#197 Gracie Competition Team, IBJJF Kids Pan-Ams, BJJ Charity in London

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Regis Lebre and Johnny Faria, instructors at Gracie Competition Team in San Diego.

Our weekly Brazilian jiu-jitsu internet radio show brings you a trifecta of BJJ news stories this week! Our journey begins in San Diego, where Regis Lebre and Johnny Faria have recently opened Gracie Competition Team. Both of these BJJ black belts will speak to us about their goals in opening their school, how you do not have to compete to train there (of course!), and the decision to open a school in an already crowded jiu-jitsu market in San Diego. Oh, and did we mention that Royler Gracie is often found at their academy?

Next we will speak with Mike Buckels, the technical director of events for the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation. Buckels explains the details and rationale for the IBJJF’s entry into children’s jiu-jitsu competitions in the United States beginning with the Pan Kids Jiu-Jitsu Tournament which takes place on February 27th. What are the IBJJF’s goals here? Can we expect to see a kids BJJ world championship? Buckels has the answers in our conversation.

Our trip ends this week with a conversation with Jamie Hussein of the Future Champions BJJ project in London, England. Future Champions UK is a sister to a project begun in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, where under privileged children are offered Brazilian jiu-jitsu to build character and keep them out of trouble. Hussein shares the success of the program so far and the positive impact it has had on its members.

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4 Replies to “#197 Gracie Competition Team, IBJJF Kids Pan-Ams, BJJ Charity in London”

  1. Great to hear an interview with Jamie: I found him a very inspiring teacher when I got to observe a class a little while ago.

    It would be awesome if some of the listeners were able to offer any help, be that financial or just providing ideas and contacts, like Jamie suggested.

    I should note that it isn’t limited to people in the UK: this is a program which could definitely expand internationally, so help from the US, Australia and beyond would also be very much appreciated, maybe even sow the seeds of similar projects in those countries. 🙂

    Main contact is Farah: you can get in touch with her and Jamie through this page.

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