ADCC Day 2 Live Blog

The following is the live play by play conducted beginning at approximately 2:30AM west coast time in the United States of the second day of action at the 2009 ADCC in Barcelona. – Caleb
2:38 “The competition is about to begin!” So says the voice of Bruce Buffer in Barcelona in the live broadcast of the 2009 ADCCs.

2:38 “The live blog is about to begin!” So says the voice of Caleb in San Diego.

2:39 [Comment From Team Alliance Jiu-Jitsu] but is it not abtou 30 min before matches start?

2:40 You know, the footage that is being displayed now looks suspiciously like video from yesterday.

2:40 So this looks like a replay to pass the time before today’s action.

2:42 [Comment From Team Alliance Jiu-Jitsu] How did Cobrinha look like yesterday to you? Slick, in game, going win or having trouble?

2:43 I thought he looked on top of things as always! Nothing unusual that I noticed.

2:44 [Comment From Guest] Thanks for doing this Caleb! I have to admit…the video coverage yesturday sucked and the commentary was even worse. Very unprofessional. Better to get the play by play here!

2:45 Thanks for being here! Ha! I disagree! I thought the video was not ESPN quality but I don’t expect it to be perfect. I am just really excited that I can watch it from home and still (for the most part) have it being like I am there. 🙂

2:49 [Comment From Guest] Just hated how the camera would cut away during the most exciting part of the matches. Missed subs of alot of matches. Commentary was very biased too. Anyway…great matches and as always…fightworks podcast rocks!

2:49 Thanks for the kind words!

2:52 Yeah as it’s still very early in the history of BJJ / submission grappling, I am kinda okay with it. Next time perhaps we will be a bit closer to it being perfect. But at the moment we (as a community) are still learning to walk, so I don’t mind.

2:52 [Comment From JimM] I am not seeing any fotage, when I log in, I only see the preview video, then a blank screen…did I miss something?

2:53 I am seeing footage of yesterday’s first matches. Video from Sunday’s competition has not begun yet. (Sorry I am a bit sleep deprived and was fooled when the video of yesterday was shown) 🙂

2:57 [Comment From El Conquistador] I here you…just need better commentators. They were hating on Eddie Bravo but he would have done a lot better job. The video would have been perfect if they didn’t cut away right before the subs.

2:58 Yeah there was a moment or two where the moment of the tap was missed but I can imagine with three mats going on at the same time and trying to coordinate what’s being shown across them all it’s a lot to handle. Today should be better because there will only be two mats total as far as I know.

2:59 [Comment From S] Before the matches start I want to say thank you for the live bloging. I don’t have the stream but this is is a good substitue. You did a great job yesterday.

3:00 My pleasure! The live blog is most important for folks who weren’t able to get the broadcast, so I’m happy we could help.

3:00 [Comment From htownbjj] Thanks so much for the liveblog. Based on what you saw, if we have a rematch of Marcelo vs. Pablo, who would you expect to win?

3:00 I would have to go with Marcelo again but catching Pablo has to be nearly impossible!

3:01 [Comment From rocco] yeah man, thanks a lot!! awesome job my friend.

3:01 [Comment From mikey5time] Big thanks for the blog. I’m at work, so I couldn’t watch this if I wanted but I can follow this.

3:01 @mikey5time: just don’t get fired! 🙂

3:02 For those who say they still can’t see any of the feed, are you logged in on and is your browser at this page:

3:03 [Comment From JimM] I was having issues, but after logging off and back in, it worked.

3:05 @JimM: Great! Glad to hear it. For what it’s worth, I had a hiccup yesterday early in the broadcast but when I switched from Firefox to Safari it was fine. Apparently the broadcast is only recommended for Internet Explorer and Safari web browsers.

3:06 Saulo Ribeiro and Fabricio Werdum are now live!

3:07 and in the Picture in Picture we can see Monson versus Abreu!

3:07 (I refreshed my browser and now I see today’s action!)

3:08 Saulo has a significant height disadvantage compared to Werdum.

3:09 On Mat 2, Monson is in his typical position on top, in his opponent’s guard. Cyborg’s guard is very slick and I am not sure I see Monson passing. But we will see!

3:09 [Comment From JimM] Saulo is so technical it scares me

3:09 [Comment From Team Alliance Jiu-Jitsu] Tough match up for Saulo

3:10 Saulo and Werdum are still circling. Some expect Saulo’s judo to earn him a surprise takedown here but as yet they are still circling.

3:11 The commentators are noting that Werdum’s height should certainly help him lock up and impose himself but to date we have not seen that so far.

3:11 [Comment From PUREBRED Guam] did it just start now?

3:11 @PUREBRED: yes it has started!

3:12 Saulo defends the shot frmo Werdum, now Werdum returns the favor.

3:12 Looks like regulation time between Saulo and Werdum has ended. They have now entered a 5 minute overtime.

3:12 Monson still on his knees in front of Cyborg’s guard.

3:13 [Comment From Bruce] So Saulo and Werdum didn’t go to the ground during regulation?

3:13 @Bruce: that’s how it appears so far.

3:14 Werdum has a large cheering section due to spending a bunch of time in Spain. He goes for the single leg but Saulo turns out of it.

3:14 [Comment From Narba] Caleb, do you know if Kron is fighting in Absolute?

3:15 @Narba: the commentators just stated they see Kron with some sort of bandage on his knee so I would guess not.

3:15 Still the same as before between Saulo and Werdum. Just exchanging grips.

3:15 Now Monson and Cyborg are doing the same. Cyborg goes for the single leg… and now is almost on Monson’s back with both hooks!

3:16 Monson works his way out of Cyborg’s attack.

3:17 Werdum goes hard after Saulo and Saulo maintains, still upright.

3:17 Saulo goes for the shot, Werdum defends… Werdum is driven out with Saulo holding on to the single leg!

3:18 Saulo removes his shirt. Looks like we are going to get another overtime between them!

3:18 [Comment From smitty33] Saulo and Werdum is getting heated!!

3:18 [Comment From smitty33] crazy fights! Werdum threw him out of bounds!

3:18 No points in either match yet.

3:19 Werdum is now behind Saulo with Saulo in turtle guard….

3:19 Saulo rolls out and is now in open guard in front of Werdum.

3:20 Werdum knows getting Saulo down was a big accomplishment and is working very hard to capitalize. Note that Werdum did not get any points for the takedown.

3:20 It’s still 0-0 according to the commentators.

3:21 On mat 2 Cyborg drives Monson out of bounds. They were both on their knees.

3:22 Werdum is now on top of Saulo’s back again who is in turtle guard.

3:22 Again Saulo rolls out and finds himself in open 1/2 guard in front of Werdum. The action escapes the mat again and they are restarted in the center on their feet once more.

3:23 [Comment From Andy] Why are those not takedowns? They are treating it like Olympic Judo. No Ipon no point?

3:23 Both matches are scoreless still.

3:24 If this is any indicator of today things could go on a while! We appear to be in double overtime of both of these heavyweight matches.

3:24 The commentators say that Monson has a negative point!

3:25 On mat number 1… Fabricio Werdum’s hand is raised! Winner by referee decision!

3:25 So Saulo is eliminated after a very tough contest.

3:26 Now between Abreu and Monson… “Cyborg” Abreu wins!

3:26 [Comment From smitty33] great fight

3:27 Xande Ribeiro is now up against Vinicius Magalhaes!

3:27 [Comment From JimM] Saulo and Werdum was an awesome battle

3:27 [Comment From rocco] how did cyborg win? ref dec?

3:27 @rocco: I think Cyborg had zero points but Monson had a negative point.

3:28 Xande versus Vinny has begun.

3:28 Xande is on bottom in front of Magalhaes in deep half guard.

3:29 Glover Texeira versus Gerardi Rinaldi has begun as well.

3:29 [Comment From subfighter-fan] He wants redemption for his brother!

3:30 Magalhaes is attempting an armbar set up but Xande goes back to deep half guard.

3:30 A scramble ensues and the two are standing again.

3:31 Rinaldi had a front anaconda choke set in for a moment but Texeira gets away.

3:31 Xande and Magalhaes are exchanging grips still…

3:33 Xande is now playing open guard in front of Magalhaes again.

3:33 Xande goes for Magalhaes’ back but now Magalhaes is going for Xande’s foot! Xande works his way out.

3:34 [Comment From Narba] Caleb can you see the score card today? surely they could setup something so you could know the score?

3:34 No the score is still not easily visible. Magalhaes was turtled for a moment but he gets away. He and Xande are now standing again.

3:34 [Comment From JimM] Xande did an excellent job escaping that knee bar/foot lock

3:38 [Comment From bjjmaj] the broadcast stopped showing. am i the only one ?

3:38 It’s gone dark for me too. I will let you guys know when it comes back on for me…

3:44 [Comment From gus oliveira] gus we are on the case

3:45 Everybody that’s a comment from Gus, who is one of the folks running the webcast back in Europe. So they are aware of the situation and working on it.

3:45 I can see things again!

3:45 [Comment From gus oliveira] xande won his fight

3:47 [Comment From Chris] Did it stop again for anyone else?

3:47 Yes it is frozen again I believe.

3:48 [Comment From gus oliveira] Guys we will check it again

3:51 [Comment From gus oliveira] live again, we arelooking into this problem

3:51 I can see again. Andre Galvao is now up with David Avellan.

3:51 [Comment From Ferdinando] Gus, can you please update us on what we missed? thanks guys

3:52 Galvao is on bottom in half guard and now in x-guard.

3:52 Avellan spins out and is now back in front of Galvao.

3:52 [Comment From gus oliveira] Braulio won his fight

3:52 [Comment From gus oliveira] leg lock

3:53 Commentators announce that Rafael Lovato Jr.‘s knee or foot was injured in his match against Braulio Estima and was carried off.

3:53 Now Avellan is heel hooking Galvao.

3:53 Galvao escapes and takes Avellan down.

3:53 On mat 2 we have Nakamura against Marcelo Garcia.

3:54 [Comment From mark] refreshed my browser and I can see now

3:54 [Comment From htownbjj] I can’t believe Galvao didn’t tap, he was in a scary heel hook forever

3:54 [Comment From Raffie] anyone with the result of Glover Teixeira vs. Gerardi Rinaldi?

3:54 Marcelo is seated in front of a circling Nakamura.

3:54 Andre Galvao is up 2-0 over David Avellan.

3:54 [Comment From Team Alliance Jiu-Jitsu] Gooooooo Marcello

3:55 Marcelo sweeps and is now in mount over Nakamura!

3:55 Marcelo moves to side control… now north-south…

3:55 [Comment From Team Alliance Jiu-Jitsu] YES!

3:55 [Comment From JimM] Second that..may not be long now

3:56 And Marcelo sinks the choke from north south!

3:56 [Comment From gus oliveira] marcelo is awesome

3:56 That’s the choke he subbed Popovitch with in 2007, for those wondering about what could happen next round…!

3:56 Andre Galvao defeats David Avellan 2-0. He will now face Braulio Estima!

3:57 Pablo Popovitch now faces Gregor Gracie.

3:57 [Comment From Ivan] Joining you from Borneo again today. Great job Caleb!

3:57 Welcome Borneo!

3:57 Rani Yahya is now up against Cobrinha!

3:58 [Comment From jakob] glover vs. rinaldi??

3:59 Lovato Jr’s foot was appeared to have popped against Braulio. Glad to hear it was not his knee.

3:59 [Comment From Team Alliance Jiu-Jitsu] Goooooooooo Cobrinha!

3:59 [Comment From shaneokc] yea that would be no good

4:00 As the commentators announced, Popovitch appears huge!

4:00 Cobrinha sits and Yahya is trying to pass.

4:00 [Comment From htownbjj] my friend trains with Pablo and says he has a six-pack on his back 🙂

4:01 Hey I just got a shout out from the announcers. Wish I was there too guys! Hopefully next time.

4:01 Cobrinha has Yahya in his full guard.

4:02 Gregor Gracie is on bottom in guard against Popovitch.

4:02 [Comment From JimM] I vote for Caleb as the announcer for the 2011 ADCC

4:02 …

4:02 🙂 crossing my fingers!

4:02 Cobrinha is on top in half guard against Yahya.

4:03 Cobrinha is now setting up a armbar attempt against Yahya.

4:03 Popovitch is standing over a seated Gregor Gracie.

4:04 Cobrinha continues the assault against Rani…

4:04 [Comment From JimM] COBRINHA!!!

4:04 Cobrinha’s still trying for that armbar. Yahya defending…

4:04 [Comment From gus oliveira] Caleb is doing a great job!!!!

4:04 Obrigado Gus!

4:05 Popovitch is on top in half guard against Gregor.

4:05 And Cobrinha finishes the armlock against Yahya!

4:05 [Comment From EmiratesBJJ] Can’t watch anything, so thanks for the blog man 🙂 Bought the pay-per-view and ended up not getting anything today for some reason.


4:06 [Comment From El Conquistador] Did Xande win?

4:06 Yes Xande won!

4:06 Now we have Rafael Mendes versus Leo Vieira! This should be incredible!

4:06 [Comment From benicio] oh wow!! Cobrinha is gonna take this comp

4:06 Popovitch is still on top in half guard against Gregor.

4:07 For those who can’t see, try a browser other than Firefox. Ok that’s all the tech support I can give. Back to the action!

4:07 [Comment From Guest] if mendes wins we get a ADCC Pro rematch

4:07 [Comment From PUREBRED Guam] I think Mendes will take this one

4:07 [Comment From Jon Plyler] Hoping for a Leozinho vs. Cobrinha final…that would be awesome!

4:07 Leo is standing and Rafael is holding full guard.

4:08 Now Leo has popped Rafael off him. Leo is now trying to pass the guard through the middle but Rafael defends.

4:08 [Comment From El Conquistador] Mendes vs Leo…woah!

4:08 Uh oh, looks like Popovitch is one hook away … and now has the rear naked choke in…

4:08 And Gregor taps!

4:09 wait wait wait… time ran out. There was no tap.

4:09 Sorry gang. Looks like Popovitch takes it anyhow, winning 3-0. Now Popovitch faces Marcelo in the finals.

4:09 Marcelo defeated Popovitch in 2007 by north south choke.

4:10 Leo Vieira still is trying to pass Rafael Mendes’ wily open guard.

4:11 Mendes tries the armdrag and now he finds himself on top in half guard.

4:11 Now Rafael is going for an arm in guillotine, now brabo choke…

4:11 He may catch Leo!

4:12 The ref is now recentering them in the middle of the mat…

4:12 Leo Vieira is now out of danger.

4:12 On mat 1 we have Penny Thomas versus Cristiane Cyborg.

4:13 Uh oh, Rafael is now going for the ankle lock, and Leo now returns the favor.

4:13 Both work their feet free.

4:14 Will Mendes invoke the 50/50 guard here?

4:14 Leo sits back, now attempts to stand, and Rafael chases him out of bounds with a takedown attempt.

4:15 Mendes is seated in front of Leo, who is trying to pass again.

4:15 Penny and Cyborg Santos are still standing.

4:16 Mendes still defending Vieira’s pass. Still 0-0 in that match. Instead of European techno music today we have rap apparently of Mexican origin.

4:17 Mendes threatens to take Vieira’s back! Leo wants to shake him off the top…

4:18 Looks like time expired. Now we’re in overtime for Vieira vs Mendes.

4:18 Penny is playing closed guard against Cyborg Santos.

4:18 Penny setting up rubber guard against Cyborg Santos.

4:19 Leo nearly gets the takedown on Rafael… looks like the refs decide no points were merited.

4:19 Now Vieira is going for Leo’s back…

4:19 Vieira is in trouble!

4:20 Vieira taps Leozinho!!!!

4:20 Sorry Mendes taps Leo!

4:20 Rear naked choke! Amazing match!

4:20 [Comment From m] DANG

4:20 [Comment From El Conquistador] Mendes!

4:21 Wow, a new era? One of the most technical matches you will see anywhere.

4:21 [Comment From Jon Plyler] Wow!!

4:21 Hanette Staack now will take on Rosangela Conceicao. Penny Thomas is fending off a head arm triangle. Cyborg appears to passes Penny’s guard.

4:22 [Comment From htownbjj] Leo and Mendes was an amazing fight

4:22 [Comment From EmiratesBJJ] World Pro Final Rematch. Mendes is lucky in Abu Dhabi Tournaments.

4:22 [Comment From Jon Plyler] Mendes vs. Cobrinha….where have we seen that before?? Lol

4:22 Cyborg Santos is going hard after Penny. Penny is turtled. Now that match is restarted in overtime.

4:23 Cyborg Santos has double underhooks on Penny’s guard now, she lets go and Penny scoots forward.

4:23 Staack (Carlson Gracie) has Conceicao in full guard.

4:24 I am corrected- the rap music is of Spanish origin, not Mexican.

4:25 Penny’s playing inverted guard against Cyborg Santos’s offense…

4:25 Conceicao is on top in Staack’s half guard.

4:26 Cyborg Santos is coming after Penny as if Penny insulted Cyborg Santos’s mom. She went for the straight ankle lock. Penny escapes.

4:26 [Comment From gus oliveira] guys if you want to watch live log in to

4:27 Cyborg was just given a negative point for a knee to Penny’s face. Playing a bit too rough.

4:27 [Comment From JimM] Nice knee on belly…or more knee on face

4:27 That appears to be the only points exchanged in the match so far. Previously it was tied so now Penny is winning, technically speaking.

4:28 Conceicao continues in half guard on top over Staack.

4:29 Cyborg just cannot seem to get around Penny’s guard. Penny’s open guard is a lot like Ryan Hall’s.

4:29 On mat 1, Penny is announced to be the winner due to the negative points Cyborg had. It was -2 for Cyborg Santos to -1 for Penny.

4:30 Hillary Williams now is up against Sayaka Shioda! This is the biggest stage Hillary has fought on yet!

4:32 [Comment From Bruce] Did Glover Texixeira win?

4:32 @Bruce: not sure.

4:32 Hillary is trying to pass Shioda’s guard. Playing tight and close. Shioda is working from butterfly guard.

4:32 [Comment From Dave] Gerard Rinaldi vs Glover Teixeira – Rinaldi by points 5 x 0 OT

4:33 Both Staack and Conceicao are standing.

4:34 Hillary is on top trying to close the distance.

4:34 Uh oh, Shioda attacks HIllary’s foot…

4:34 Hillary recovers for the moment. Shioda still attacking from the bottom.

4:35 [Comment From Graeme] Go Penny Thomas

4:36 Shioda is like a little ball under Hillary. But now she has Hillary in closed guard.

4:36 Staack is turtled in front of Conceicao, going for a knee bar-type attack.

4:36 Wow! Shioda lands the armbar on Hillary! She wins!

4:37 A disappointed Hillary stands up. The ref raises Shioda’s hand.

4:37 [Comment From tony] do you know what time the mens finals start ??

4:37 @tony: no, sorry I don’t.

4:38 Luanna Alzuguir (Brazil) is now up against Laurence Cousins (France).

4:38 [Comment From Ferdinando] after the ladies we will have the 3rd place dispute and then the finals

4:39 Alzuguir is on bottom in half guarda against Cousin.

4:40 Cousin went for a foot lock but Alzuguir recovers. Alzuguir is no on top in 1/2 guard.

4:40 Alzuguir trying to pass to Cousin’s right side. Looks like she is close.

4:41 Still no outcome between Conceicao and Staack.

4:41 Cousin is flattened out on her back in half guard, negated by Alzuguir, but Cousin now makes it to butterfly guard.

4:42 Cousin is trying to set up the sweep. Alzuguir bases out.

4:42 Both Cousin and Alzuguir have won world championships in the BJJ Mundials.

4:43 Looks like Staack versus Conceicao may be over.

4:44 Cousin still working from butterfly guard against a cautios Alzuguir.

4:44 Bruce Buffer announces that Hanette Staack defeats Rosangela Conceicao.

4:45 [Comment From Rob] With Lovato’s injury will he be able to compete for 3rd place against Avellan?

4:45 @Rob: Great question! I don’t think we know!

4:46 Battle for the bronze: Saulo Ribeiro versus Jeff Monson!

4:47 Still no real change between Alzuguir and Cousin. Alzuguir is now coming around Cousin’s right side again. But Cousin recovers and is facing Alzuguir in open guard again.

4:47 [Comment From Jon Plyler] Go Saulo!!!

4:47 [Comment From shaneokc]
come on saulo

4:47 Wow, Saulo appears to be wearing the gi top against Monson!

4:48 He’s in his gi top, black belt, and board shorts. Probably in an effort to reduce the sweat factor against Monson.

4:48 [Comment From JimM] That is GREAT!

4:48 [Comment From georgette] Sunburn? Backhair fears?

4:48 Cousin is now in x-guard against Alzuguir, working hard for points.

4:49 [Comment From JimM] Paying homage to Royler as well…classy!

4:49 Saulo is on bottom and Monson is – you guessed it – in Saulo’s guard.

4:49 [Comment From georgette] sweat makes more sense…

4:50 Alzugir is now attacking a turtled Cousin. Can she take Cousin’s back?

4:50 Cousin is trying to roll out but Alzuguir is following along for the ride!

4:50 Monson staying low and close in Saulo’s guard. Monson is an expert in defense from the guard.

4:51 Cousin gets out of a very close rear naked choke!

4:51 [Comment From romeo] Sweat reduction does make sense.

4:51 Monson pushes away in Saulo’s closed guard with both hands on each of Saulo’s biceps.

4:52 He backs out, stands, and now it’s Monson against Saulo’s open guard.

4:52 [Comment From rocco] monson is a beast. ive never seen him tap

4:53 [Comment From Jon Plyler] So I guess a competitor could (in theory) use the gi to submit if one chooses to wear it??

4:53 @Jon: I believe that is accurate.

4:53 Cousin almost got Alzuguir’s back but is shucked back in front of Alzuguir.

4:54 Monson still working to get around Saulo’s legs but with no luck so far.

4:54 [Comment From mark] It is no-gi right? How come the gi top is allowed??

4:54 @Mark: ADCC allows the gi, or even wrestling shoes if someone wants to wear them.

4:55 On mat 1 we go to overtime again between Cousin and Alzuguir. It’s still tied 0-0!

4:55 Monson has double underhooks on Saulo.

4:56 Saulo rolls over to turtle.

4:56 Cousin is trying to guillotine from full guard against Alzuguir! It looked very tight but Alzuguir makes it out. The two are restarted in the center.

4:56 [Comment From Ciaran] Caleb, can saulo use the gi top to choke?

4:57 @Ciaran:I believe he is allowed to use his own clothing, but don’t quote me on that.

4:58 Monson nearly has Saulo’s back, but Saulo is calm.

4:58 Saulo and Monson are now standing.

4:59 Monson is nearly impossible to take down or sub for that matter.

4:59 [Comment From htownbjj] Saulo tried a judo throw and Monson didn’t budge whatsoever

5:00 Saulo shoots, but Monson extracts his foot and circles Saulo who is turtled again on all fours.

5:01 We have a results in the women’s match! Luana Alzuguir defeats Laurence Cousin!

5:02 Vinny Magalhaes now faces Glover Texeira.

5:02 [Comment From Guest] luanna by sub or points?

5:02 I think I saw Alzuguir choke Cousin.

5:03 [Comment From Ed Kennedy] Congrats on doing an amazing job covering ADCC 2009. Just tuned in. Quick qeustion: Did Cobrinha win his semi match?

5:03 @Ed: Yes, Cobrinha is in the finals. He subbed Rani Yahya.

5:03 Monson remains on Saulo who continues turtled.

5:04 Magalhaes and Texeira are exchanging hand position, both are standing.

5:05 Monson now in front of Saulo’s open guard.

5:06 Magalhaes looks to be setting something up against Texeira from full guard.

5:07 Magalhaes lands a sweet sweep from guard and lands in full guard against Texeira. Magalhaes is going from sub to sub to sub. I can’t keep up!

5:07 [Comment From JimM] WOW. Vinny’s sweep was excellent

5:08 Sweep to mount to armbar to omoplata to triangle and then Texeira got away.

5:08 Texeira is applying the can opener from inside Magalhaes’s full guard.

5:08 Saulo rolling into a knee bar / foot lock combo on Monson. Monson doesn’t look too concerned.

5:09 Monson makes his way out and now come back hard trying to pass Saulo’s guard again.

5:09 Whoa Magalhaes is getting Texeira’s back… both hooks are in!

5:10 Monson wins in overtime against Saulo Ribeiro.

5:10 WOW! Magalhaes goes from Texeira’s back and choking to the armbar! Texeira taps! He is on fire this tourney!

5:10 [Comment From JimM] Vinny was amazing in this match.

5:11 Now Saulo is on the microphone and thanks the crowd for their attendance, thanks Sheik Tahnoon, and announces that he is retiring “from this game”!

5:12 Does that mean retiring from no-gi? Gi? Everything? We will have to find out.

5:12 [Comment From gus oliveira] great guy and competitor

5:13 David Avellan is now up against Lovato Jr. So I guess Lovato’s foot injury wasn’t enough to keep him off the mat.

5:13 [Comment From m] hmmm hasnt he retired one time already few years ago, and handed his belt to roger?

5:14 Gregor Gracie is now up against Nakamura.

5:14 [Comment From homoplata] how did lovato hurt it?

5:14 @homoplata: not sure, it happened while the broadcast was having technical difficulties earlier.

5:14 [Comment From xav] saulo is retired in gi since he loose against roger gracie, now he retiring also in no-gi

5:15 Wow. Avellan sits back and goes for the foot lock against Lovato’s injured foot. Lovato taps before it even gets closed to the bandaged foot.

5:15 Gregor Gracie has K-Taro Nakamura in full guard.

5:16 They are vying for 3rd place in the under 76.9 kg division.

5:16 Now we also get to see Jeff Glover against Ryan Hall! They are vying for 3rd place in the under 65.9 kg division.

5:16 [Comment From m] avellan vs lovato = tarsis vs romulo 2007 deja vu

5:17 [Comment From andyruffner] How are Hall and Glover going for 3rd?

5:17 [Comment From Richard] What happened to Rani and Leozhino?

5:18 Yeah I just looked at my brackets too! Not sure why they are competing. But they are now out n the mats. Hall is on top, tring to pass.

5:19 K-Taro Nakamura continues in Gregor Gracie’s guard. Gracie looks to be going to an omoplata. Nakamura slides out.

5:20 Hall is standing over a seated Glover. Glover appears to want to set up his deep half guard.

5:21 Glover spinning around on his back in front of Hall like a top. Going from open to inverted to open guard. Now he winds up in front of Hall again.

5:21 This just in: Rani Yahya is not fighting due to a broken arm (?) suffered against Cobrinha.

5:22 No word on why Leo Vieira is not out there. But this Glover vs. Hall match is indeed now for the bronze.

5:22 Gregor Gracie is attempting a guillotine on top of Nakamura, who escapes. Gracie is now on top in 1/2 guard.

5:23 Glover still is orbting Hall’s feet, trying for an opening. Now the two are locked in leg spaghetti but that ends quickly as they both extricate themselves and are now standing.

5:24 Gregor has Nakamura in the full body lock from behind. He’s looking for the choke.

5:24 Jeff goes for the single leg on Ryan, Ryan makes his way out and is now playing inverted guard against Jeff.

5:25 Gregor Gracie defeated K-Taro Nakamura 10-0 and earns the bronze medal.

5:25 [Comment From Guest] haha….extricate. 10$ word. =)

5:25 @Guest: I try!

5:25 Rosangela Conceicao now faces Cristiane Cyborg for the bronze in the womens’ heavy division.

5:26 Ryan Hall is getting his second hook in on Jeff Glover’s back!

5:26 Glover is turtled. Can Ryan get it?

5:27 Wow Jeff Glover was free Ryan’s taking the back, but now Hall does indeed get both hooks in, getting 3 points and wins 3-2 over Jeff Glover!

5:28 Hillary Williams now faces Laurence Cousin for the bronze.

5:28 [Comment From andyruffner] Ryan dug it out in the last seconds!!!! Wow

5:28 [Comment From Team Alliance Jiu-Jitsu] Very nice and a big win for Ryan HAll

5:30 Hillary is on top in Cousin’s half guard.

5:30 [Comment From romeo] very big win for ryan

5:31 Conceicao and Cristiane Cyborg are still standing.

5:32 Cousin alternating between half guard and butterfly guard against Williams the same way she did against Alzuguir.

5:33 [Comment From chris] I can’t believe Saulo is retiring!

5:33 Conceicao and Cristiane Cyborg are still standing.

5:33 In contrast the match between Williams and Cousin is higher paced but Hillary still can’t get past Cousin’s guard yet.

5:34 Williams has flattened out Cousin onto her back in half guard, neutralizing Cousin a bit.

5:34 [Comment From Ed Kennedy] I just tapped from the music

5:34 [Comment From gus oliveira] hi caleb

5:34 [Comment From gus oliveira] just to let you know verdun is getting ready for his final

5:34 [Comment From gus oliveira] it should be on soon

5:35 The American Williams outsizes the French Cousin. Cousin recovers a bit and is on her side in half guard now.

5:35 Conceicao and Cristiane Cyborg are still standing.

5:37 Hillary finally has gotten past Cousin’s guard and gets 3 points!

5:37 Conceicao and Cristiane Cyborg are still standing.

5:38 Cousin gives up side control again and Hillary is now up 6-0!

5:39 Cousin just went for a heel hook briefly but Williams gets out and passes the guard again. Williams is now up 9-0 and threatens to take Cousin’s back

5:39 On mat 2 Hillary Wililams wins 9-0 and earns the bronze medal!

5:40 Guys for those asking about technical support: I am in San Diego in my apartment. I am sorry I cannot help.

5:41 Conceicao and Cristiane Cyborg are still standing.

5:41 Conceicao briefly sits into guard but it looks pretty awkward and she gets back up instantly.

5:42 Conceicao and Cristiane Cyborg are still standing.

5:42 [Comment From bjjgeek] so cobrinha lost to rani?

5:42 @bjjgeek: no Cobrinha defeated Rani by armbar. Apparently Yahya’s arm was injured in the process.

5:43 The commentators announce that Rosangela is down a point, so if Cristiane Cyborg can hold out, she will win. But now she has to worry about getting penalized for stalling if that’s her tactic.

5:44 The match between Conceicao and Cristiane Cyborg is over. Cyborg wins the bronze medal.

5:44 The finals are now beginning!

5:45 Fabricio Wedum now takes on Roberto Cyborg for over 99k division.

5:45 [Comment From bjjgeek] thank you for the clarification. cant wait for mendes cobrinha. thank you for doing this caleb!

5:47 The commentators correctly point out that while Werdum has the size advantage here, Cyborg is really nimble.

5:47 Werdum is now in open guard against Cyborg after a failed armbar attempt.

5:48 Just a reminder that video on demand will be available separately for $14.95 in a couple of days on

5:48 Cyborg has double underhooks on Werdum’s open guard.

5:48 Whoa! Cyborg has both hooks in on Werdum! Looking for the choke!

5:49 Cyborg is one of the toughest new competitors we’ve seen in and out of the guard in recent years. Now Werdum is out and on top in half guard.

5:50 (Sorry I mean in and out of the gi.)

5:50 Werdum trying to close space on top in half guard.

5:51 As the commentatrs point out, Werdum is half Spaniard, earning him the largest cheering section of anyone this year at the ADCCs.

5:51 Werdum is really laying the weight down on Cyborg on top in half guard. Cyborg is totally flattened out.

5:53 Werdum is laying his shoulder right into Cyborg’s neck and cheek, keeping him flat in half guard.

5:53 Werdum appears to have been warned by the ref to get things moving.

5:54 Remember this is for the gold medal of the over 99kg division.

5:55 Werdum continues on top in half guard with Cyborg.

5:56 Cyborg escapes Werdum’s half guard. The two are now standing.

5:58 Nothing new between Werdum and Cyborg.

5:59 Cyborg shoots but Werdum sprawls. Werdum is up 3-0.

5:59 Werdum is in Cyborg’s full guard now.

6:00 Werdum has regained that lockdown from half guard on top over Cyborg. He may hang out there until the bell.

6:00 [Comment From patrick] cyborg is really impressing me by just holding on werdum to basically nothing. including a warning by the ref.

6:00 Uh oh, Werdum passes again and is up 6-0!

6:01 Cyborg will have to do something fast if he has any shot.

6:02 [Comment From patrick] how long is each match for?

6:02 Regulation is 10 minutes but there is overtime if it’s tied.

6:03 Werdum continues in side control, now 9-0. Looks like this is how things may end although to his credit he is working on a farside short armbar.

6:03 [Comment From JimM] I thought finals were 20?

6:03 @JimM: I’ve been wrong before! 🙂

6:04 [Comment From patrick] ha, well this match has been 15min so far.. so maybe jim is right!

6:04 [Comment From myciek] i think JimM is correct 😉

6:04 Okay let’s agree it’s 20 minutes. 🙂

6:05 Cyborg is now in inverted (upside down) guard in front of Werdum.

6:05 These guys have to be getting very tired. The both now are standing in the center again.

6:06 [Comment From Team Alliance Jiu-Jitsu] Time Limits :

* Qualifying Rounds = 10 Minutes
* Finals = 20 Minutes
* 5 Minutes overtime if there is a draw with no advantage

6:06 It’s over between Werdum and Cyborg: Werdum is the over 99kg champion!

6:07 [Comment From Jadon] Alot of inverted guard love this comp it seems.

6:08 The Spaniards in attendance are very happy with Werdum. Werdum is now giving a speech in Spanish thanking his fans and the rest of the Catalonian and Spanish fans.

6:09 Gerardi Rinaldi now faces Xande Ribeiro for the gold medal in the under 98.9 kg division.

6:09 [Comment From Oliver] Not exactly the final that most people would have predicted. @_@

6:10 Rinaldi and Ribeiro are now squaring up. The match has begun!

6:11 Xande is now seated in front of Gerardi. Xande is now underneath in half guard and appears to be setting up a sweep.

6:12 Gerardi is pushing off on Xande’s neck, now leaning his shoulder into Xande’s face to flatten him out but with no success.

6:14 Gerardi circles a seated Ribeiro again, and now finds himself trying to pass Xande’s 1/2 guard.

6:14 [Comment From Oliver] Xande is another of those fighters who always manages to look relaxed in all his fights…

6:15 [Comment From C] Good to see the commentators focusing on the finals and not interviews…

6:15 Xande is now working towards deep half guard.

6:16 Gerardi looks semi comfortable here but Xande appears to be slowly setting up a sweep.

6:21 Xande is now on bottom in butterfly guard. The pace is not fast. Both are being very cautious. This would be a major win for Gerardi.

6:21 [Comment From Oliver] What are Gerardi’s credentials before this tournament?

6:22 @Oliver: I can’t say I know anything about him!

6:22 It’s still 0-0! For a moment Xande went after a foot attack but it appeared a little noncommittal.

6:23 Xande just landed a sweep. Now he is on top in half guard.

6:23 [Comment From Sav] Rinaldi is a Renzo brownbelt. he wreslted @ Colgate U and won the ADCC East Trials. Was 2x state champion wrestler in HS

6:23 [Comment From necho] Rinaldi wrestled for cornell, 2 time all american

6:24 Commentators announce that the absolute division brackets have not come out yet.

6:24 [Comment From Oliver] …but that’s it? Fair play to him. @_@

6:25 [Comment From Oliver] I would imagine that Mr. Rinaldi might just get his Black after this tourney.

6:26 Rinaldi is on top in half. Xande taking his time here for sure.

6:26 [Comment From m] he got his brown in june…

6:27 [Comment From Team Alliance Jiu-Jitsu] Xande works slowly as he is very methodical

6:27 Xande now in deep half guard. Saulo’s yelling instructions in the background.

6:28 Rinaldi is swept by Xande from deep half guard when Rinaldi over commits on the arm attack.

6:28 Xande is now turtled.

6:29 [Comment From Jadon] Surely holding your own against xande is reason enough for your blackbelt even if you got your 1st stripe on your white belt the day before.

6:30 Gerardi now attempting a heel hook…

6:30 Time expires and Xande wins on points! He’s the champion of the under 98.9kg ADCC division. He was up 2-0.

6:30 [Comment From Oliver] Good match. Not THAT exciting, but technical.

6:31 [Comment From Bevois] Monson won ADCC as a blue belt, so the color shouldn’t matter here. Rinaldi is a high level wrestler too.

6:31 [Comment From Guest] woo hoo! XANDE!!

6:32 Braulio Estima is now up against Andre Galvao!!!

6:33 [Comment From chico uk] thanks for the commentry

6:34 Let’s hope for an active match between these two.

6:35 Galvao is on bottom in butterfly guard. Braulio is working to pass.

6:36 Both these guys look very game today. Hopefully the pace does not slow.

6:37 Galvao remains in open guard on bottom with Braulio working both a pass and something like a calf crunch. Now Andre dove over for a foot lock but Braulio has escaped.

6:37 They’ve reset with Andre on bottom in half guard and Braulio on top, looking to pass.

6:37 [Comment From Pons Ponce] Galvao will beat braulio again!!!

6:37 [Comment From chico uk] go braulio! he is our instructor from the UK,

6:38 Now Galvao is setting up an xguard sweep. Braulio recovers.

6:38 [Comment From Jack] WAR Braulio

6:40 Galvao reverses and is on top but it looks like Braulio is now going for a footlock. Galvao slides out and the action is paused while they restart in the center.

6:40 [Comment From Bradey] WAR GALVAO

6:40 [Comment From Cacinho] Atos Guethoooo

6:41 They’re both standing in the center again, locking up.

6:41 [Comment From blayne] that is good strategy on Andre’s part to play bottom. Because the guard is Braulio’s strong side.

6:42 Braulio has grabbed on for a single leg takedown.

6:42 Braulio sinks the takedown but as part time commentator Romulo Barral observes, there are no points yet.

6:43 Now Braulio is on his back in butterfly guard.

6:44 Braulio has a reverse triangle and he taps Galvao!!!!

6:44 Wow!

6:45 That was the most exciting moment of the finals so far!

6:45 [Comment From Aaron] Nice one

6:45 [Comment From Oliver] He’s been busting that one out in training for the last month or so. Obviously, it works. ^_-

6:45 [Comment From gawkrodger] YES!

6:45 [Comment From aov27] is Conceicao and Cristiane Cyborg still standing?

6:45 @aov27: lol

6:45 That was an amazing finish!

6:45 [Comment From guest] GO BRAULIO

6:46 That is a very rare submission. Beautiful to see something like that at this level.

6:47 Now an out-of-breath Braulio has the mic and is addressing the crowd. He is thanking his supporters, his brother, his wife, Roger Gracie, and others.

6:47 [Comment From smitty33] REVERSE TRIANGLE ON GALVAO???? CRAZY!!!

6:48 Marcelo Garcia is now up against Pablo Popovitch for the gold medal in the under 76.9kg division. Popovitch gets an early takedown, but remember points don’t count yet.

6:48 Marcelo Garcia sweeps Pablo Popovitch, and is now on top inside Pablo’s closed guard.

6:49 Marcelo appears to set up a heel hook.

6:49 Pablo sits down on top of Marcelo and now Marcelo’s underneath in x-guard.

6:49 Marcelo has swept Pablo again and now Pablo finds himself underneath in xguard!

6:49 [Comment From Oliver] I like the looseness at this stage, where people aren’t worrying about points at all. Most fights don’t work this way, but it’s cool to see when they do.

6:49 [Comment From chapman] beautiful sweep!

6:50 Oh dear, Marcelo is on his way to sinking a choke but Pablo pops out of it. Pablo’s on bottom in half guard now.

6:51 Pablo sweeps Marcelo from x-guard and is now on top.

6:51 [Comment From Narba] Go Marcelo!!!

6:52 Marcelo has Pablo in butterfly guard. Pablo appears to have caught a finger in the eye. Ref has paused things.

6:52 [Comment From dees] why doesn’t the takedown count?

6:53 @dees: in the first ten minutes points do not count in the finals.

6:53 [Comment From Ferdinando] any idea yet why leo vieira did not fight for the bronze?

6:53 @Ferdinando: No, no word on that.

6:53 The action is restarted and Marcelo butt scoots toward Pablo, who is standing above him.

6:55 Marcelo goes for a butterfly sweep but Pablo recovers.

6:55 These two faced each other in 2007 at the ADCCs. That time around Marcelo won by north south choke.

6:55 [Comment From rocco] no absolute division this year?

6:56 @rocco: my understanding is that those are set up after all the finals are done.

6:56 According to the commentator, Marcelo is claiming that Pablo is grabbing his shorts, which is illegal.

6:58 Still more of the same: Pablo on his knees in front of Marcelo, who is working from butterfly guard.

6:58 [Comment From EmiratesBJJ] According to Kid Peligro, both Leozinho and Rani were injured after their fights. That’s why they couldn’t dispute the 3rd place.

6:58 [Comment From rocco] so its still coming up today?

6:59 @rocco: Yes. The schedule is here.

7:00 Marcelo continues to look upset about Pablo grabbing his shorts. Pablo motions that he is not guilty.

7:00 Still 0-0 between Marcelo and Pablo.

7:01 Marcelo again accuses Pablo of grabbing the shorts. I did see it that time. It was clear.

7:02 Marcelo is being pretty active, now starts an omoplata….!

7:03 He doesn’t get the omoplata but it turns into a sweep and now that we’re in the second half, that’s worth 2 points! Marcelo is now winning 2-0.

7:03 [Comment From JimM] Omoplata to wrist lock..nice

7:03 Now Marcelo is on top but Pablo scoots out and the two are standing again. And here we find Marcelo on his butt in front of Pablo.

7:04 While the positions have not changed too much in this match, don’t think they’ve been inactive. Both have been pressing hard.

7:04 Now Pablo is claiming to be poked in the eye again.

7:05 After a brief pause for that, the action begins again and we see Marcelo in front of Pablo on the ground.

7:05 [Comment From H] pablo is much improved

7:05 [Comment From Team Alliance Jiu-Jitsu] that or Marcello had too long lay off

7:06 Less than 10 minutes remaining here, and Marcelo continues up 2-0.

7:06 [Comment From Narba] How many hours until this day is done.. approx?

7:07 @Narba: I don’t know any more than is what on the schedule link that I posted a bit ago.

7:07 Pablo breathing heavily, coming in hard against Marcelo.

7:08 Uh oh, it looks like Pablo has passed! Marcelo escapes but now Marcelo’s in the hot seat as he is losing 3-2!

7:09 Win 10 seconds remaining Pablo got that pass! He wins!

7:09 [Comment From Eddie Brabo] I told everyone!! I knew Pablo would win.

7:10 Pablo is declared the winner and is swarmed by his friends on the mats, including Jeff Monson.

7:11 Now Pablo takes the mic.

7:11 He thanks his brother, friends, and students.

7:12 Now we have Cobrinha versus Rafael Mendes!!!

7:12 Remember that Mendes just tapped Leo Vieira earlier today!

7:12 [Comment From mikeoplata] warr cobrinha!!

7:13 [Comment From gerry] go mendes!

7:13 [Comment From Ferdinando ] i’m betting this will be the best match of the finals

7:13 Cobrinha lands a single leg takedown. He’s now on top in Mendes’ open guard.

7:14 Now they’re both standing again.

7:14 [Comment From Ed Kennedy] Conrinha trained hard with Paul Creighton on his takedowns. Nice single.

7:15 Now Cobrinha gets the same single leg but Mendes is working the anaconda! WOW That was so tight! But Cobrinha escapes!!

7:15 Mendes is cranking a heel hook on Cobrinha.

7:16 Cobrinha now is on bottom in half guard.

7:17 [Comment From abdullah] hey caleb who do you have ur money on?

7:17 @abdullah: Well the way things have been going for Mendes, there could indeed be another upset in the works here.

7:17 But it is hard to say.

7:18 Both fighters are now standing.

7:19 Uh oh, Cobrinha goes for the single leg but Mendes locks on the anaconda along the way. Cobrinha is fighting….

7:20 Wow, I can’t belong how long he was in there, in that tight anaconda, and made it out conscious! Now he’s on top again and they go out of bounds.

7:20 [Comment From Jon Plyler] Anyone know what the prize money is for the tournament this year?

7:20 Cobrinha is now on top working to pass Mendes’ open guard.

7:21 [Comment From JAMES] 40g for superfight

7:21 [Comment From JAMES] 10 g for weight class

7:22 Both are in the center. As yet we have not seen the 50/50 guard appear in this match.

7:23 [Comment From Team Alliance Jiu-Jitsu] Has ANYONE used 50/50 guard so far?

7:23 I recall seeing it somewhere but can’t say who did.

7:24 Cobrinha landed a Jacare-style foot sweep and put Mendes on his back.

7:24 Now Mendes has reversed things again and he is on top.

7:25 Still 0-0 here I believe.

7:27 Now we see 50/50 guard. and Mendes makes it on top.

7:27 Cobrinha has the heel hook and Mendes rolls out of bounds.

7:28 They’re restarted in the center in the same position and Rafael rolls them out of bounds again.

7:28 Here we go again. Restarted in the center with Cobrinha holding the heel hook.

7:29 On this third time, Rafeal escapes the attack before they go to the edge.

7:30 Cobrinha’s in a weird deep half guard for a sec. Now he gets the sweep, and they restart in the center.

7:31 I cannot tell what the points are now. Mendes is working a heel hook and transitions to x-guard.

7:33 Mendes has some alien kimura combo leg attack going on there for a second. Cobrinha slid out. This match makes people who’ve had knee injuries very queasy. (Read: ME!)

7:33 Rafael Mendes is every bit Cobrinha’s equal in this match.

7:36 Both of these guys’ knees appear to naturally bend in several directions. Mendes is trying for the darce again but loses it.

7:37 Looks like regulation time is up.

7:37 Let’s see if the judges force them to overtime.

7:37 And here they go. OT.

7:38 If Cobrinha can pull off another single leg that would come in handy now.

7:39 [Comment From blayne] ..and not get choked in the process

7:39 @blayne: good point.

7:40 The two have been facing each other standing up this whole overtime so far.

7:40 [Comment From H] cobrinha’s sub defense is absusrd. Is it possible to make him tap?

7:40 [Comment From Bevois] Enrico Cocco used the 50/50 on Kron yesterday, but Kron ended up choking him out via RNC

7:41 Mendes shoots but it’s clear he’s tired. Cobrinha doesn’t have to do much to defend.

7:42 Mendes is shooting a lot now. If Cobrinha could lock in an anaconda that would be ironic.

7:43 Right on the edge of the mats Cobrinha almost locks in a choke but it falls apart and they’re restarted in the center.

7:44 [Comment From Bevois] Ironic that a “cobra” uses an “anaconda” or ironic since thats the choke Mendes has been looking to counter takedowns with? …double-irony

7:44 Both fighters are still standing now.

7:45 Cobrinha flirts with a foot sweep here as they’re both standing. Mendes returns with a single leg that Cobinha stuffs.

7:46 [Comment From ninja] Is this a contender for the fight of the day?

7:46 @ninja: that’s a tough call. Depends what you’re into. But there has been some very interesting action here intermittently for sure.

7:47 [Comment From homoplata] the commentators need to socialize off the air not during the finals!!

7:47 Cobrinha is close to getting a single leg here. Mendes is defending.

7:48 Looks like time expired in that overtime.

7:48 And now we start their second overtime!

7:48 [Comment From Dave Patterson] Caleb can do whatever the hell he wants. Thanks for doing this at the ass-crack of dawn for you, Caleb.

7:49 @Dave P: I think he was referring to the commentators in Barcelona. In any case my body clock is now very broken 🙂

7:49 Cobrinha is standing right behind Mendes, threatening to take the back.

7:51 Cobrinha is still hugging Mendes from behind and attempts to bring Mendes to the ground but Mendes scrambles out. This match has been going more than 20 minutes. These guys have amazing gas tanks!

7:51 Mendes shoots, Cobrinha sprawls.

7:52 The score is apparently 4-4.

7:53 Mendes winds up on bottom with 50/50 guard.

7:54 Cobrinha has been on this end of the 50/50 many times in competition. He appears comfortable. Mendes goes for the sweep and nearly gets it but Cobrinha escapes.

7:54 [Comment From bjjnut] what is the attendance like today

7:54 @bjjnut: I’d say there are not many people there.

7:55 [Comment From Jon Plyler] too bad…it was like that in Trenton a couple years ago too…

7:55 [Comment From Tom] No wonder…80 Euro for both days?

7:55 [Comment From Team Alliance Jiu-Jitsu] Is Cobrinha still stuck on the 50/50?

7:56 They have left and now returned to 50/50 guard.

7:56 uh oh! Mendes is on Cobrinha’s back!!!!

7:56 Both hooks are in!

7:57 Could this be the upset of the tournament??

7:57 Mendes has the body triangle on Cobrinha…

7:57 [Comment From Team Alliance Jiu-Jitsu] sucks

7:57 If nothing changes, Mendes wins!

7:57 [Comment From Team Alliance Jiu-Jitsu] Pablo winning against Marcelo was the upset

7:58 [Comment From atos] woooop vai pegar!!!!!

7:58 Wow. And another question: Will we see the Atos sword slashing afterwards?

7:59 Cobrinha’s back is still taken…

7:59 Mendes wins!!!!

7:59 [Comment From Tactical] Mendes will earn serious respect from me if he wins….and can skip the taunting this time around

7:59 Mendes goes and hugs Andre Galvao, then returns to shake Cobrinha’s hand.

8:00 His hand is raised by the ref and Mendes then goes and respectfully shakes the hand of Fabio Gurgel.

8:00 [Comment From Ferdinando] Rafael Mendes is the youngest winner of the ADCC ever

8:00 [Comment From Brian] That is crazy crazy stuff.. this is a very weird adcc

8:01 Bruce Buffer announces that the absolute divisions will take place after these two ladies’ final matches.

8:02 Penny Thomas now faces Hanette Staack.Wow Hanette nearly has Penny’s back early!

8:02 [Comment From blayne] Thank you Very much Caleb! i’m off to bed.

8:03 [Comment From Kneeblock] How old is Mendes? Rani was 22

8:03 Hanette has one hook in and is working the choke to distract Penny and get the second hook in.

8:03 Buffer announces that after the last women’s final there will be a 20 minute breaak in the action.

8:04 [Comment From Dave Patterson] Any idea who will be in the absolute?

8:04 @Dave Patterson: no word yet. We can only speculate.

8:04 [Comment From pres] Mendes is 19 or 20, born in 1989

8:04 Hanette now seems to have both hooks in on Penny.

8:05 [Comment From Bevois] Marcelo can redeem himself by winning his first ADCC absolute!

8:07 Nothing’s changed here in this dangerous situation so far. Penny’s back is still taken, and the score is 0-0.

8:08 [Comment From ninja] This news feed is just AWESOME! Great work Caleb!!!

8:08 @ninja: Thanks, I try!

8:09 Penny has gotten out!

8:10 Penny has gotten out! She has a way of doing this. She escaped Shanti Abelha’s deep triangle yesterday and went on to win. We’ll see if that’s the case today against Staack.

8:11 Staack is going for a foot lock / knee attack on Penny but Penny’s not letting Staack extend the leg for it to work.

8:12 [Comment From Bevois] one has to think Marcelo, Galvao,and Cobrinha will wanna do the absolute, after finishing second in their divisions

8:14 Uh oh, Staack has extended Penny’s leg but Penny definitely knows the way out of this. She was in a similar position in a video I shot of her rolling against Tarsis Humphreys a year or so ago.

8:15 Penny is collapsing on top of Hanette again to prevent Hannet from working on that leg but Hanette seems very determined here!

8:16 Now Hanette is cranking a foot lock and Penny taps!

8:17 Penny looks very disappointed but the two exchange a big hug and the ref raises Hanette’s hand.

8:17 [Comment From Cuong] noooooooooooo

8:18 Okay break time for ~20 minutes everybody.

8:18 [Be Right Back Countdown]

8:18 Woops sorry. lol We have Luanna Alzuguir against Sayaka Shioda now.

8:19 [Comment From Bevois] what kind of footlock?

8:19 @Bevois: not a straight foot lock but the mata-leao style foot lock.

8:20 Shioda and Alzuguir still standing.

8:21 [Comment From Bevois] I call those toeholds. ha

8:21 [Comment From Kneeblock] Is there a women’s absolute this year?

8:21 @Kneeblock: I would presume so.

8:22 Shioda took a fall on her way out of bounds a minute ago. She takes a moment to collect herself.

8:22 Now Shioda and Alzuguir are tied up in the center. And for a moment Shioda was using… 50/50 guard!

8:22 Shioda has now released it and is now on bottom in half guard.

8:24 Uh oh, Alzuguir almost had full mount but Shioda turns and is now in Alzuguir’s full guard.

8:24 [Comment From Bevois] Shioda won the 2007 ADCC at -55 kg

8:25 Shioda is now on bottom in half guard again. Alzuguir trying to pass.

8:26 Alzuguir crossfaces Shioda to prevent her from rolling under into a knee attack.

8:27 This match has a pretty constant pace. Both women are pressuring hard. Shioda went for a toe hold but Alzuguir jumps away.

8:27 Alzuguir has a guillotine attempt going from full guard but Shioda appears on to her.

8:28 [Comment From Brian Linzy] Hey Caleb, I just joined in. Did Ryan Hall end up in 3rd? If so, do you know how that happened?

8:28 @Blinzy: both Leo and Rani appeared to be hurt so Glover fought Hall for the bronze. Ryan won.

8:29 Shioda is now on top, attempting to pass the guard of Alzuguir.

8:30 Alzuguir is fighting from bottom in open guard. Shioda is stil trying to pass.

8:31 Shioda tries for a toe hold but Alzuguir is protecting.

8:31 [Comment From Ross Finlayson] Great work as usual, Caleb! (I’m heading back to bed now…)

8:31 @Ross: Thanks buddy, get some rest!

8:32 [Comment From Ferdinando] did Leo say anything on his interview about the injured?

8:32 @Ferdinando: I do not know. I am not able to concentrate on the interviews, action, and writing at the same time so I can’t tell you what he said.

8:33 Alzuguir is still on top, trying to pass Shioda’s butterfly guard now.

8:34 Sayaka has landed closed guard on Alzuguir, and attempts a guillotine but Alzuguir gets out.

8:35 Alzuguir stands and backs out of Shioda’s guard. Along the way Shioda dives into a heel hook. As they roll toward the edge of the mats, Alzuguir escapes.

8:35 Shioda is on bottom in half guard again. Alzuguir tries to flatten her out.

8:37 The commentators are announcing we’re nearing the 10 minute mark, where points would begin to count. Now both ladies are on their feet again.

8:38 Wow Alzuguir almost landed a very slick sweep, rolling Shioda over her own head but in the end Shioda recovers and winds up in Alzuguir’s closed guard.

8:39 Uh oh! Alzuguir has taken Shioda’s back!

8:40 Shioda is trying to turn back into full guard. Alzuguir gets 3 points now.

8:40 And Shioda does indeed turn back into Alzuguir and is in full guard.

8:41 Time expires! The end of 20 minutes! Luanna Alzuguir is the winner and earns the gold!

8:42 Great last minute effort to get the win. In 20 minutes the action will begin on two mats for the absolute divisions. We do not know the brackets for that. See you in 15-20 minutes!

8:42 [Be Right Back Countdown] 20 minutes

9:02 [Comment From Jon Plyler] Caleb, thanks again for the blog….great job! Unfortunately, I was unable to watch the live stream due to a slow internet connection at work…looking forward to the replay!!

9:02 @Jon: Thanks for tuning in. Keep in touch…

9:04 [Comment From Team Alliance Jiu-Jitsu] Have they released absolute brackets

9:04 [Comment From team_popovitch_bjj] do you know anything about the absolutes yet?

9:04 I know as much as you guys do! So to my knowledge, the brackets for the absolutes have not been made available.

9:07 Just an update for those who are not watching the live broadcast online: at the moment we are waiting for the absolute divisions to start. We don’t know who all will be competing or what the brackets are.

9:11 [Comment From Ivan] Borneo is still with you Caleb, its past 12am over here but its worth the wait!

9:14 [Comment From Cuong] x2!! Its 2am in Australia!

9:15 [Comment From m] it’s 6 pm in poland ! amazing

9:16 Good to hear from everyone around the world! As for the ADCC action, we’re still awaiting the absolute divisions to begin.

9:16 [Comment From Tom] Germany is here too

9:17 [Comment From JimM] Still with you Caleb, Atlanta GA

9:17 [Comment From David B] and Ireland!

9:17 [Comment From ana] noon here on the east coast

9:18 [Comment From ken] 1:20 in Japan

9:18 [Comment From Wee] and Canada

9:18 [Comment From] finland represents

9:18 [Comment From EmiratesBJJ] 8:17 pm here in Abu Dhabi

9:18 [Comment From dadel] finland here

9:18 [Comment From Brian Linzy] I-95 in MD @ 75MPH checking in (I’m not the driver)

9:18 [Comment From aaron] uk

9:19 [Comment From Kneeblock] New york

9:19 [Comment From cheap_as_chimps] birmingham, uk

9:19 [Comment From tomek] Poland

9:19 Wow! So cool to hear from everyone. What a responsibility!

9:19 [Comment From aaron] caleb you have any idea yet who is entering?

9:20 [Comment From Rob] Oklahoma

9:20 [Comment From Oli] London, UK

9:20 [Comment From Ebe] Great dedication to the cause much appreciated Caleb

9:21 Well I presume: Xande, Tarsis, Ricco…

9:22 I would guess Pe De Pano would jump in.

9:23 [Comment From Chris] Marcelinho vs. Bruno Bastos up first in the Absolute

9:24 Right now the action has begun in the absolute. I see JK Peitlaneien is subbed by Braulio Estima by armbar!

9:24 [Comment From JimM] Caleb, you have joked for years…but maybe the mighty 600,000 is no longer a joke!!!!

9:24 @JimM: Maybe! That would be amazing! Then we’d change it to the Mighty 6 Billion.

9:25 Bruno Bastos is sitting in front of Marcelo Garcia’s butterfly guard. Bruno is a big guy and this will not be an easy opening match for Marcelo.

9:26 It looks like Bastos was encouraged by the ref to get the action going.

9:26 [Comment From Gumby] I’m officially declaring that it moves up to the might 850,000

9:27 Marcelo remains in butterfly guard in front of Bastos. Bastos is warned again by the ref.

9:28 Marcelo was working his way under Bruno and Bruno bailed and jumped away. The score is still 0-0. On the other mat Vinicius Magalhaes is up against Dean Lister.

9:28 Dean appears to be going after Vinny’s foot but Vinny escapes, and passes and gets side control.

9:29 [Comment From tapperouterer] vinny has been on a tear this weekend!

9:29 [Comment From Jadon] The fightworks podcast outpopulates some small countries!

9:29 Nothing new in Marcelo vs Bruno.

9:30 Magalhaes is on top in side control over Lister.

9:30 Dean is angling for xguard under Magalhaes. Not there yet.

9:31 [Comment From mikeoplata] this may sound stupid but that’s the vinny from the ultimate fighter not Draculino right?

9:31 @mikeoplata: Yes it’s Gracie Humaita’s Vinicius Magalhaes who was on TUF.

9:32 Magalhaes working out of a sweep from Lister and now Dean has Magalhaes turtled up.

9:32 Marcelo Garcia went for a foot lock / heel hook and turned it into a sweep. Bastos now comes up and takes Marcelo backwards. The score is 2-2.

9:34 Marcelo Garcia and Bruno Bastos are still fighting. They are both standing in the center of the mats. They’re in OT with a tied score of 2-2.

9:34 Dean Lister nearly has taken Vinny Magalhaes’ back.

9:34 Marcelo appears to have a single leg take down… and… he gets it!

9:35 Marcelo is on top in half guard now.

9:35 [Comment From ScottOnTheNet] you are the man Caleb

9:35 Now Marcelo is up 6-2 over Bastos.

9:35 Magalhaes and Lister are now started in the center, standing. I presume they’re in overtime.

9:36 Score correction: Marcelo is up 4-2 over Bastos.

9:36 Marcelo is still on top in half guard over Bastos.

9:37 Vinny shoots, Dean sprawls and moves to take the back of Vinny, who is now in turtle.

9:37 Marcelo is now leading 7-2 over Bastos. He’s in solid side control.

9:38 For those who keep asking: the absolute brackets are not posted anywhere that I know of!

9:38 Marcelo is running away with things on points against Bastos.

9:39 Vinny is working on sinking an omoplata against Lister.

9:39 Uh oh: Marcelo has both hooks in and is working for the choke!

9:39 Bastos taps! The crowd gives a loud round of applause!

9:39 [Comment From Gumby] Lister is a bit like the Hulk, the madder he gets the more dangerous he is…if he’s behind (and the fact he took a loss yesterday) means he’s dangerous as heck right now. Still Vinny is very hard to tap on footlocks. When Vinny beat Drysdale at the PSL Drysdale damn near took Vinny’s foot off

9:40 Chris Weidman now faces Antoine Joaude.

9:40 [Comment From tapperouterer] is vinny still humaita?

9:40 @tapperouterer: not sure. I believe that’s his origin though.

9:40 [Comment From Gumby] Speaking of rebounding from losses, I’ve seen Marcelo after he takes one….and he just might be the most dangerous at that point as well

9:41 [Comment From Chris] Who is this announcer? Antoine “Jo-ah-day?”

9:41 Magalhaes and Lister are still tied. 0-0.

9:41 [Comment From Alicia] How much coffee have you consumed this weekend? 😉

9:42 @Alicia: One big coffee and one mega energy drink this morning. You do what you gotta do!

9:43 Chris Weidman and Antoine Joaude are still on their feet. Joaude is much bigger than Weidman.

9:43 Magalhaes is standing over Lister… Lister stands up too.

9:43 Chris Weidman and Antoine Joaude are still on their feet.

9:44 Magalhaes is on top of Lister in half guard.

9:44 Both Weidman and Joaude come from wrestling backgrounds.

9:45 Still scoreless between Lister and Magalhaes.

9:45 [Comment From DanO] BOAAAAA Caleb!

9:45 Hey everybody it’s Cohost Dan!

9:46 The commentators in Barcelona do not have access to the brackets either just so you guys know.

9:46 Magalhaes defeats Lister by ref decision.

9:47 [Comment From DavidB] Hi Dan!

9:47 Xande Ribeiro now faces Ricco Rodriguez!!!

9:47 Joaude and Weidman still standing.

9:48 For those who cannot see the feed, Ricco Rodriguez is very thin again. He doesn’t look like the same guy at all!

9:49 He has lost a ton of weight. He and Xande are standing, Xande drops in front of him, now stands back up.

9:49 [Comment From DanO] Hello everyone from Northern VA, USA!Great job on the blow by blow bro!

9:50 Xande has Ricco around the waist and is now trying to take his back.

9:50 Ricco tries to roll out but Xande follows along.

9:50 Chris Weidman and Antoine Joaude are still on their feet.

9:51 Xande is going for the kimura on Ricco’s farside arm… and he gets it!!!

9:51 Xande Ribeiro eliminates Ricco Rodriguez.

9:52 Chris Weidman and Antoine Joaude are still on their feet. Doesn’t look like we’re going to get much more out of these two.

9:53 Next up: Andre Galvao versus…

9:53 [Comment From jaystorm] Greetings from Staten Island, NYC Awesome job Caleb! How many did they let enter the absolute?

9:54 @jaystrom: I believe it’s a 16 man division.

9:54 Tom De Blass is facing Andre Galvao. Tom is on his knees and Andre is in butterfly.

9:54 [Comment From gawkrodger] apparently Victor Estima has just said Braulio will be facing Marcelo next round!

9:55 @gawkerrodger: I think I may have heard that too.

9:55 Weidman is now up 3-0 over Joaude.

9:55 Galvao is on top in 1/2 guard over DeBlass.

9:56 De Blass goes after Galvao’s foot. Galvao squirms out pretty easily, and now sits in front of a standing DeBlass.

9:57 [Comment From m] braulio will beat marcelo again

9:57 @m: remember that Braulio just beat Marcelo in December in the gi though by triangle….

9:57 Galvao is underneath DeBlass, more or less in x-guard. DeBlass is sitting heavy on Galvao.

9:58 [Comment From tapperouterer] that was gi tho, no gi is marcelo’s realm

9:58 Galvao still threatening the sweep underneath De Blass.

9:59 Galvao trying to rock De Blass loose so he can pull off the sweep.

10:00 Now DeBlass goes after a heel hook again on Galvao but Galvao slithers away.

10:00 Chris Weidman defeats Antoine Joaude.

10:00 [Comment From Gumby] Braulio and Marcelo both transition easily between gi and nogi so that isn’t too much of a factor I think. The factor will be if Braulio manages to close his guard or if Marcelo can avoid it

10:00 Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu appears to be getting ready to face Gunnar Nelson!

10:01 Now Galvao has DeBlass’ back!

10:01 Galvao’s hooks are in. DeBlass is trying to turn out of it, but Galvao is following.

10:02 Sorry Jeff Monson is facing Gunnar Nelson. Tall order for Nelson.

10:02 Galvao loses position on De Blass and De Blass is now standing over Galvao’s open guard.

10:03 De Blass is going for the straight foot lock on Galvao. Time runs out and Galvao wins on points.

10:03 Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu now faces David Avellan! Two guys from Florida if I’m not mistaken.

10:04 Nelson and Monson still standing, locked up.

10:05 Nelson just went for the single leg on Monson but Monson just pushed Nelson away. Commentator: “There’s no reason why Monson shouldn’t be able to doubleleg [Nelson] through the building.”

10:05 Avelland is in front of Cyborg Abreu’s open guard.

10:06 [Comment From Gumby] In 2007, after losing in his division, a pissed off looking Avellan was the first person in the arena.

10:06 Monson is now in front of Nelson’s open guard.

10:07 Cyborg is in front of Avellan with upside down guard. He rotates and now is just open guard in front of Avellan.

10:07 [Comment From Oliver] How good are Monson’s wrestling credentials, anyone?

10:07 @Oliver: they are very good.

10:08 I wish this were not the case but it’s safe to say that just about every match of Monson’s looks the same. The opponents are interchangeable but Monson’s always in the same place doing the same thing.

10:09 [Comment From Oliver] Could almost say the same about Roger, sometimes. ^_-

10:09 [Comment From m] and gunnar started training just 3 years ago, and is already brown belt mundial champion

10:09 Avellan is still trying to pass Cyborg’s half guard.

10:09 [Comment From m] roger finishes fights

10:10 [Comment From Gumby] Depends on what’s at stake and how threatened Monson is by his opponent. He has a good guard actually but rarely is on his back unless he wants to be on it. But with this much prize money involved

10:11 Avellan nearly passes but Cyborg rolls over, a la Ryan Hall and recovers guard.

10:12 Still scoreless on both mats as far as I can tell.

10:12 [Comment From Oliver] Watched Monson in action at the Gracie Invitational in the UK a while back. Ended up trying to take someone’s back and ending on the bottom. Put his foot in the guy’s chest, kicked him across the mat, and stood up. ^_-

10:13 Both Gunnar and Monson are standing again.

10:13 Avellan is trying to flatten Cyborg out in half guard to set up the pass.

10:13 uh oh! Gunnar is almost on Monson’s back!

10:14 Monson turns beet red and powers out of it.

10:14 Now Monson is back to being pink colored with lots of tattoos.

10:15 If Gunnar pulls this off it will be a big big win for him.

10:15 Cyborg is now down 2-0 after Avellan took him down.

10:16 Cyborg is on his way to taking Avellan’s back…!

10:16 The commentators believe the refs will soon give Monson negative points.

10:17 Cyborg has taken Avellan’s back!

10:17 He’s got the body lock on Avellan.

10:17 Avellan rolls back into Cyborg’s closed guard.

10:18 [Comment From Oliver] Monson’s walking like he can barely stand up. @_@

10:18 Monson does appear to be slowing. It’s now going to overtime in the Nelson vs Monson match.

10:19 Avellan is trying desperately to pass Cyborg’s flexible legs.

10:19 But the commentators report that Cyborg was docked a point for inactivity, so it’s now tied 2-2!

10:20 Cyborg and Avellan go to overtime now.

10:21 Cyborg nearly gets a takedown but Avellan scoots away.

10:22 Cyborg spins underneath Avellan’s half guard, wanting to come out the back door and take the back but Avellan bails.

10:22 Monson nearly takes Nelson’s back! Now they’re both standing again.

10:24 Gunnar nearly has Monsons’ back again! Cameras are going off everywhere! He’s now up 3-0 in overtime!

10:24 Gunnar Nelson wins!

10:24 Wow what a day for the Renzo Gracie brown belt.

10:24 [Comment From Kyle] wow. upset.

10:25 Now it’s Braulio Estima vs. Marcelo Garcia!

10:25 [Comment From Rasmus] That’s a damn impressive win for Nelson!

10:25 [Comment From Gunnar Fan] Awesome! What a huge win for Gunnar!

10:25 In the Cyborg vs Avellan match, it’s going to ref’s decision.

10:26 and the winner is… David Avellan.

10:26 Estima pulls guard on Garcia.

10:26 He’s now playing open guard against a standing Marcelo.

10:27 Marcelo now stands in Braulio’s open guard. Braulio opens…

10:27 Chris Weidman now faces Vinicius Magalhaes.

10:28 Marcelo is battling Estima’s long long legs.

10:28 [Comment From isaiah Moraes from BSB BR] what category is fighting now? graciemnag site is not informed

10:28 @isaiah We’re watching the mens absolute division.

10:28 Marcelo continues untangling Braulio’s web.

10:29 Hold on everyone! Vinicius does it again! Another lighting fast submission! He armbars Weidman in a blink!!!

10:30 For the best submission of the tourney prize, Magalhaes has several opportunities.

10:30 [Comment From MilesB] Wow. VInny’s on fire!

10:30 Now we see Andre Galvao versus Xande Ribeiro!

10:30 And Braulio is still defending the pass from Marcelo.

10:31 This is what the ADCCs are all about everyone! WOW! Listen to these matchups!!!

10:32 Xande is on bottom in half… hold the phone, he’s now standing behind Galvao trying for a look to get the hooks in!

10:32 And now Braullio has just about taken Marcelo’s back!

10:33 Xande is coming after Galvao hard! Now they’re both standing.

10:33 Braulio has taken Marcelo’s back…

10:33 AND GETS THE TAP!!!!

10:33 Braulio Estima defeats Marcelo Garcia by rear naked choke!

10:34 Gunnar Nelson now faces David Avellan. The division is going by quickly.

10:34 Andre and Xande are still standing up, facing each other.

10:34 [Comment From vuong] No good tournament for alliance 🙁

10:34 [Comment From Team Alliance Jiu-Jitsu] Vinny Magalhaes is going to win this whole thing

10:35 Xande is seated, grabbing Galvao’s shin. He spins under and tries to go out the back door to take the back…

10:35 [Comment From UniJJ] Xande is going to take the GOLD!!

10:36 Xande now is around Galvao’s waist. Both are standing. Galvao tries to duck away but Xande is like a magnet on his hips!

10:36 [Comment From Tree Frog] The way things are going, Braulio is going to have a 2009 for the ages – especially if he gets to the finals.

10:36 Gunnar and Avellan are circling on the feet.

10:37 Xande has one hook in on Galvao…

10:37 They’re laying on the mat now…

10:37 But Galvao grabs the other and is applying a toe hold.

10:38 The two shake loose and go out of bounds.They’re started back in the center with Xande on top in Galvao’s open guard. Galvao stands quickly and now goes for the takedown.

10:38 [Comment From m] xande doesnt look impressive this adcc, braulio will beat him this time

10:39 Andre and Xande are standing in the center, locking up, then disengaging.

10:39 Gunnar Nelson is on top of Avellan in 1/2 guard.

10:39 Xande defends Galvao’s shot again.

10:41 Gunnar remains on top in half guard with Avellan.

10:41 Now Xande is very close to getting side control, but time ends and Xande wins on points!

10:41 Very tough fight between Xande and Galvao.

10:42 Nelson appears to nearly have Avellan’s back but Avellan spins and is now on bottom in half guard.

10:42 [Comment From clift/unijj] yeah xande!! great job with the updates caleb!!!

10:43 [Comment From Guest] once again I would like to say thanks to caleb for the awesome on behalf the

10:44 @Guest: I always try to bring the awesome!

10:44 Gunnar and Avellan are going at each other hard. It’s tied. 1/2 minute remains.

10:45 After this match there will be a 10 minute break.

10:45 uh oh! Gunnar almost has Avellan’s back!

10:45 WOWOWOWOW! Gunnar Nelson Taps David Avellan with a rear naked choke!!!

10:46 Earlier there was a quick interview with Kid Peligro, who nailed it when he said that this year’s ADCC has been about new stars being born.

10:46 [Comment From JimM] Agree 100% on Caleb…remember he has been going since 3am and itis now 11. Remember guys and girls this was free!!!!!

10:47 Right now they’re handing out the medals for the weight divisions. Werdum –> Abreu –> Monson.

10:47 [Comment From Kneeblock] Google searches exploding on Gunnar Nelson right now

10:49 Let me say that better: 99kg+ division: Werdum 1st, Abreu 2nd, and Monson 3rd.

10:49 -99kg division: Ribeiro 1st, Rinaldi 2nd, and Magalhaes 3rd.

10:50 -87.9kg division: Estima 1st, Galvao 2nd, and Avellan 3rd.

10:52 -76kg+ division: Popovitch 1st, Garcia 2nd, and Gracie 3rd.

10:53 -65.9kg division: Mendes 1st, Charles 2nd, and Hall 3rd.

10:54 Ladies +60kg: Staack 1st, Thomas 2nd, and Santos 3rd.

10:56 Ladies -60kg: Alzuguir 1st, Shioda 2nd, and Williams 3rd.

10:56 [Comment From damian] sad to see saulo leave, but time stands still for no one

10:57 [Comment From Oliver] Kinda let down that more big names weren’t up for the absolute. Guess you can’t blame them, though. Been a long weekend. @_@

10:58 Now the action continues into the semis. On mat 1 it’s Estima vs. Magalhaes. And on mat 2 it’s Gunnar vs Xande!

11:00 [Comment From Rob] Thanks again for all your work caleb – the live blog helped even with watching the live stream. I don’t know HOW you kept up with it!

11:00 @Rob: I must thank caffeine and my wife for their support 🙂

11:01 Estima appears wary of Magalhaes.

11:01 Nelson is inside Xande’s guard.

11:02 Xande looks very calm. No matter what happens today this is a big day for Gunnar Nelson and Northern European grappling.

11:02 What! It looks like Estima has Magalhaes in 50/50 guard!

11:03 Ok now Magalhaes is on to of Estima’s open guard. Two long legged guys who’ve been on fire submitting guys left and right this tournament.

11:04 It’s times like this that the picture-in-picture feature of the broadcast is very cool.

11:04 Estima is again weaving his legs in and around Magalhaes like a twisted phone cord.

11:05 [Comment From Oliver] Roger and Vitor in Braulio’s corner…

11:05 [Comment From Chris] Yeah, it’s perfect when there are only 2 matches going on. Haha.

11:05 Gunnar is standing over Xande who is seated with his legs in front of him.

11:06 What? Nelson has Xande’s back! It was brief but it got a rise out of the crowd.

11:06 Xande now rolls under for a kneebar / toehold combo attack on Nelson. Xande gets the kneebar! Nelson taps!!!

11:06 Xande is now in the finals of the absolute division!

11:07 Magalhaes remains on top of Estima’s leg. Magalhaes just tried to sit back into a knee bar of his own but now Magalhaes finds himself in Estima’s closed guard.

11:07 [Comment From UniJJ] YEAH XANDE!!!!!!!!

11:08 Magalhaes stand with Estima holding on in full guard. As Estima falls he goes for a sweep that almost gives him Magalhaes’ back, but Magalhaes escapes.

11:08 [Comment From MilesB] Congrats to Nelson though. He definitely made a statement

11:09 Estima is now on top in half guard for the first time in the match. Estima is now up 2-0.

11:09 Estima nearly has both hooks in on Magalhaes.

11:09 He gets them in! He’s up 5-0 now.

11:10 Now Vinny has turned in and is in Braulio’s closed guard.


11:11 Estima wins 7-0 and eliminats Magalhaes. Estima will now face Ribeiro 5 minutes from now for the absolute division final match!
11:12 [Be Right Back Countdown] 5 minutes

11:13 [Comment From chico chatha] looks like braulios bringing 2x golds back home, his training has been militant of late, so this is of no surprise.

11:13 [Comment From Phil] Has Braulio submitted everyone except vinny

11:13 [Comment From gawkrodger] Come on Braulio! Do the double!

11:15 [Comment From damian] no chance it’s xande’s day

11:15 [Comment From UniJJ] Lets go Xande!! GOLD!

11:17 [Comment From Alex] Brauilo is unstoppable right now…what a year for him!!!!!

11:17 [Comment From dan376] xande all the way

11:17 [Comment From stephen] Braulio!!

11:17 [Comment From Ricardo] WAR XANDE!!!!

11:17 [Comment From dom] humaita vs barra again ;/

11:18 Who wins? Xande ( 48% ) Braulio ( 52% )

11:21 Gunnar and Vinny are now fighting.

11:22 Gunnar is working to pass Vinny’s guard.

11:23 Now Magalhaes is playing upside down guard against Nelson.

11:24 Nelson goes for a toe hold on Magalhaes.

11:25 [Comment From Jadon] yesss braulio takes a lead in the poll, a sure indication. Winner by democracy!

11:25 [Comment From damian] absolute finalis a repeat of ’07 99kg finals, that XANDE WON GOLD IN

11:25 Vinny attacks Nelson’s left leg using 50/50 guard.

11:26 Nelson is now in front of Magalhaes’ open guard.

11:27 Magalhaes goes to deep half guard.

11:27 [Comment From damian] hey caleb on behalf of the MIGHTY 600000, WE ALL SAY THANKS FOR EVERYTHING

11:28 @Damian: Its a pleasure to perform a service for the Mighty 600,000.

11:28 Magalhaes and Nelson are standing, locking up.

11:29 Wow Magalhaes went for that flying armbar again and almost nailed it! Nelson barely slid out but it all happened so fast!

11:29 Look out, Nelson is working to get the hooks in on Magalhaes.

11:30 Man what a back and forth!

11:30 Magalhaes is turtled, Nelson is trying to pry him open.

11:31 Whoa Magalhaes just slammed Nelson down hard but they’re both on their feet again.

11:31 Nelson now has one hook in on Magalhaes but it looks like time has been called.

11:32 They are restarted standing in the center for overtime.

11:32 [Comment From Stalkachu] Huge slam. @_@

11:32 Once more, Magalhaes turtles and Nelson works to pry his midsection open to get the hooks in.

11:33 [Comment From ICTimer] Damn…this sounds like a great match…

11:34 Vinny gets a fireman’s carry but he can’t keep Gunnar down.

11:34 Magalhaes gets a single leg and ends it taking Nelson down, but he lands out of bounds. No mention of points so I guess none were awarded.

11:36 [Comment From bruce] is there a women absolute ?

11:36 @Bruce: I don’t know.

11:36 [Comment From amy] come on Vinny!

11:36 Vinny and Gunnar are tied up standing in the center again.

11:36 [Comment From Brian Cimins] Thanks for doing this man…

11:37 Magalhaes gets the takedown at the end of the time limit and earns the bronze medal!

11:37 What a weekend for both guys!

11:38 Bruce Buffer: “Now comes the war we’ve all been waiting for…!”

11:39 The winner of this match wins $40,000! Saulo Ribeiro is coaching Xande and Roger Gracie is coaching Braulio.

11:40 The two are locked up and angling in the center. Xande gets a takedown. He’s now in Braulio’s open guard, staying close.

11:41 uh oh! Braulio is setting up the reverse triangle he had against Galvao!

11:41 The triangle is locked up! But Xande has managed to sneak an arm inside there to prevent the choke!

11:42 This is a very uncomfortable spot for Xande. Can he wait it out?

11:42 [Comment From MilesB] Intense!

11:43 But for that arm that made its way inside that triangle, this could be over already. Now Xande stands up with Braulio hanging on! Xande can slam him if he wants!!!

11:43 Xande shakes him off politely and the triangle comes loose. Awesome exchange!

11:44 [Comment From smitty33] I can’t believe hes going for the reverse triangle again! Its more of a control position than a submission right now

11:44 [Comment From Tactical] Estima is on fire, great to see him come back from the knee injury like this!

11:44 Now Xande is holding his chest in pain!

11:44 What happened?

11:44 Was it an attack? A freak injury?

11:44 Braulio is crying in joy!

11:45 Braulio is on his knees with tears in his eyes!!!

11:45 He comes to Xande with a hug. Xande appears to not be able to raise his right arm.

11:46 Yes it’s over! Braulio wins!

11:46 In 2011 Braulio Estima will face Jacare in the superfight.

11:46 [Comment From Alex] GRACIE BARRA!!!!!!!!!!! BRAULIO WHAT A YEAR!!!!!!

11:46 [Comment From Jeff] wow

11:47 [Comment From Guest] Insane

11:47 [Comment From Alicia] what happened to xande?

11:47 [Comment From Blair] So what happened to Xande?

11:47 It’s not clear what happened to Xande!

11:48 I see Xande holding the top of his right pectoral muscle.

11:49 So Braulio won $40k for the absolute and another $10k for his weight division! What a day.

11:49 [Comment From damian] not exactly the way you want to win, but HATS OFF TO BRAULIO, GREAT ADCC FOR HIM

11:49 [Comment From ste] unbelievable, Braulio is the man.

11:50 [Comment From Kyle] I’m happy for Estima. I’m GB. But I feel bad for Xande, he fought hard to get a freak injury. no one wants it to end that way.. 🙁

11:52 Okay family, the web broadcast is over.

11:53 Thank you for tuning in to our live blogging of the 2009 ADCC from Barcelona. Please subscribe to The FightWorks Podcast in iTunes. You can also check us out on twitter and YouTube.

11:54 Big hug to the Mighty 600,000. Now I’m going to get some sleep! 🙂

11:54 [Comment From homoplata] thanks caleb you da man!!

11:54 [Comment From Budo Jake] Great work Caleb, now get some sleep!

11:54 [Comment From Guest] Thank you for your work!

11:54 [Comment From Dev] Caleb, thanks again for doing this. It was fantastic!

11:54 [Comment From Lance] Great job blogging!!! Thanks

11:54 [Comment From Andre] Been reading both your days, highly appreciated! Many thanks from Norway

11:54 [Comment From Bucco] thanks for this!!

11:54 [Comment From Clift/unijj] Thanks much Caleb. Get some sleep!

11:54 [Comment From MilesB] thanks caleb!

11:54 [Comment From shane] thanks caleb

11:54 [Comment From Kyle] Thanks again! Take care Caleb.

11:54 [Comment From Jeff] Thanks Caleb!

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