BJJ Poll: What Policy Does Your BJJ School Have About Gi Color?

This one came to us from one of the Mighty 600,000 who called our toll free number 877-247-4662 and asked about what colors Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners are allowed to wear at their schools. He asked:

I visited other websites from other schools, and I noticed that some of them are traditional white gi schools only. I’d like to know how many schools are just that, where they only do the traditional white gi.

Let us know what it’s like at your school in the poll above, and feel free to leave a comment below!

8 Replies to “BJJ Poll: What Policy Does Your BJJ School Have About Gi Color?”

  1. We don’t care what color your gi is. Come in to train, train hard, train serious, and you can wear a pink gi for all I care.

  2. white (or off-white) and blue gi are the only allowed for beginners. Once you get to higher belts, you can start wearing whatever colored gi you want

  3. I have always understood the rule of thumb to be that you do not wear a gi darker than your belt color. I follow the precedent or standards set by my instructors…Royler has only white or blue at the academy in Rio so that is what we have at our academy.

  4. White and blue gis only , but girls are also allowed to wear pink kyra gracie or gracie barra gis.

    Also, we have to have school or association patches on our gis, I’d be interested in knowing how common this requirement is.

  5. Heh, I don’t think we have an actual “policy” but I haven’t seen anything other than white, blue, and black at the academy. I “think” we can wear whatever color we want but if you came in with a camo gi or something I’m pretty sure that Fabio would give you a look that basically said, “man I hope you don’t come in wearing that gi again!”

  6. My instructor, Tomari-sensei, actually mis-matches his gi – like blue pants with a black-turned gray top so I guess it’s all good. In my school I’ve seen white, blue, black, off-white, camo, and gis with different school patches.

    Never did the issue of “you’re gonna train in my school, you can’t wear that patch” come up. Heck, we have a guy who trains in his Gracie Barra gi, and no one gives him grief. I think it’s safe to say it doesn’t matter what gi you’re wearing as long as you are wearing a gi.

  7. GB Chicago requires that your top match your bottom and that is all, any color gi is allowable. One of the instructors favors a red gi and one of the professors wears a black gi occasionally.

  8. In the academy I train at in Edinburgh (Scotland) our instructor allows us to wear; White, Blue or Black gis, but strictly no mixing and matching, if you turn up mixed and matched he will give you matching gi pants to the colour of your jacket.

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