BJJ World Championship Coverage

Okay so among very important questions about the 2010 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championship like, “Who will be the next black belt champion in the middle weight division?”, or “Which BJJ team will win the team trophy?” are important questions like, “How can I follow the action without being there?”

So here’s a real quick rundown of how you can stay informed.

Live Video of the Event

Just like the 2010 Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championship a couple of months ago, Budo Video will be streaming the action to your computer for free in real time. All you have to do is register for an account at if you do not have one already. While there is no reason to expect any problems, I recommend registering in advance just in case there are any hiccups on the server that day.

Budo Videos will be streaming the action on Saturday and Sunday, focusing on the black belt action. Sunday is when the finals take place in each of those divisions, and as we mentioned the other day, the plan is for there to be a quick live interview with the winner after each finals match. I will be participating in the live video on Sunday as a commentator, working for Budo Video alongside Shawn Williams.

Here on The FightWorks Podcast

FightWorks Podcast cohost Dan and I will be arriving at the event Saturday, where we will be furiously working to bring you as much information as possible right there from the Long Beach Pyramid. I will be live blogging the action all day Saturday. I know that people will watch the live video on their computer and in a separate browser window they’ll have my live blogging open. This is because often times I will offer tidbits and details that you cannot get from the live video feed, simply because the online video will focus on one or two of the great jiu-jitsu matches at a time and I can offer an observation from more than one at a time.

Dan will be roaming the arena, getting photos, audio and maybe even video that we will use soon here on our site. As always, we will have another episode of our humble weekly BJJ radio show ready for you on Sunday!

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