The FightWorks Podcast at the US BJJ Nationals

Cohost Dan
Cohost Dan is tied for third place in the Brown belt senior 1 division.

A couple members of the Mighty 600,000 have asked about how the FightWorks Podcast cohost Dan performed at the 2009 US BJJ Nationals over the weekend. I received this message on twitter as well as an email which said, “Great return show, hilarious end segment. Just out of interest can you put a picture of co-host Dan on your website I think the community would be interested.” So here are a couple of pictures to help with that.

Dan won his first match in his division by points and then lost his next match. In the absolute division he was beat on points in his first match. I watched all of his matches and have to say that old guys at brown belt are some tough dudes! Very strong and very well-prepared. I saw some tricky half-guard work among them, which seemed to be prominent in a lot of matches over the weekend too.

For my part I was recording a ton of video from the event. I have posted about 6 matches so far on our YouTube page, and they will appear on our BJJ Video iTunes page too so they can be downloaded directly to your iPod or iPhone. I also will be putting together an article that should appear in an upcoming copy of GracieMag.

Many thanks to the folks who came up to Dan and I and introduced themselves! It’s really rewarding when people say hello and that they enjoy the show!


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