#194 Abu Dhabi Pro Trials, 15 BJJ Topics with Keith Owen

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This week on The FightWorks Podcast we will speak with Claudio Franca, who is the man behind the Abu Dhabi North America West Coast Qualifiers that take place January 24th in Santa Cruz, California. These qualifiers are significant in the world of Brazilian jiu-jitsu in that, thanks to the gracious support of H. H. Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the winners of this event will be given airfare, lodging, and meals paid for in the Abu Dhabi Pro World Championships in the United Arab Emirates, April 15-17th. In total, $148,000 in prize money will be given to the winners in April. For his part, Claudio Franca has been holding BJJ tournaments in California for 15 years, and was a natural choice to organize the qualifier on the west coast of the USA. Franca will provide details on what looks to be a very exciting event.

We will also spend some time with Keith Owen, an Idaho-based black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Owen received his black belt years ago from Pedro Sauer, one of the few red and black belts in jiu-jitsu. To be honest, I am not sure if we cover 15 topics. It just felt that way after our conversation! We discuss training BJJ in today’s world of more jiu-jitsu instruction than ever before, how people in areas without BJJ can best train, and tons more. Keith can be found online at BJJMoves.com.

We will also include a voicemail from one of the Mighty 600,000. Please call and leave us a message or question for the show! The number is 877-247-4662!

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Keith Owen

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  1. Very, very good and entertaining interview with Keith Owen. Even though he is my instructor, it was interesting to hear some of the things he said.

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