Where Are FightWorks Podcast Gi Patches Worn?

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It has been one year now since our FightWorks Podcast gi patches arrived and were available for sale to folks online. Every time an order has come in, I have taken the postal codes from their mailing address and compiled a map of where the patches were sent. (To see the map in full size, click here!)

So as of today we have patches on several continents, which is really exciting. To me the best thing about the patches is that when an order comes in, what it is really saying is that folks like our show, and they like it enough to put it on their jiu-jitsu gi. That is not something someone does lightly, so it is really an honor!

As always, thank you for listening and being with us here on The FightWorks Podcast. Please keep in touch with us, so we can continue bringing you the best Brazilian jiu-jitsu content possible!

p.s. We have an upcoming Dinner with the Family on September 7th in San Diego!

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