BJJ Poll: To What Extent Does Your Spouse, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Significant Other Support Your BJJ Training?

As usual, this week’s poll comes directly from a suggestion we received from a member of the Mighty 600,000, Jon in North Carolina. Jon wonders what the attitude is among the significant others of BJJ folks regarding our training obsessions. A while back we had a revealing episode about how some wives and girlfriends feel about their Brazilian jiu-jitsu guys’ training, but I think this is a good way to measure the pulse of the community instead of a handful of ladies who I was able to bring together for that show.

So grab that special someone in your life and do like Elwood Blues says: “Love him, please him, squeeze her, please her, hold her; Squeeze and please that person, give ’em all your love”. And then get back to training!

Jon, thanks for the poll idea and thanks again for coming out to the 2009 Pre-Mundials Coffee!

3 Replies to “BJJ Poll: To What Extent Does Your Spouse, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Significant Other Support Your BJJ Training?”

  1. My boyfriend owns the gym so he gives me crap if I don’t put enough time into training, lol!

    We actually had a woman come in today wanting to buy a private lesson and month of classes as a birthday present for her boyfriend who had just moved to the area and used to train. That is one cool chick!

  2. My girlfriend loves that I train, it helps that I have medals to show for all the hardwork and time away from her. She loves the fella’s at the academy we all hang out a lot on the weekends. I wish she would train, but she isn’t quite ready to roll around with sweaty men. But all in all, she is always supportive when it comes to tourneys or expensive seminars from BJJ greats that I idolize. Guess I am pretty lucky

  3. My wife trains with me at Gracie Barra Northshore in Hammond, LA and she is actually really good. I feel that training together has help our marriage. I have many friends that have split with their girlfriends because of training. I know that I am one lucky man and I am truly blessed.

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