Explaining the “Hello World!” Post You Saw; Our Site Was Hacked Yesterday

Hey Family this is not the normal news you’d find here on the FightWorks Podcast, but it would be irresponsible to not mention it at all. It’s not related to Brazilian jiu-jitsu, so if you did not visit our site yesterday and wanted to stop reading this post right now I would not blame you. If you did visit our site and saw it behave strangely, please read on.

Yesterday our website here at thefightworkspodcast.com was hacked by online criminals whose goal was to get malware installed on the computers of people who visited the site. The bad guys got into our site’s WordPress software and inserted code that would tell people who visited that they were infected by a dangerous computer virus and needed to install a “fix” on their machines. Of course if you accepted the download “fix” that you were being offered, then you would get actually infected by malware.

After receiving a very-appreciated email from Fighters Only Magazine‘s Hywel Teague while I was at lunch yesterday that let me know about the problem, I spent a few hours removing the infected code that was hiding in there and reinstalling WordPress. Yes, it was as fun as it sounds! If you saw a message come to you via email or in our RSS feed saying “Hello World!” that’s an artifact of me having fixed everything.

This attack has been happening to thousands of sites in recent weeks, so we are far from being alone. Here’s a write up with some info on the attack. As always, while anti-virus won’t always catch all the bad stuff trying to attack your computer, yesterday was a good time to have it installed. Please always use updated anti-virus. I will do more research into ways to minimize the likelihood that this happens again on our side. I’m very sorry it happened.

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