BJJ Poll Review with Penny Thomas

2009 has been the first year where every week we post a BJJ poll. I have to say it has been informative to get real numbers for trends and behaviors in our community. Plus it gives us something fun to talk about every Sunday on the show.

So about a little over a week ago I met up with 2009 BJJ World Champion Penny Thomas to put together a brief recap of some of our polls from this year. We did not get into the real crazy ones about marijuana or steroids. But it’s a nice reference that people can find on YouTube that will hopefully point them to the interesting data that was gathered.

If you’re curious, the two black belts in the video you see are Joao Assis (CheckMat) in the white gi and Andre de Freitas (Cesar Gracie) in the blue gi at the 2009 American National Championship.

Enjoy! More to come in 2010!

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