#180 ADCC Preparation with Kid Peligro & Rafael Lovato Jr., Women's Jiu-Jitsu

saulo ribeiro xande rafael lovato
Rafael Lovato and Xande Ribeiro spar under Saulo Ribeiro’s careful watch.

Well, it’s not long now! The Abu Dhabi World Submission Grappling Championship is just around the corner! This weekend the ADCCs will take place in Barcelona, Spain. If prior years are any indication, top level grapplers from all corners of the world will put on a show that people will be talking about for years. The event, which will be streamed online, looks to be incredible. Practically every big name in the world of submission grappling will be there.

To get the perspective of an ADCC competitor, we will bring you a conversation with Rafael Lovato Jr., a BJJ black belt from Oklahoma. Lovato discusses what it is like to have one’s dream coming true of being invited to compete in the ADCCs as well as the huge amount of work involved in getting ready!

Next we will hear from Kid Peligro. Kid is the author of a gazillion BJJ books and has been a mover and shaker within the ADCC organization itself since its inception. Kid will share some historical perspective about the event as well as speak about this year’s group of competitors.

In our final segment we will hear a Roundtable from FightWorks Podcast correspondent Bruce Hoyer, who will bring us up to date on recent developments in the world of womens Brazilian jiu-jitsu in a conversation with three very tough grapplers: Emily Kwok, Felicia Oh, and Val Worthington. These three have been busy organizing the female grappling community and share the insights they have gained in this important effort.

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