Last Chance to Participate in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Research

The path to black belt is rewarding. Here, Gracie Barra black belts at a graduation ceremony.

Back in episode number 193 of our show we introduced Alex Rosenstein, a graduate student in psychology who is working on his thesis. He is comparing personality traits among Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners and the general population. His research will help us understand how much BJJ helps us become better versions of ourselves. We all feel like BJJ makes us happier and healthier, but this investigation will quantify how much that is true (if at all!).

Rosenstein will stop collecting data at the end of this month, so please, if you have not already, please participate in his study by taking his online survey. It will only take about a half hour and you’ll be contributing to a better understanding of what Brazilian jiu-jitsu is!

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