BJJ Poll: Have You Ever Been to Brazil to Train Jiu-Jitsu?

So now that Rio de Janeiro has been selected to host the 2016 summer Olympic games, it got me wondering about travel to Rio. I have been a couple of times in the past to train jiu-jitsu there with cohost Dan and another jiu-jitsu buddy. It’s been a while now but I have great memories of the jiu-jitsu, the culture, and the friends that we made.

What about you? Have you ever grabbed your passport, your gi, and sunscreen, and gotten on a plane to Brazil to train BJJ? Let us know in the poll above, and if you have a cool short story about your visit, please call our toll free number 877-247-4662 and share it with the Mighty 600,000!

8 Replies to “BJJ Poll: Have You Ever Been to Brazil to Train Jiu-Jitsu?”

  1. the best week and a half of training ever. it forever changed my jiu jitsu. (plus I got to hang out with breno)

  2. I suggest for everybody who is looking for a trip to Brazil to contact us, Rio Sports Tour
    we’ve been working on Training Camps and cultural exchange since 2004
    keep the good work guys!
    All the best

  3. At the moment, I’m more excited about the prospect of visiting the US to train BJJ. Brazil strikes me as a little scary (though I’m sure the US has its fair share of crime too).

    Still, would be cool to train in Brazil if I was out there with a big group or something. Would definitely help with my paranoia. 😉

  4. We stayed in Los Angeles five year to train BJJ from 1998 to 2003, and rio de Janeiro, brazil one year from 2003 to 2004.
    Great cities!! , the people are very warm and nice and we still have many friends in both places, In all these years we didn’t have any problems with anybody.

    As long as you keep your eyes open, respect people and don’t show off all the goods you have, if you have some , (especially in Brazil) it should be ok.

    So don’t hesitate and go for it, to train in these places will change and improve your BJJ so much that it is worth the trip….

  5. I have been in Brazil for over two years and training almost everyday. It has been a great experience. My wife and I have learned Portuguese, made some lifelong friends and now have a half-Brazilian baby. Life in Brazil can be really great. You just need to keep your wits about you… It’s not Epcot.

    If you are thinking of transitioning there for more than a week. You can ask me stuff. I’m not an expert, but just a foreigner that has been through some of the hassles and red-tape that “faz parte” of the experience.

    We wouldn’t have traded our time here for anything.

  6. Hello to jean Marc and Chan and congratulations for their black belt !!!!
    I have been living in LA for 4 years an training Jiujitsu for thee years or so , Brazil hopefully will be in my schedule in the future .

  7. Me and 6 of my BJJ buddys are off to Sau Paulo in November for a month. We are going to visit our master Johnny Gui, train with the nine9 krew and attend the Behring seminar. I hope 1 month of training with the Brazilians will improve my game.

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