Federation Membership Cards Mandatory for Black Belts at Mundials; New Coaching Rules

Alliance Jiu-Jitsu Michael Langhi
Michael Langhi (Alliance) defeats Phillip della Monica (Gracie Barra) at the 2009 World Championship.

Remember the word back in 2008 about the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation ramping up its push for membership? This year the IBJJF is taking some very concrete steps in that direction which affect the way the 2010 BJJ World Championships will be carried out. I’ll post them below but as you read them, if you have any questions about them, please email them to me by Monday! I will be interviewing an IBJJF representative this coming week on the matter!

Starting at the worlds 2010, at any IBJJF event. It is mandatory for all the black belts to carry their federation membership id cards. Its required to present the I.D card to the event official prior to the match.

IBJJF Membership ids and affiliated federation ids accepted for this event; IBJJF (for non US, Brazil, Japan, France and Portugal residents the IBJJF id is applicable), USBJJF for US residents, CBJJ for Brazil Residents, Japan federation for Japan residents, France Federation for France residentes Portugal federation for Portugal residents, Australia Federation for Australia residents.
For the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2010, IBJJF will release complimentary membership ids for the black belts registered in the world jiu-jitsu championship 2010. This includes the coaches with athletes registered in the event.

If you do not follow the guidelines, IBJJF reserves the right to deny participation of any athlete in this division. All registers in the Black Belt division are under IBJJF approval.

On Sunday during the black belt finals, coaches will be allowed next to the mat for the first time. Here are the rules about coaching that are new.

In any event, when coaches are allowed to be inside the competition area, the coach must wear the vest supplied by the event. The coach must present his/her black belt membership id from the authorized entities, valid for the current year. The coach must return the vest once he leaves the competition area, after the athletes match is over.

There will be 2 chairs located by the score keepers table per ring area, behind the publicity panels, where the coach will be seated.

The coach is responsible for the athletes conduct from the moment you enter and exit the event.

The coach’s action inside the competition area is limited to the communication to the athlete. Tactics and strategies advises, motivating, instructions to umpredictable situations, injuries.
The coach must remain seated during he whole match.

More details about the coaching situation can be found here, and full details about black belt registration requirements are here.

Like I said, if you have any comments about these changes, please email them to me as soon as possible so I can get those questions answered for you.

4 Replies to “Federation Membership Cards Mandatory for Black Belts at Mundials; New Coaching Rules”

  1. To me this is only a good idea if membership buys you unlimited participation in IBJJF tournaments for the year without entry fees. As Xande and Drysdale have recently lamented, it’s sort of insulting for Black Belts to have to pay to enter a tournament that they are the life-blood of.

  2. I’d say the life-blood of an event is all the people who dedicate their time and efforts to the smooth running of the event without much in the way of financial compensation. People who run clocks, check equipment and fill in score-sheets. In my eyes, they are the life-blood of the event.

    The BBs are perhaps more the sexy ass (and other attractive attributes) of the event, coz they are the ones who draw your attention to the event đŸ™‚

  3. I think this is just the first step towards requiring EVERYONE who competes in the IBJJF tournaments to become a member. It’s a money thing, for sure.

    I’ll be controversial here (or perhaps not?) and say that the female blackbelts shouldn’t have to pay for IBJJF membership or entry fees if their participation in the tournament isn’t accorded the same respect (and media attention) as the male blackbelts receive.

    Yeah, sorry, I know that sounds bitter. But those ladies are training just as hard as the men. It would add insult to injury to require them to fork over the cash at the same time they’re being told they’re not popular or entertaining enough to merit being broadcast.

  4. Georgette, you’re probably right that they’ll eventually make everyone join. Which I don’t have a problem with as long as it gets you unlimited IBJJF participation as kneeblock stated. As far as the ladies it’s not that they’re not popular or entertaining it’s that there are not enough names on the international level. When more women start to compete that will change just like in every other sport(except softball) the guys are more popular and thus, come first.

    Back on topic, what this could lead to is Worlds becoming an invitation-only tournament with the Pan, Euros, NY Open, Brazilian Nationals, and US Nationals(they’d have to move it up) being the qualifiers(The medalist in every class get in with their academy being able to bring one more person at the medalist weight class and belt to Worlds). In that case, unlimited participation a must.

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