This Coming Sunday: Royler Gracie

Royler Gracie
Royler Gracie wraps up class at Gracie Competition Team in San Diego, California.

As you know our next episode will be our 200th episode of The FightWorks Podcast. Looking back, it is crazy to think that since beginning this work in September 2005 that we would still be doing this today!

As I mentioned the other day on twitter I was able to speak with Royler Gracie for an interview on Monday. The interview went very well and I got was able to present most, if not all, of your questions to him.

We will hear about Royler’s mission now in the United States after relocating to San Diego a year ago and what it means for Gracie Humaita, and a bunch of other great information from Helio Gracie’s fifth son. Make sure you tune in!

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  1. Man, first Renzo, then my professor Royler…jeeesh.where have you guys been all my life 😛 Very good interviews..its nice to have someone interview that not only loves the sport…but actually knows where they are talking about and what kind of questions to ask. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

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