing out of it. He is aware of the sweep threat I am sure.

6:33 Fowler’s opponent: Claudio Calasans of Atos!

6:34 Comment From J Sho: calasans could be the guy to beat marcelo this year perhaps… 2 wins over braulio already this year

6:35 Calasans is almost fully mounted on Fowler. Fowler’s 1/2 guard is solid but it doesn’t withstand Calasans’ attack and he now finds himself mounted.

6:35 Comment From J Sho: holy sweetness, what a sweep on fowler

6:36 Comment From ericcam777: Did Xande win?!

6:36 Yes, Cohost Dan says Xande won.

6:38 Comment From silve

: Xande was fighting Dan Simmler I believe

6:38 Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu is on top in half guard on mat 10.

6:41 Comment From silve

: Fowler looking for his ‘unstoppable’ sweep

6:41 Comment From AcademyCyprusAcademyCyprus: Man I read all the posts from top to bottom! You’re far more better than live stream! Thanks!

6:42 Comment From caipira: is tomorrow semi’s and final’s

6:42 For the men, tomorrow is quarters, semis, and finals. For the women, I believe it’s just finals.

6:43 Comment From silve

: Calassans beats Fowler on points

6:46 Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu is shouting with joy! I am guessing he beat his opponent.

6:47 Gabriel Vella is up on mat 10 against what appears to be an even bigger guy.

6:49 Gabriel Vella’s on top in side mount. Not comfortable for his opponent!

6:50 Looks like Lucas Leite’s opponent resisted a choke longer than he should’ve and was put to sleep.

6:50 Comment From dokomoy: Man you weren’t kidding. Vellas opponent is a giant

6:51 Here we go, Tiago Silva versus Kayron Gracie!

6:53 Comment From navitabjj: you have to tap… better for the brain if you dont pass out…

6:55 Diego Herzog just beat his Atos opponent by choke from the back.

6:56 Gabriel Vella advances and will fight tomorrow.

6:56 Roberto “Tussa” Alencar is up 2-0 over an unidentified opponent.

6:57 Kayron Gracie’s been fending off Tiago Alves guard pass with some pretty hairy spider guard stuff. Tiago’s now standing over him deciding what to do.

6:58 Alliance’s Stephen Hall will take on Antonio Braga Neto momentarily.

6:59 Marcio Corleta is now up on mat 10!

7:01 Tussa is still up by just 2 points going into the last 90 seconds of the match.

7:02 Uh oh! Looks like Tiago Alves just fell into a triangle from Kayron Gracie!

7:02 He seems to have a decent idea about triangle defense but that thing is deep!

7:03 Kayron Gracie gets the tap and eliminates Tiago Silva!

7:03 Comment From J Sho: go pesadelo triangulo!

7:04 Kayron’s triangle came at 9m53s. Tussa also ended up winning, 2-0.

7:04 Comment From AcademyCyprus: Was Kayron down by points?

7:05 No Kayron was up 6-0!

7:07 Marcio Corleta won his first match, and now Cavaca is headed to that mat.

7:08 Antonio Braga Neto eliminates Stephen Hall. Missed the match, but Braga Neto just confirmed it to me.

7:09 That mat is in my blind spot!

7:11 Luiz “Big Mac” Teodoro just got 2 points for the takedown against a *very* large guy on mat 6.

7:13 Comment From csimamora: Hey Caleb, are Sergio and Kron fighting tonight or tomorrow?

7:14 It looks like they might. I am confused because I thought Guto Campos would be on Sergio’s path but that doesn’t seem to be happening today, so perhaps they are.

7:14 Comment From J Sho: the very large guy is the aussie “big” mick wilson, 6’6” 250lbs i think, is a firefighter i believe

7:15 Comment From Johnnyh: Did Fowler lose, Caleb?

7:15 Mike Fowler lost to Claudio Calasans.

7:15 Comment From hobert: Is Roger Gracie fighting again today?

7:16 Yes Roger Gracie is in the bullpen in his sweatshirt with his ipod on, so I’m guessing it’s not just because it’s a nice place to hang out 🙂

7:19 Big Mick Wilson has Big Mac’s back!

7:21 Big Mick taps Big Mac from the back! Big Mick towers over the mats!

7:21 Comment From J Sho: big mick won blue belt absolute mundials some while ago, i think he has only ever been beaten once or twice in australia in competition across all belts

7:22 Ian McPherson just lost to an Atos competitor.

7:26 Rodrigo Cavaca has Petrus Melo in his guard on mat 6. Leo Dalla is eliminated by an Alliance opponent on mat 2.

7:31 Roger Gracie will be fighting on mat 2, I’m told.

7:33 Marcio “Pe de Pano” is up on mat 6, but I can’t see who his opponent is.

7:34 Pe de Pano gets the tap from his opponent by triangle.

7:38 Comment From J Sho: roger vs Luiz Fernando from jordanian team i think

7:38 Roger Gracie is headed to mat 2 for his match against Luiz Fernando according to JSho!

7:39 Roger Gracie is in Fernando’s closed guard.

7:39 Comment From andy: Caleb, can you see anybody who is going to be competing tonight?

7:40 There could be a few more Andy but I am not sure exactly who. It’s definitely winding down. Roger Gracie takes Luiz Fernando’s back and gets the tap at 3m00s!

7:41 Comment From dokomoy: Has Roger tapped everyone so far today?

7:42 Roger has tapped everyone for a very long time.

7:42 Comment From J Sho: yes 5 so far

7:43 Comment From J Sho: he tapped all last year, all bar xande and galvao the year before iirc

7:43 Comment From dokomoy: I’m basically the anti-roger. Rogers going to have more taps this weekend than I will this month 🙁

7:44 Family I think that’s it for our live blogging here today. Gotta go get some audio! Talk to you soon! Watch the live broadcast tomorrow on budovideos.com/online!

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  1. Roger was incredible again today his focus is so strong at the moment. Barral did a great job with Xande too. Xande never looks in trouble no matter what the other guy is doing.

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