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Rener GracieEarlier this week many received an email from the Gracie Academy in Torrance, California, with a request: to help bring Brazilian jiu-jitsu to cable television. It turns out that Oprah Winfrey is holding a contest for new reality show ideas for her upcoming cable network. One of the five ideas that receive the most votes on her site will be given their own reality show. If Rener, his father Rorion, and his other brothers have their way, millions of people who have never heard of BJJ will be exposed to its benefits for the first time.

Here at the FightWorks Podcast we’ve received some inquiries on the matter and of course, we want to help bring BJJ to as many as possible. This Sunday we will hear from Rener Gracie on our humble BJJ radio show.

In the meantime, what are you waiting for? Go vote to get Bullyproof and BJJ on television! You can vote multiple times.

3 Replies to “Help Bring Jiu-Jitsu to Television”

  1. I think people need to understand what jiujitsu is a lot people do jiujitsu but they can’t tell you what the art is they can tell you who invented how to stop the pass what is the guard, leverage, and angles and many people believe this to be jiujitsu. but it’s not Jiujitsu is de arte suave (the gentle art), the more gentle you are the stronger your technique jiujitsu is not about strength and submission it is about position and technique, technique is where the gentle art come from. See you must understand this to become great at Jiujitsu, that it takes time that it takes patience, and you must treat your technique as your child you do not want to abuse your child you do not want your child to be wild and rough you want them to polish, smooth, patient, gentle and able to adapt, you don’t push others is what you would tell your child you don’t push in jiujitsu relate the gentleness and the strength of a child to your jiujistu and you will be amazed with your growth and you will understand the true nature of jiujistu

  2. I read the voting rules and it states:”Voting is open to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia who are 18 years of age or older.”
    So sadly I guess my UK based vote does not count, unless there is a way to bypass my IP address.

  3. Just a note per the rules you CAN vote multiple times. I want to add that in my limited experience with JJ – my son is in the BullyProof program at the academy – JJ is more than an art or self defense. He was diagnosed with ADHD and for 4 years straight we had teacher’s ask to speak to us within the first few days of each new school year. Our son did not focus or complete work. He was also bullied by several boys at school which is why we enrolled him last summer. He has become more focused and has made the honor roll every semester since. He carries himself differently, not like a victim. I think this program could have huge impact to those it helps. My only concern is people think JJ means MMA and that it is violent. Time to educate the masses!

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