Kyra Gracie's New Blog

Kyra Gracie during the 2009 BJJ World Championship.

Kyra Gracie, the most recognizable face in women’s Brazilian jiu-jitsu, is sharing a bit of her world with the rest of the jiu-jitsu family now on her new blog Although the blog will only be in Portuguese, the content will surely be welcomed by her many fans.

In her first posting she discusses the jiu-jitsu classes she gives at a Brazilian childrens’ charity in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro called the Familia Santa Clara, where she began teaching in February. The home provides food and shelter to over sixty children who come from troubled backgrounds. Congratulations to Kyra for lending a hand to such a worthwhile cause.

Kyra Gracie had another terrific showing at the World Championship in 2009, bringing home the silver medal in both the lightweight and absolute divisions. She will likely be seen in action again at the upcoming August’s 2009 ADCC Championships in Barcelona.

Kyra Gracie faces Lana Stefanac in the finals of the womens’ black and brown belt absolute division at the 2009 BJJ World Championship.

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  1. I agree it would be nice to have a little more insight into what goes on in the heads of some of our blackbelts.

  2. Kyra Gracie lives up to her family name, she is humble, kind, and one of the best female grapplers ever to walk on the mat. I consider myself lucky to have beaten her and honored moreso to have the chance. She is a great role model for many women and still is to me. Respectfully, Lana Stefanac

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