#177: Otavio Souza, Felipe Costa, Igor Silva

gracie barra otavio souza
Gracie Barra’s Otavio Souza

Have you ever heard of Roger Gracie? How about the name Romulo Barral? If you know those megastars from Gracie Barra then you should definitely also be familiar with Otavio Souza. Souza originates from Recife, just like fellow Gracie Barra big gun Braulio Estima. Souza was probably first noticed here in the United States in 2007 when he competed as a brown belt at the 2007 Pan-Ams against Kron Gracie, who was the only one who gave Souza any trouble that day.

The cohost of The FightWorks Podcast, Dan was able to catch up with Souza on a recent visit to Northern Virginia and learn a little more about his background, a conversation which forms the first of our features in this week’s episode.

In the second portion of this week’s BJJ Radio show, FightWorks Podcast contributor Bruce Hoyer jumps on the phone with teammates Felipe Costa and Igor Silva. Felipe Costa is another guest who most of our listeners should know but we have not had on the show yet. A pillar of the Brasa jiu-jitsu team, Costa travels the world offering jiu-jitsu seminars and Silva has experience in that department as well, having spent time developing BJJ in Turkey. The trio discuss the development of Brazilian jiu-jitsu globally and where we can expect to see the next jiu-jitsu stars come from.

As always we recap the latest BJJ Poll results and other news!

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