#193 Rolles Gracie, 2010 BJJ Training Goals, BJJ Research

Rolles Gracie BJJ
Rolls Gracie celebrates a victory at the 2007 ADCCs. Image courtesy Rolles Gracie.

After a long annual winter hibernation, The FightWorks Podcast is back! Our first episode of 2010 will help you shake off the holiday lethargy and return to the mats to train Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

We start off with a conversation with combat athlete trainer extraordinaire and author Martin Rooney. Martin is the author of the popular Training for Warriors and Rooney will give you specific steps to make sure that you don’t let the new year pass you by. If you follow Martin’s advice 2010 will be a great year for your BJJ and physical training.

Next we will speak with Rolles Gracie. Rolles runs his own academy in Holmdel, New Jersey and can often be found in Renzo Gracie’s Manhattan academy. He recently caused some ripples in the BJJ community when it was announced that he awarded a black belt in jiu-jitsu to Rashad Evans, who does not come from a jiu-jitsu background. (Got an opinion? Share it in our poll). Rolles will discuss his reasoning for giving Evans his black belt, and we will also talk about Rolles’ upcoming UFC debut at UFC 109 in February.

Finally we will introduce the work of Alex Rosenstein, a fellow jiu-jitsu practitioner and psychology researcher who is investigating the positive effects that training jiu-jitsu has on a person. Like fellow BJJ researcher Bryan Hogeveen, Rosenstein’s important work will help us understand why jiu-jitsu is so good for people. Please participate in his work by taking this short online survey!

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3 Replies to “#193 Rolles Gracie, 2010 BJJ Training Goals, BJJ Research”

  1. Martin Rooney really struck a cord with me. His interview on how to set goal that are obtainable, realistic, and stick it was great advice. I would like to do the world tour of martial arts too. I look forward to his book. Thanks for having him on the show.

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