2010 Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championship Saturday Live Blog

2010 Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championship Saturday Transcript

2:03 Hey Family, I’m here at the Bren Events Center at the University of Irvine!

2:04 The registration period for today’s black belt adult male absolute division is now closed, and we’re waiting to see how those brackets will be put togethere.

2:05 Comment From Matt in OR: Is there any reaction at the Pan Ams regarding UFC 112?

2:05 Hey Matt, great question. I am going to keep UFC talk out of the coverage here just to avoid spoiling things for everyone, but to answer your question, yes, folks are talking for sure!

2:07 Fabio Gurgel, Jacare Cavalcanti, Carlos Gracie Jr., Saulo Ribeiro, Franjinha, and others are now discussing the absolute division with IBJJF staff and how it will be put together.

2:09 I’m seated with Mike Buckels of the IBJJF discussing a few details.

2:10 Looks like I may have been mistaken about Antonio Braga Neto this weekend! His name was put on the list for the absolute division. I may have to print a retraction on yesterday’s article.

2:10 Comment From LucaTony: can you give the results for the brown belts up to know.Please

2:11 Hey LucaTony, I’m afraid I don’t have much information for you there. I will do what I can but I can’t promise a lot.

2:12 Comment From LucaTony: Thanks we appreciate the hard work

2:12 Comment From abdullah: are the black senior 1 div fighting today?

2:12 Black senior 1 by weight and absolute are tomorrow.

2:19 So far from what I’ve seen today, the juvenile blue belts were very exciting to watch. Very slick young guys who aren’t yet really muscled so they use a lot of really slick technique. Really dynamic matches that often end in a submission. I look forward to seeing this cohort of guys grow up into black belts.

2:19 Comment From Guest: what happend to the video?

2:20 The video stream will be up tomorrow for the finals, which is scheduled to begin at 5pm or so. There may be some streaming today but if there is, it will be mostly to test the system and check to make sure everything is running ok.

2:21 In any case, remember that you will have to register at budovideos.com/online so while there’s a little down time, now is probably a good time to take care of that.

2:22 Comment From charles: did the BB open weight start? 🙂

2:22 Black belt open weight class is scheduled to begin at 3pm, so in about 40 minutes.

2:23 Comment From Joe: Robert Drysdale in? Joe

2:24 Drysdale did not register for the event.

2:25 Just a heads up that I will not be able to pay attention to comments much once things really get going, so do not be offended if I do not answer or do not post your comments.

2:25 Comment From charles: Nice, really good work guys!!!!! You guys rock!!! GB San Clemente loves you guys ..

2:29 Comment From rj nice job set up every thing online , for people who cant make it.hawaii rj

2:30 The brackets are here.

2:31 But remember that the black belt open weight (absolute) division brackets can not be found there. They are being put together as we speak.

2:33 Another thing you guys might find of interest is that the IBJJF refs have been very strict about the zero tolerance policy for possible reaping the knee, and I’ve seen multiple disqualifications for people doing that already today.

2:39 Black belt absolute brackets update: “Not yet!”

2:41 Comment From gracie barra sudra sud: any news about lucas rocha, brown belt ?

2:41 No, sorry but if I hear anything I’ll post it.

2:42 Comment From gracie barra sudra sud: thx a lot. hi from france 😀

2:46 Nine mats in use at the moment and the venue’s air is still cool. Very nice place this year. Clean, well lit, and everywhere offers a good view!

2:48 For a little perspective, according to event officials, they have approximately 50-60 staff at any one moment running the show. That does not include Bren Events Center employees.

2:53 For those here in attendance, I was told that the black belt open will take place on mats 9 & 10.

2:55 Comment From branco: guys, is live stream from budovideos?

2:57 There may be live stream today on budovideos.com/online. It will definitely be up all day tomorrow.

2:58 Comment From branco: It´s work now!

2:58 I am sitting here with Kid Peligro who says that the very first Pan-Am was held here in 1995. There were maybe 3 mats and 150 competitors. Crazy!

3:00 Branco is right, I can see a live stream at http://www.budovideos.com/online/ right now!

3:03 Comment From Arakeloes anyone know whether Kron Gracie will compete?

3:04 Kron is signed up.

3:10 Comment From MattO is streaming the worlds too?!?

3:10 Matt I believe it’s official that they will.

3:17 Comment From gracie barra sudra sud: very nice streaming. i hope im gonna see lucas rocha and otavio !!

3:18 Comment From Andy you find out if you can see the mats well from where you’ll be tomorrow yet?

3:18 Hey Andy, yes it looks like we will have a pretty good view! Pretty much matside!

3:21 The ladies are on the opposite end of the building so I can’t see so good. But it looks like Hillary wWilliams is out there right now. The black belt absolute is about to begin! Bruno Bastos is out on the mats…

3:22 Rodrigo Cavaca has walked out onto the mats…

3:22 Comment From Arakelhey don’t seem to have updates the black belt open on the brackets site…

3:23 The black belt open brackets were only finalized a few minutes ago! I am working on getting you those details now!

3:23 Cavaca is already up 11-0 against his opponent in under 90 seconds.

3:24 Cavaca’s now basically mounted and the score is 14-0.

3:24 Bruno Bastos is on top in half guard against his smaller opponent in the absolute here.

3:24 Comment From Arakelhey’re streaming the match you are talking about live now!

3:25 Cavaca is working the head and arm triangle and sinks it at 2:43 with a score of 18-0.

3:25 Bruno Bastos is now mounted and up 7-0 against his opponent.

3:26 Okay here you go everyone: the brackets (as I saw them a few moments ago)!

3:26 Antonio Braga Neto will face Matt Jubera
Cameron Diffley will face Jamal
Bill “The Grill” Cooper will face Carlos Holanda
Jay Pages will face Bruno Bastos
Antonion Peinado will face Paulo Azambuja
Fernando Bernaardino will face Carlos Diego
Felipe Fogolin will face Diego Herzog
Oka Kouchirov will face Roberto “Tussa” Alencar
Rodrigo Cavaca will face Christopher Story
Guybson Sa will face Leonardo Iturralde
Marcel Fortuna will face Rodrigo Carvalho
Frost Murphy will face Otavio Sousa
Gabriel Vella has a bye in the first round
Gabriel Rocha will face Nick Kline
Carlos Melo will face Abmar Barbosa
Bernardo Faria will face Levi Costa

3:26 Bruno Bastos wins at the 2 minute mark.

3:27 Matt Jubera is now up against Antonio Braga Neto. (I was wrong in my post yesterday! Apologies Braga Neto!)

3:27 Braga Neto pulls guard on Jubera and is now working to take his back but Jubera is slowing his progress.

3:28 Braga Neto is now on top working to pass and is up 2-0. He is now working for side mount against Jubera.

3:29 Comment From abdullah is lovato in th absoulute

3:29 Lovato is not in the absolute but will fight at his weight.

3:31 In the womens, Nyjah Easton is now up against Gabi Garcia of Alliance!

3:32 Gabi Garcia is probably the largest female competitor in women’s jiu-jitsu and is up 5-0 over Easton now.

3:33 Braga Neto continues up 2-0 against Jubera after 5 minutes.

3:33 At the 2 minute mark, Gabi Garcia’s hand is raised in her match against Nyjah Easton. I missed what the submission was but she was up 8-0.

3:34 Comment From gracie barra sudra sud: neto’s opponent is not that bad.

3:34 Braga Neto is up 2-0 over Jubera with 4 advantages to Jubera’s 0. 6m30s have passed.

3:35 At 6m52s Braga Neto gets the tap in his match against Jubera.

3:37 Cameron Diffley is now mounted by Daniel Azevedo and losing 6-0.

3:38 Alliance’s Ian McPherson (brown) is in action against an unkown opponent). McPherson appears in control, getting points a moment ago for side mount.

3:40 Leonardo Iturralde (Alliance) is tied with Guybson Sa right now.

3:41 Iturralde is working for side mount but a scramble ensues and now Sa finds himself up 2-0.

3:42 Daniel Azevedo is now up 12-0 over Cameron Diffley.

3:42 Antonio Antonioli (brown) is in control over his opponent, who he has side mounted.

3:43 Iturralde is still down 2-0 against Sa and has 2 minutes to do something.

3:44 Diffley defends an armlock from Azevedo. Diffley earned a sweep and is now on top trying to pass, losing 12-2.

3:45 Leo Iturralde is lising with 15 seconds left and now defending a triangle!

3:45 Time runs out and Sa is the winner, with 2 points over Iturralde.

3:46 Comment From abdullah that was a tight triangle

3:46 Tammy Griego is fighting Katy Weilbacher on mat 6. They’re tied 0-0.

3:47 Diffley loses on points to Azevedo.

3:47 Bill “The Grill” Cooper (Alliance Atlanta) is now up against Carlos Holanda (CheckMat).

3:50 Abmar Barbosa is now up against Carlos Melo.

3:51 Barbosa has Melo in his guard on Mat 10.

3:52 Bill Cooper is on top in half guard against Holanda, who hails from Manaus and is known for his very tricky guard.

3:54 Melo has stood up and Barbosa remains holding guard. The two fall back to the floor and they scramble out of bounds.

3:54 Melo is up 2-0 over the mohawked Barbosa.

3:55 Little action in the Holanda / Cooper match. After almost 7 minutes, it’s tied 0-0 across the board.

3:55 Tamy Griego (GB) wins 5- 0 over Katy Weilbacher (Alliance).

3:56 Abmar Barbosa sinks an armlock on Carlos Melo at 4m12s, and advances to the next round of the absolute.

3:57 Bill Cooper just earned an advantage over Carlos Holanda.

3:58 Sorry I’m not bringing you more women’s action but they’re kinda far from where I am stationed. I apologize!

3:59 Uh oh, time’s up and in mat 2 and Carlos Holanda (blue gi) eliminates Bill Cooper (white gi) 2 advantages to 1.

4:00 Gabi Garcia is now in side mount on another opponent, who she kimuras in short order.

4:00 Felipe Fogolin is now up against Diego Herzog. Herzog goes for an immediate triangle attempt! Fogolin hoists him into the air around his neck!

4:01 Herzog may blow out his leg strength early if he doesn’t get this… Fogolin escapes!

4:01 Comment From Kevin Howellll: Good last minute action with Cooper and Holanda.

4:02 It will be very tough to prevent Gabi Garcia from taking the absolute women’s black / brown division.

4:03 Comment From Leo Vieira: kevin??

4:04 Felipe Fogolin is on bottom in the blue gi you see on the live stream. Diego Herzog is on top in the white Atama gi.

4:04 Herzog is winning 11-0 and now working the choke on Fogolin.

4:05 Herzog gets the tap at 4m19s over Fogolin.

4:05 Comment From Leo Vieira: where can I see the fight a live?

4:05 You can see them live here http://www.budovideos.com/online/ if you create a free account.

4:07 Comment From Kevin Howellll: its me Leo! Caleb – where is Herzog from? He was very good.

4:08 Hey Kevin, Diego Herzog is from Gracie Florianopolis.

4:08 Looks like Luanna Alzuguir (Alliance) is up on mat 6, waiting for her opponent.

4:10 Comment From Arakelhich team has the most competitors here?

4:10 I don’t know which team has the most competitors. Not sure that number is readily available anywhere.

4:13 Luanna Alzuguir is up 4-0 against her opponent, who I can’t identify from this distance.

4:14 Roberto “Tussa” Alencar is now up against Kouichirou Oka (black gi) on mat 9!

4:14 Tussa is much larger than Oka and is now on top in 1/2 guard.

4:15 Looks like Gabi Garcia has just won again, this time in 47 seconds.

4:15 Tussa sinks a collar choke at 1m35s and advances to the next round!

4:16 Gabi’s latest victim was HIllary Williams!

4:16 Rodrigo Cavaca (CheckMat) is consoling Hillary.

4:18 This is the background on Gabi Garcia. She’s the one on the right in this picture.

4:18 Comment From LucaTony What is the background on Gabi?

4:19 Comment From LucaTony ahh ok enough said…lol

4:20 Keep in mind that she has been beaten. She was beaten by Ana Carolina Vidal (Gracie Humaita) who appears on the left in that photo. But Vidal is out of competition this year as she’s expecting, and Gabi has since transferred teams to Alliance so her game has likely changed.

4:22 Otavio Sousa is now up on mat 10 against Frost Murphy. You should see that on the stream.

4:23 Antonio Braga Neto is now up against Daniel Azevedo.

4:26 Sousa remains on top in half guard after 3 minutes and the score is still 0-0.

4:26 Braga Neto and Azevedo are taking a quick break, tying their belts.

4:28 Otavio Sousa (GB) is now up 6-0 over Frost Murphy.

4:30 Azevedo and Braga Neto remain tied 0-0 after 5m15s.

4:31 Comment From brancouys, result about antonio peinado?

4:31 Antonio “Batista” Peinado (Alliance) is warming up. He has not fought yet.

4:32 Sousa wins over Murphy by cross choke from the mount at 9m00s.

4:32 Braga Neto is being attended to by the medics, who are checking his eyes with that little flashlight. Not sure what happened there…

4:33 Rodrigo Cavaca (CheckMat) is now up against Guybson Sa.

4:34 The action between Braga Neto and Azevedo is resuming with Neto in Azevedo’s guard.

4:35 Azevedo is going after Braga Neto’s foot but Braga Neto recovers, and now stands over Azevedo.

4:35 Cavaca is up 2-0 over Sa and they’re locked in 50/50.

4:37 Braga Neto is now up 3-0 over Azevedo and is working a brano choke. 90 seconds remain.

4:38 It appears Sa was DQ’d in his match against Cavaca. Sorry I don’t know why!

4:39 Braga Neto wins 3-0 over Azevedo.

4:39 Antonio “Batista” Peinado enters the mat against Paulo Azambuja.

4:40 Gabriel Vella (Ryan Gracie) now is on top on mat 10, the one you see streamed right now.

4:40 I don’t know Vella’s opponent, sorry.

4:42 Lucas Rocha (GB) is up 6-0 over his opponent.

4:42 Gabriel Vella continues on top on mat 10 and is up 3-0.

4:44 Lucas Rocha wins against an unknown opponent.

4:44 Antonio “Batista” Peinado is tied against Paulo Azambujo 0-0.

4:45 Vella is now up 7-0 against his unknown opponent after 6m5s.

4:46 Vella’s opponent taps at 6m46s. I don’t know what caused the tap but he did not look comfortable as he got up.

4:48 Abmar Barbosa now enters the mat agost his Alliance opponent, Bernardo Faria. This is what you see online currently.

4:48 Comment From spider riccoco: who’s the competitor with the mohawk?

4:48 That is Abmar Barbosa.

4:50 Alliance guys from Sao Paulo on both mats 9 & 10 now. Antonio “Batista” Peinado is on top but still tied 0-0 against Paulo Azambujo. Bernardo Faria is working on passing Abmar Barbosa’s wiry guard and is up 2-0 after 2m55s.

4:51 Barbosa ties it up 2-2 against Faria.

4:52 Justin Rader is now up against Michel Langhi on mat 4

4:53 Faria now leads Barbosa by a score of 4-2. Faria is trying to pass again.

4:54 On mat 4 Michel Langhi (Alliance) has beaten Justin Rader (Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu) very quickly!

4:54 Big Bruno Bastos is now up against Carlos Holanda (CheckMat).

4:55 Carlos Holanda aka “Esquisito” must be the smallest guy in the absolute division.

4:56 Faria remains up 4-0 over Barbosa and is still trying to pass at the 7m33s mark.

4:56 Sorry he leads 4-2 over Barbosa.

4:57 Comment From GBSwas Rader submitted? GBS

4:57 I think that Langhi caught his foot but I am not sure, sorry.

4:58 30 seconds remain and Barbosa and Faria are resettled in the center of the mat. Very close match. One sweep could decide things.

4:59 Comment From Kevin Howellll: what’s going on with Bastos/Holanda?

5:00 Bastos is on top in Holanda’s 1/2 guard, similar to the way Bill Cooper was. The score remains 0-0 across the board.

5:00 Bernardo Faria defeats Abmar Barbosa 4-2 as time expires.

5:01 You now see Otavio Souza against Marcel Fortuna on mat 10. Fortuna is in the blue gi.

5:01 Comment From Kevin Howellll: thanks Caleb! You’re doing us all a great service!

5:04 Score remains 0-0 between Fortuna (blue gi, Ralph Gracie) and Sousa (white gi, Gracie Barra) after 3m20s.

5:05 Bruno Bastos and Holanda are tied 0-0 going in to the final moments. Bastos has one advantage.

5:06 Cavaca is screaming urging Holanda to pull it out in the closing seconds, “No para Esquisito!! No para!!!”

5:07 As the match ends, the ref awards Holanda one advantage!!! They’re now tied 0-0 with one advantage each!!!

5:07 The refs confer…

5:07 and in the end, the head ref raises Bastos’ hand.

5:08 Marcel Fortuna and Otavio Sousa remain tied 0-0 but Sousa has two advantages.

5:09 Marcel Fortuna is now up 3-0 after passing Sousa’s guard! 7m36s have passed.

5:10 Comment From Paul & Katie Katie: Doing a great job. Keep it up!

5:13 Marcel Fortuna defeats Otavio Sousa 3-0!

5:13 On mat 2, we have Ryan Beauregard against Lucas Rocha. Rocha gets mounts immediately!

5:14 Sorry no mount points, just advantage for Rocha.

5:14 On mat 9, Roberto “Tussa” Alencar is tied 0-0 with one advantage each against an unidentified opponent, who is giving him all he can handle.

5:15 *Thank you very much to Timothy for your gi patch order just now! Cool*

5:16 Rocha continues on teh verge of a mount / taking the back, but Beauregard is defending well.

5:17 Gabriel Vella (Ryan Gracie) now faces Alliance’s Bernardo Faria, his former teammate on mat 10.

5:17 Roberto “Tussa” Alencar is now up 7-0 over his unknown opponent.

5:19 Tussa wins 7-0 at the 10 minute mark.

5:21 Antonio “Batista” Peinado is now up mat 9 against an unknown opponent, and is losing 2-0.

5:21 Bernardo Faria is up 2-0 over Gabriel Vella.

5:22 Ryan Beauregard is losing 2-4 against Lucas Rocha.

5:22 Lucas Rocha defeats Ryan Beauregard on points.

5:26 Rafael Dallinha versus Zak Maxwell on mat 3!

5:27 Gabriel Vella remains down 2-0 against Bernardo Faria in the final moments.

5:28 Bernardo Faria defeats Gabriel Vella 2-0.

5:29 Maxwell and Dallinha are restarted in the center.

5:30 Rodrigo Cavaca now faces Marcel Fortuna on mat 10.

5:30 Cavaca pulls guard immediately.

5:31 Cavaca has a deep triangle sunk on Fortuna at 1m05s!

5:31 Fortuna is leaning to the side to keep the pressure off. Now Cavaca is on top in a mounted triangle!

5:32 Cavaca gets the tap at 2m20s and defeats Fortuna by triangle!

5:33 Zak Maxwell has Rafael Dallinha’s back and is going for the choke, which he gets!

5:38 Things are winding down here for today. No black belt males in action at the moment. Jarrod Bunch is up on mat 2 against an unknown opponent.

5:39 Ok here’s something for you… Bruno Bastos now faces Antonio Braga Neto.

5:40 Braga Neto pulls guard immediately on a standing Bastos.

5:42 Braga Neto is now on bottom playing open guard, Bastos’ legs are tied up in Braga Neto’s…

5:44 Bastos is now standing while Braga Neto holds him in guard again.

5:47 I wish there was more to report in teh Braga Neto / Bastos encounter but not much has changed. The time is now 6m20s.

5:50 At some point along the way here, Braga Neto gained a 2-0 lead over Bastos. Bastos remains in Braga Neto’s closed guard.

5:52 In the closing moments, Braga Neto earns another 2 points and defeats Bastos by a score of 4-0 as time runs out.

5:52 We now have Rodrigo Cavaca (CheckMat) against Bernardo Faria (Alliance).

5:53 Cavaca pulls guard and gets a sweep in the first 20 seconds!

5:54 Cavaca is up 2-0 and now on top in half guard, and working for the full mount, but Faria resists and is trying to extricate himself from Cavaca, who is holding tight like a magnet.

5:55 Faria gets a sweep in return and the score is now tied 2-2 but Cavaca has 2 advantages.

5:56 Looks like Roberto “Tussa” Alencar will face Antonio Carlos Peinado on mat 9.

5:58 Comment From Guest: the Jeff Glover Half guard dvd commercial is pretty funny

5:59 Cavaca tried to sweep but Faria has recovered and is now attempting to pass with double underhooks on Cavaca’s legs. Time: 5m55s.

6:00 Cavaca appears to be hunting for another triangle…

6:02 Fortuna has now gotten both hooks in on Cavaca and taken his back! He’s up 6-2 over Cavaca! 90 seconds remain!

6:03 Cavaca is trying to slide Faria off his back, but Faria appears to be solidly stuck on there!

6:04 Bernardo Faria defeats Rodrigo Cavaca 6-2 as time runs out!

6:05 Here comes Roberto “Tussa” Alencar and Antonio Carlos Peinado on mat 9.

6:09 Peinado has almost taken Tussa’s back! BUt now he doesn’t need it! The collar choke he was working sunk! Tussa taps!

6:10 The tap comes at 3m13s.

6:17 Okat everybody I just recorded a quick moment with Fabio Gurgel that you’ll hear in tomorrow’s show.

6:17 Right now the only thing preventing Alliance from closing out the men’s black belt absolute division is Antonio Braga Neto.

6:18 Braga Neto must face Antonio Carlos Peinado.The winner of that fight will face Bernardo Faria in the final tomorrow.

6:20 Guys I am sorry but I do not know much about the brown belts.

6:22 Brown belt middle weight final now begins on mat 10: Lucas Rocha against Clark Gracie, if I heard the announcer correctly.

6:25 Comment From gracie barra sudra sud: nice !!!!

6:25 Yes those two are getting ready. The match will start in a moment or two.

6:27 Comment From Trey: this purple belt match online is very interesting…big size difference but very competitive… Trey

6:28 Lucas Rocha against Clark Gracie is beginning now.

6:29 Rocha tries to jump into guard, but Clark steps back.

6:29 Clark Gracie is now working to pass Rocha’s open guard.

6:30 Rocha is a Ze Radiola product, the same Gracie Barra instructor who is credited with producing Braulio Estima and Otavio Sousa.

6:31 After 2 minutes, the score is still 0-0 across the board.

6:33 Clark Gracie is now in Lucas Rocha’s closed guard. Rocha has his right hand deep in Gracie’s collar.

6:33 Antonio Carlos Peinado versus Antonio Braga Neto has now begun as well. If you thought Braga Neto was big, you haven’t seen Peinado.

6:34 Comment From Guest: looks like he was assembled at a military facility

6:35 Lucas Rocha against Clark Gracie remains 0-0 across the board. 6 minutes have elapsed.

6:37 Clark Gracie has opened Lucas Rocha’s guard… but Rocha sweeps just as time elapses! Rocha wins 2-0!!!!

6:39 Braga Neto has Peinado in his closed guard.

6:40 Braga Neto is up by one advantage but otherwise it’s 0-0 after almost 7 minutes.

6:41 Braga Neto gets a sweep and is now up 2-0 over Peinado!

6:41 Braga Neto remains on top in 1/2 guard with 2 minutes left.

6:42 Comment From gracie barra sudra sud: what a middle brown final !!! Big suspens and lucas finally wins !! this guys is just 20 years old !!

6:42 Braga Neto takes Peinado’s back! He’s up 6-0 with one minute left!

6:44 Braga Neto now transitions to full mount and the score is 10-0!

6:45 Time runs out and Braga Neto wins 10-0! Tomorrow’s absolute final will be Antonio Braga Neto (Ralph Gracie) against Bernardo Faria (Alliance)!

6:47 Okay family that’s it for me this evening. I am going to pack up and prepare the show for tomorrow! Make sure you register to watch tomorrow’s free broadcast at http://www.budovideos.com/online !

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