#178 Robert Drysdale Talks ADCC, Ryan Hall on the 50/50 Guard

robert drysdale abu dhabi
2007 ADCC Absolute division medalists: Robert Drysdale, Marcelo Garcia, and Andre Galvalo.

The 2007 ADCC World Championship ended with an upset: Robert Drysdale defeated Alliance’s Marcelo Garcia by sinking a head arm triangle early into the match. As the reigning champion, Drysdale is now set to face the seemingly invincible Roger Gracie. Drysdale has discussed what it is like to face Roger Gracie before. Saying it is no easy task is an understatement. Today on The FightWorks Podcast, Bruce and I speak with Drysdale and learn about his preparation to defend his title against Roger at the 2009 ADCCs that take place at the end of September in Barcelona, Spain.

We will also spend some time with Ryan Hall speaking about the current controversy in the Brazilian jiu-jitsu community surrounding the 50/50 guard. The fifty fifty guard has been the subject of much discussion, with some calling for it to be disallowed or penalized in competition because it can be used to stall. Others laud it as another step forward in the evolution of grappling. Ryan is an expert in the use of the 50/50 and joins cohost Dan and I for an objective chat about where the 50/50 guard in jiu-jitsu came from, the BJJ community’s assessment of the technique today, and how we will likely regard it in a few years. (What’s your take? Vote here!)

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