BJJ Poll: What is the Highest BJJ Belt Rank You Think You Will Attain?

I think it is safe to say that every member of the Mighty 600,000 that is not a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt dreams of becoming one. And while there are more black belts in jiu-jitsu today than ever before, a minority of the people who sign up for BJJ class and put on a gi will ever make it to black belt.

So in this week’s poll, be honest. What is the highest BJJ belt you think you’ll be awarded? Don’t answer what the belt you want to achieve is, but what you will achieve.

13 Replies to “BJJ Poll: What is the Highest BJJ Belt Rank You Think You Will Attain?”

  1. Great question.

    I put down brown.


    Well at my age, I’m 40 and a blue belt, I truly believe I can give about 10 more years of putting in a pretty decent effort into my jiu jitsu and I think I can really improve over this time. In ten years, I am fairly confident that if things go the way they have so far, then brown is a realistic acheivement. After that? Well, with the guys who I have personally seen get promoted to black belt, it takes an extraordinary degree of training, self sacrifice and time to obtain that grade. I am not sure I could ever emulate that in order to achieve the black belt. HAving said that, even a pretty good blue belt or purple belt is a very respectable rank in BJJ and I’m very happy with where I am right now.

  2. I started training this summer. I am now at the age of 32, so I’m afraid that I may not have enough time to make it past purple belt. Mostly, I just hope to be able to enjoy this for as long as possible, regardless of the color of my belt.

  3. I’m going by that old black belt corner, where the guy’s advice on getting your black belt (if I recall correctly) was “don’t die. If you keep showing up, eventually they’ll have to give it to you.”

  4. I am 39 I am blue belt and I am aiming for the Black 7 th degree , I will take more than a life time , Black belt is really a new beginning .
    I have a Seven stripe Black belt as my computer desktop background , as a reminder .
    I have being doing martial since 1976 , jiujitsu seems to be the final destination for me, so maybe when I will be 80 I will get that seven stripe.. no matter what.
    ( that’s the ultimate dream of course ) Why do we have to worry about the belt?
    the journey is what counts the most , not the destination .

  5. The belt I really want to get and been working hards towards will be the next one for me – the purple belt. I think the brown and black belts are absolutely great and significant achievements, and I’ll be honoured and flattered if my instructor promotes me to such a level. But those aren’t the belts I’m really looking forward to.

    I guess it’s because I’ve been out of training for most of the year, just trying to get to purple seems so far away for me. But I know I will achieve it!

  6. I put black belt because I’m now a 25 year-old blue belt and I fully intend to practice BJJ for the rest of my life. My goal is to earn the black belt before I’m 30, but realistically it will probably take a few years longer than that.

  7. I tried to be very realistic. I’m a 38 (nearly 39) year old female/mom of 2 young boys who also train. I’ve been a white belt for a year and a half. I train about 4 days a week. I’ve done a few tournys, and medaled in them. I’m sure I’ll get my blue soon (hopefully within the next 6 months or so). BUT, I only voted as to become a purple. At my age, there are some days where I feel REALLY beat up and have a hard time getting up in the morning. Especially since I only train with guys. I don’t know how long I can keep up the level of dedication (training 4 days a week, working full time and being a mom is “dedicated” to me – I know some of you wouldn’t think so) that I’m at now. I won’t quit when I attain my purple, but I’ll be well into my 40s by then, and needing to be more careful and less wreckless. I’ll probably need more recovery time between trainging days, too. My boss doesn’t really like seeing me come to work (teacher) with bruises all over, especially the finger prints on my arms. 🙂

  8. I put black. I’ve been doing BJJ for a year and i can smell my blue coming up sometime before this summer. I’m 27, so i was a late starter, but i attend 6 times a week and i put all my effort into it.

  9. Purple belt

    I started BJJ at 47. My son said I wouldn’t make it through one class. I did and I hold my own no problem against the young bucks with blue belts. My problem though is injury, I dont bounce back like I used and injuries tend to linger although once I am warmed up and rolling nothing hurts.

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