Kinda True Jiu-Jitsu News: The BJJ Police Nab the Wrong Man

The BJJ Police, a loosely organized internet-based group devoted to maintaining the purity of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and known for aggressively investigating suspicious claims of BJJ achievement, admitted this week that a case of mistaken identity was behind a recent BJJ Police effort. The incident caused no small amount of frustration to their suspect, Chip MacDougal, whose appearance in an online photo wearing a karate uniform years ago triggered the investigation. “Several phone calls, many romoshops, and one internet challenge later, come to find out we were barking up the wrong tree. He’s clean,” said a BJJ Police investigator who goes by the screenname OMGWTFBJJ. Citing an ongoing threat to jiu-jitsu however, the BJJ Police remind the public to report any suspicious black belts to their nearest Brazilian jiu-jitsu internet forum.


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