#176: Luis "Limao" Heredia, Chris Moriarty, Travis Lutter, Lee Lohff

Luis “Limao” Heredia

Last weekend the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation held two major tournaments in Rio: the International Masters and Seniors Championship and the Rio Open. The events were held at the Tijuca Tennis Club, a historic location where many of the legendary jiu-jitsu confrontations have taken place over the years. I was not able to attend, and I am guessing you were not able to attend either. But what was it like?

To answer that question, we consulted Rickson Gracie black belt Luis “Limao” Heredia, who was returning to Brazil for the first time in eight years, and competing in Brazil for the first time since receiving his purple belt! Limao joins us on this week’s show to tell us what a major tournament in Rio de Janeiro is like these days.

Also in this week’s show, FightWorks Podcast contributor Bruce Hoyer joins three BJJ personalities in another installment of the FightWorks Podcast Roundtable.

  • Alliance BJJ black belt Chris Moriarty, whose commentary in previous episodes of our humble BJJ radio show continues to be some of the more popular advice to prospective BJJ competitors we have ever aired
  • Travis Lutter, BJJ black belt, UFC and ADCC veteran
  • Lee Lohff, an instructor in the Army’s Modern Army Combatives program

Of course, cohost Dan and I will go over a bit of the discussion of marijuana in BJJ, as well as the news about Jeff Monson’s recent court appearance and other jiu-jitsu news goodness.

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4 Replies to “#176: Luis "Limao" Heredia, Chris Moriarty, Travis Lutter, Lee Lohff”

  1. Hey Caleb!

    Just wanted to pop in, listen to the show and say hi. Enjoying the shows and the polls and everything else. Enough can’t be said about the work you and Dan put into the show and the site. Keep up the incredible work!

  2. I am an idiot.
    I have been doing nothing but training for a while now. And like Chris talks about the podcast, it started to affect my self-worth / self-image on good and bad days. It just becomes too hard to separate yourself from your day-to-day performance. There were days when I was on fire, and days when I was having trouble defending myself.
    I was thinking about this when I went to the gym today. It was a super-hard training day with a couple of black belts, about four browns, five or sex purples a blue and a white belt. I’m one of the purples and I caught a brown in a straight footlock. At least, I thought I did, he then grabbed my foot and did the same thing. I thought his was a better lock but I wanted to catch the guy. Well, his lock caught a lot faster though, and as I waited for the pressure on my Achilles tendon to tell me to tap, instead my foot popped in about four places on the inside, near the arch. It popped really fast, like bubble wrap. All of this, because of my frickin’ ego.
    Now it is just ice and waiting. Or as they say in Brazil, “Gelo, gelo, gelo.”

  3. Oh man Will that sucks! So sorry to hear that man. 🙁 Ouch ouch ouch. Yes, put a lot of gelo on there and crank up some BJJ on DVD or YouTube!

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