BJJ Poll: How Much Open Mat Time is Built into Your BJJ School’s Schedule?

Just like the amount of time that Brazilian jiu-jitsu schools devote to warm ups or drilling varies depending on where you go, some schools place a lot of emphasis on open mat time and others do not. How about your school? How many hours per week is hard-coded into its schedule?

And do you think that your school has too much or too little emphasis on open mat? Tell us what you think in the comments section for this post!

4 Replies to “BJJ Poll: How Much Open Mat Time is Built into Your BJJ School’s Schedule?”

  1. Caleb & Dan,
    I go to a Bjj school that has what, I guess, you guys would probably consider too much open mat time since we have an hour a day open mat time during the week before class starts, two hours on Saturday and Sunday is an all day open mat. But, that considered, we also have beginner and advanced classes both during the day and also night classes on weekdays and also have an afternoon class on Saturday. I think open mat time, when combined with regular class time gives students opportunities to drill moves learned in class, roll, and also accomodates for the very different schedules of the students. As long as instructors, like ours, emphasize the importance of coming to class, and students attend class a couple times a week then, I don’t believe that there is such a thing as “too much” open mat. Thanks for the amazing podcast each week. You guys make my Monday morning at work fly by covering my favorite topic, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Thanks , Eric

  2. I actually was considering this on my blog the other day. I’m a white belt and I’ve been training just over a year. I decided to make the Pans my first competition (for which I’m excited but definitely a little nervous). Thing is, I felt like I was getting into a rut with my training. The material we covered in our training camp didn’t seem to be sticking with me. It occurred to me that although I was spending lots of time in class, I hadn’t dedicated any time to open mat to allow the techniques to really settle in. Our school (also an MMA training center) officially has BJJ open mat time for two hours on Saturday, during which I can’t always come in. I was thankfully able to get some open mat time at a different hour. The progress I felt I made during that short amount of time confirmed to me that open mat really has been the missing part of my BJJ puzzle.

    I don’t know how much is too much and how much is too little, but I do know that open mat time in and of itself is essential, at least to me. I need a couple of hours a week to just go over what we learn in class and let it settle. I’m curious to see the results of this poll and to hear your commentary on it next week.

  3. My academy has AM and PM classes and are two hours long each.

    first hour:
    15 min warm-up conditioning
    45 tech instructions and drilling

    second hour:
    free rolling sparring

    this is how classes are scheduled by teacher

  4. Forgot to mention 6 days a week,

    MON: Gi, Tues: Nogi, Wed: GI, Thurs: GI, Fri: Nogi, Sat: GI

    two hours long classes in AM and PM = 6 hours free rolling

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