5 Replies to “BJJ Poll: Do You Pack Your Gi So When You Travel You Can Train at a New Jiu-Jitsu School?”

  1. I have started planning vacations around good bjj locales.. example, the family and I are heading to sea world in san diego in november for a week. we just happened to get a hotel that is 2 blocks away from the university of jiu jitsu…

    I also take the family to Rio for a week on our way home from our winter work in south america.

  2. I tried to meet up with Niko Han in Indonesia a few weeks ago (after hearing him on the podcast) but didn’t make it. Good thing I’m going back to Bali in another few weeks, this time with my gi.

  3. I always travel with my gi!!..Its just as important as my surfboards!!..I have always been questiones as if I had no loyalty with my schools but, hey I am a traveler at heart..so I have always been able to train with various black belts because of it.

    Aloha, Jason

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