How to Watch ADCC 2009 – More News

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So yesterday I ended my post about how to watch ADCC live this weekend with by saying, “as soon as I learn any more details I will be sure to post them!” Well I learned some more yesterday!

Immediate Replays

Let’s say you’re here on the west coast of the USA and don’t want to get up super-early in the morning to watch the incredible submission grappling action as it happens live in Barcelona (the way I will be because I’ll be live blogging it as it happens here on Well as soon as each day’s live broadcast is over, that day’s action will be replayed immediately!

So let’s say the live action on Saturday ends at 8 AM here on the west coast. (I’m not saying that’s when it will end! This is just a hypothetical example!) After that the broadcasters will replay that day’s action start to finish! The same thing goes for Sunday! I don’t think there will be fast-forward or rewind features (I could be wrong about that), but in any case it’s cool that there will be two chances to watch video from Spain each day!

Very cool of them to set that up.

Extra Matches in the Video on Demand

As has been mentioned, there will be video on demand (VOD) after this weekend if you pay for Saturday and Sunday’s live broadcast. The VOD is expected to include even more matches than appear in this weekend’s live broadcast! Tight! The VOD is going to be available September 30th until October 12th for those who order the live broadcast.

So to recap the most important thing: ADCCs this weekend, go to this page to order Saturday and Sunday’s live online broadcast of the 2009 ADCCs. It’s just $24.95.

Are you as excited as I am?!?

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  1. I would be excited as you..except i already DID pay the 24.95 and I of course DID miss it live, expecting it to be replayed right after except ITS NOT. Sooooo if you know how to watch the replay feed (Which technical support said was up when I asked them the same question) I would love to see it.

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