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Warning: this post is not so much about Brazilian jiu-jitsu as it is about our family of BJJ sites. No hard feelings if that’s not as interesting to you. 🙂

A typical email we get here at headquarters here in San Diego is a very kind note. We hear about people’s suggestions for new shows, and maybe some kind words about the work we do. But not every communcation we receive is a compliment. Sometimes they’re recommendations, like this one we received from Europe regarding our new sister website,, a directory of BJJ schools and BJJ school reviews.

One comment about the bjjmap site. Could you please add “Country” field to the submission form. It is allways a bit annoying to put your country to the State field – as we are not part of the United States….

Great suggestion! I’ve made the fix already. Here’s another comment about we received from a long-time listener, Ross Finlayson.


Great idea, but a *terrible* UI. (For starters, there’s no ‘map’ at all…)


Good old Ross! Back in 2007 he was the first to email me after I posted an interview with Cesar Gracie that was un-listenable because of poor audio quality (I was so upset I pulled it from the site and transcribed the whole thing). Ross’ comments compelled me to find a new audio recording service and since then I think we have done a pretty good job in that department.

This time around he voices another legitimate issue. Because of the domain name, he was expecting one giant Google map showing all schools everywhere. As I was writing this very post, a training partner of mine here in San Diego offered a similar critique. The domain name BJJMap came about because the site already existed under different owners who appeared to cease work on it and let the domain expire. So I apologize if that was misleading. It was certainly not intentional.

Unfortunately, I’m no software coder. My web development skills are a bit like my top game in jiu-jitsu: limited 🙂 So regrettably I don’t have the resources to display the giant map you guys ask for. If any one out there is a really smooth web developer and has time and an urge to volunteer some assistance, we’d love to talk.

In the meantime although it is admittedly not perfect, I do think BJJMap offers some utility to the jiu-jitsu community. Remember that in addition to offering a searchable index of BJJ schools (currently over 400 in 14 countries), you can leave and read feedback about the schools to help make decisions about where to train. There are already a handful of such reviews on the site, but I am excited about the information it will provide once there is a little more inertia in the reviews.

I hope this clarifies things a bit. Regardless, keep the feedback coming!

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