Jeff Glover's Half Guard DVD

Jeff Glover Jiu-Jitsu DVD
The new Jeff Glover Half Guard DVD from Budo Videos.

If you have been listening to the The FightWorks Podcast recently, you know that I just got married yesterday! After the wedding of course, the honeymoon comes. So I am out of town for a while.

But what about The Mighty 600,000? I can’t leave them with nothing at all while I am away. I knew Jeff Glover‘s new DVD set was going to become available about the same time as my beautiful bride and I leave for our honeymoon in Hawaii. So just like when you go on vacation you sometimes get a house-sitter to mind your house, I said, “Let’s let Jeff Glover website-sit while we’re away!”

So I rang Jeff up and recorded a brief installment of The FightWorks Podcast that includes Jeff Glover, aka “The Pipelayer”, aka “J-Glo”. Widely regarded as one of Brazilian jiu-jitsu’s most entertaining personalities both on and off the mats, Jeff and I discuss his recent invitation to the 2009 ADCC in Barcelona, Spain, where he will compete amongst the likes of Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles, Baret Yoshida, and Ryan Hall. Jeff also brings us up to date on his dog and his obsession with the video game Guitar Hero.

Of course we go over Jeff’s new half guard DVD (trailer here) . The 2 DVD set includes:

  • Vol. 1 Escape to deep half guard
  • Vol. 2 Deep half entrances
  • Vol. 3 Sweeps
  • Vol. 4 Passes
  • Vol. 5 Darces
  • Vol. 6 Back Attacks

So that is what is on the menu until I return, Mighty 600,000! The next episode of our humble Brazilian jiu-jitsu internet radio show will be posted on September 13! Keep training, and I’ll talk to you soon!

Promotional consideration paid for by Budo Videos.

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Jeff Glover dog Adrock
Adrock and Jeff

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