More Details About the ADCC Online Broadcast This Weekend

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Lots of folks have asked for some more information about how to watch this weekend’s 2009 ADCCs in Barcelona. Here are some more details about how it works:

Question: How do I sign up to watch the 2009 Abu Dhabis online?

Answer: If you haven’t already, go to this page to order the live online broadcast of the 2009 ADCCs. It’s just $24.95.

Q: What website do I go to this weekend to watch the action?

A: You will go to on Saturday and Sunday to watch the action! Remember too that we will be live blogging the event right here on if you’d like to read about how things are going and comment on the matches!

Q: What time does the broadcast of the matches begin this weekend?

A: The exact time has not been announced yet. However we are expecting word soon from the ADCC officials on that. For what it’s worth, Ticketmaster in Barcelona says the event starts at 11am in Spain (2 AM here on the west coast of the USA and 5am on the east coast). Stay tuned for more information on that as it becomes available.

Q: Will every match be broadcast?

A: No. If there are two matches happening at the same time, the broadcasters in Barcelona will have to decide which match is of most interest and will show that one. I am sure it won’t always be an easy decision but they are grappling fans just like us, so I am sure they will make pretty good choices.

As soon as I learn any more details I will be sure to post them!

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