#205 Pan Ams 2010: Gracie Humaita, Live Web Stream Details

Women Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
Penny Thomas (far right) with some of her women’s jiu-jitsu crew in San Diego.

This week we continue our coverage dedicated to the upcoming 2010 Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championship, which takes place April 8-11 in Irvine, California. In last week’s show we discussed how teams like Alliance and Gracie Barra are gearing up their competitors for this important competition. This week we continue learning about the preparations of another traditionally powerful team, Gracie Humaita. Our representative from Gracie Humaita is the 2010 black belt medium heavyweight world champion and returning guest on The FightWorks Podcast Penny Thomas.

Cohost Dan and I will then speak with Dave of Budo Videos. We brought Dave on the show* to discuss the ways people around the world will be able to watch the Pan tournament live on Sunday at budovideos.com/online. In addition to the live blogging I plan on doing on Saturday here on thefightworkspodcast.com, it should make for a very exciting weekend!

We also go over voicemail and email from the Mighty 600,000. One listener asked for tips on how to download old shows from us, so here you go!

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*Full disclosure: I will be compensated for my work commentating the event on Sunday

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